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This website is the only legal resource for freely downloadable Wire MP3s. Right/Control-click the MP3s links below to download the free Wire MP3s to your hard drive. Also, click the 'buy album' links to buy the related release from pinkflag mail order

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Nocturnal Koreans - New Mini albumMar 04


It may not have escaped your notice that last week we launched the lead & title track to our forthcoming mini-album Nocturnal Koreans. It seems to have generated quite a bit of interest! If you haven't yet heard it try our soundcloud. However, for those that have, the thing we are sure you most want to know is that it is available for pre-order right now from our shop. And as with the last album, anyone who orders the mini-album on vinyl or CD will get a copy of the digital version of on the day of release. That way you get to hear it even if the post is a little slow around your parts!

Anyway so here's the track-listing. Only The title track has ever been played live.
01 Nocturnal Koreans
02 Internal Exile
03 Dead Weight
04 Forward Position
05 Numbered
06 Still
07 Pilgrim Trade
08 Fishes Bones

Watch this space for further announcements

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