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The Wire gigography

This page aims to catalogue all Wire's live gigs. However, Wire needs your help to finish this list, so if you find any omissions or mistakes, or can confirm whether any of the gigs marked '(?)' actually took place, please contact us.


Month Date Country City Venue/event
December 2 UK London Nashville Rooms
3 UK London St. Martins School of Art
(?) UK London Royal College of Art


Month Date Country City Venue/event
January 19 UK London The Roxy
February (?) UK Watford Carey Place
(End) UK London The Roxy (George Gill's last gig)
April 1 UK London The Roxy (1st gig of Wire as a 4 piece)
2 UK London The Roxy
  UK March, Cambridgeshire Grenadiers
June 3 UK London Royal College of Art
4 UK London Nag's Head
8 UK London Marquee
9 UK Eastbourne Winter Gardens
11 UK London The Roxy
17 UK Birmingham Barbarella's
25 UK Stoke Newington Rochester Castle
July 5 UK Plymouth Woods
13 UK London Marquee
14 UK Croydon Red Deer
August 4 UK London Marquee
8 UK London Vortex
22 UK Liverpool Eric's
September 29 UK Uxbridge Brunel University
30 UK Crawley Sports Centre
October 3 UK London Hope & Anchor
7 UK London Imperial College
8 UK Hammersmith Red Cow
10 UK Stoke Newington Town Hall - RAR show (?)
15 UK Hammersmith Red Cow
18 UK Cambridge Blimps
20 UK Birmingham Rebecca's
22 UK Hammersmith Red Cow
31 UK London Hope & Anchor
November 6 UK Newcastle City Hall (Tubes Tour)
7 UK Manchester Free Trade Hall (Tubes Tour)
10 UK Birmingham Odeon (Tubes Tour)
11 UK Hammersmith Odeon (Tubes Tour)
12 UK Hammersmith Odeon (Tubes Tour)
13 UK Portsmouth Guildhall (Tubes Tour)
15 UK Bristol Colston Hall (Tubes Tour)
16 UK Hammersmith Odeon (Tubes Tour)
17 UK Hammersmith Red Cow
24 UK Hammersmith Red Cow
30 UK London Music Machine
December 5 UK London Nashville Rooms
6 UK Hammersmith Odeon (Tubes Tour)
7 UK Hammersmith Odeon (Tubes Tour)
8 UK Birkenhead Mr. Digby's
9 UK High Wycombe Nags Head
10 UK London Marquee
12 UK London Nashville Rooms
16 UK Folkestone Lees Cliff Hotel
19 UK Swindon Affair Club
22 UK Wolverhampton Town House Club


Month Date Country City Venue/event
January 31 UK Brighton New Regent Hotel
February 2 UK London Marquee
3 UK Liverpool Erics
4 UK Coventry Mr. George's
5 UK Middlesborough The Crypt, Town Hall
6 UK Doncaster The Outlook
8 UK Nottingham Sandpiper
9 UK Leeds Fan Club
10 UK Newcastle Guildhall
11 UK Hull Hull University
14 UK Keighley Knickers
17 UK Cromer West Runton Pavilion
19 UK Croydon Greyhound
20 UK Nottingham (?)
22 UK London Lyceum
24 UK Retford Porterhouse Club
25 UK Oxford New Theatre
March 1 UK Newport Stowaway
2 UK Manchester Rafters
3 UK Harlow Technical College
4 UK Colchester Essex University
7 UK Norwich Rickys
8 UK Brighton Brighton Polytechnic
9 UK Bristol Tiffany's
10 UK Huddersfield Huddersfield Polytechnic
11 UK Scarborough (?) Ollie's
12 UK Shrewsbury (?) Tiffanys
13 UK Bournemouth The Village
15 UK Reading (?) Bones Club
16 UK Penzance (?) The Garden
17 UK Plymouth (?) Metro
18 UK Bishops Stortford (?) Hockerill
20 UK Swindon (?) Brunel Rooms
21 UK London 100 Club
22 UK Swansea (?) Circles
23 UK Sheffield Limit Club
29 UK London Marquee
April 1 UK Oxford Elms Court, Botley
27 UK Plymouth Metro
28 UK Birmingham Barbarella's
29 UK Harrogate PGs
30 UK Manchester Mayflower Club
May 2 UK Keighley Knickers
5 UK Wolverhampton Lafayette
6 UK Liverpool Erics
7 UK Sheffield Limit Club
8 UK Doncaster The Outlook
June 28 UK Plymouth Metro
30 UK Liverpool Erics
July 2 UK London Lyceum
14 USA New York C.B.G.B's
15 USA New York C.B.G.B's (two shows)
20 USA New York C.B.G.B's
21 USA New York C.B.G.B's
September 29 UK Newcastle Newcastle University
30 UK Halifax Good Mood Club
October 2 UK Doncaster The Outlook
3 UK Leeds Fan Club
4 UK York Pop Club
5 UK Canterbury Kent University
6 UK London City Polytechnic
7 UK Malvern Winter Gardens
9 UK Lancaster Lancaster University (?)
10 UK Birmingham Barbarellas
11 UK Bristol Brunel College
12 UK Colchester Woods Leisure Centre
13 UK Manchester The Factory
14 UK Bircote Leisure Centre
16 UK Plymouth Woods
17 UK Penzance Winter Gardens
18 UK Exeter Routes
19 UK Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic
20 UK Harrow Technical College
21 UK Liverpool (two shows) (?) Erics
24 UK Leicester Leicester University
25 UK Bradford Bradford University
26 UK Sheffield Limit Club
27 UK Middlesborough Rock Garden
28 UK Huddersfield Huddersfield Polytechnic
November 3 Holland Amsterdam Paradiso
4 Holland Rotterdam Exit
5 Holland Eindhoven De Effenaar
6 Belgium Leuven Grote Aula
9 Germany Dusseldorf Ratinger Hof
10 Germany Berlin S036 Club
11 Germany Berlin S036 Club
12 Germany Berlin S036 Club
16 UK London (two shows) The Venue
17 UK Harrow Technical College
20 UK Nottingham Sandpipers
22 UK London Marquee
23 UK London Marquee


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 2 Belgium Ghent Circle Club
3 Belgium Herenthout Zaal Lux
4 Belgium Brussels Beursschouwburg
19 UK Barnstaple Queens Hall
20 UK Plymouth Metro
21 UK Newport Stowaway
22 UK Birmingham Barbarellas
24 UK Liverpool Erics
27 Germany Kiel (Roxy Tour)
March 1 Germany Hanover (Roxy Tour)
2 Germany Hamburg (Roxy Tour)
3 Germany Bremen (Roxy Tour)
4 Germany Essen (Roxy Tour • Grugahalle)
5 Holland Amsterdam (Roxy Tour)
6 Holland The Hague (Roxy Tour)
8 Switzerland Zurich (Roxy Tour)
9 Switzerland Montreux (Roxy Tour)
11 France Paris (Roxy Tour)
12 Germany Mannheim (Roxy Tour)
13 Germany Munster (Roxy Tour)
14 Germany Frankfurt (Roxy Tour)
15 Germany Munich (Roxy Tour)
16 Germany Nuremberg (Roxy Tour)
18 Germany Berlin (Roxy Tour)
June 23 UK Manchester The Factory
25 UK Nottingham Tiffanys
28 UK Birmingham Barbarellas
30 UK Aylesbury Friars
July 1 UK Stafford Top of The World
2 UK Chester Smartyz
3 UK Hull Tiffanys
4 UK Newport Stowaway
6 UK Scarborough Penthouse
7 UK Liverpool Erics
19 UK London Notre Dame Hall
20 UK London Notre Dame Hall
November 9 UK London Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre
10 UK London Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre
11 UK London Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre
12 UK London Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 29 UK London Electric Ballroom


Month Date Country City Venue/event
June 7 UK Oxford Museum of Modern Art
July 21 UK London Bloomsbury Theatre
October 8 UK London Crown & Castle, Dalston
10 Austria Vienna Messepalast
December 15 UK London Harp Club, New Cross
17 Holland Amsterdam Paradiso
22 UK Glasgow Splash Club


Month Date Country City Venue/event
June 23 UK London Enterprise
24 UK London Clarendon Hotel
October 17 Austria Linz Posthof
18 Germany Munich Alabama Hall
19 Germany Berlin Metropol
20 Germany Bochum Zeche
21 Germany Hamburg Fabrik
22 Holland Amsterdam Melkweg
23 Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique


Month Date Country City Venue/event
June 3 Switzerland Lausanne La Dolce Vita
4 Switzerland Lausanne La Dolce Vita
5 Switzerland Lausanne La Dolce Vita
10 USA Philadelphia Revival Club
11 USA Washington D.C 9:30 Club
12 USA Hoboken Maxwell's
13 USA New York The Ritz
14 USA Boston The Paradise
15 Canada Montreal Cafe Campus
17 Canada Toronto RPM Club
18 USA Cleveland Peabody's Down Under
19 USA Detroit St. Andrews Hall
20 USA Chicago Cabaret Metro
21 USA Minneapolis First Avenue
22 USA Minneapolis First Avenue
24 Canada Vancouver The Town Pump
26 USA Seattle Oz
27 USA Portland Pine Street Theatre
29 USA San Francisco I-beam
30 USA San Francisco I-beam
July 1 USA Los Angeles Variety Arts Center
2 USA Los Angeles Variety Arts Center
3 USA New York The Cat Club
20 Belgium Heppen Pukellpop Festival
25 UK London Capital Radio Festival, Finsbury Park
August 15 Norway Oslo Hoevikodden Festival
October 31 Belgium Deinze Futurama Festival, Brielpoort
November 2 Holland Amsterdam Roxy
3 Germany Aachen Metropol
4 Germany Frankfurt (?)
7 Sweden Uppsala Baroviak
8 Denmark Copenhagen Loppen
9 Germany Osnabruck (?)
10 Germany Hamburg (?)
11 Germany Bremen Schlachthof
12 Germany Munich (?)
14 Austria Vienna Metropol
15 Italy Milan Prego Club
16 Italy Bologna Palacongressi Sala Europa
18 Italy Florence Tenax
20 Switzerland Geneva (?)
21 Switzerland Lausanne La Dolce Vita
23 Germany Stuttgart-Wangen Longhorn Club (LKA)
24 France Paris Rex Club
29 UK Glasgow Mayfair
30 UK Manchester International
December 1 UK London Town & Country Club


Month Date Country City Venue/event
June 12 USA Hoboken Maxwells
13 USA Hoboken Maxwells
14 USA Hoboken Maxwells
16 USA San Francisco Fillmore West
18 USA Pasadena Rosebowl
18 USA Hollywood The Scream
19 USA Hollywood Club Lingerie
22 USA Minneapolis First Avenue
23 USA Milwaukee Eagles Club
24 USA Chicago Metro
25 USA Detroit St. Andrews Hall
26 USA Cleveland Peabodys Down Under
28 Canada Toronto Rpm
29 Canada Montreal Club Soda
30 USA Boston The Paradise
July 1 USA New Haven The Grotto
2 USA New York Ritz
3 USA Washington 9.30
4 USA Asbury Park The Green Parrot
5 USA Philadelphia Chestnut Cabaret
21 UK London Astoria
September 18 Japan Tokyo Ink Stick
19 Japan Tokyo Ink Stick
20 Japan Osaka Muse Hall
21 Japan Osaka Muse Hall
October 23 UK London The Town & Country
24 Germany Bonn Biskuithalle
26 France Paris Elysee Montmatre
27 Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique
28 Portugal Lisbon Pavilhao Belenenses, Estadio Restelo
29 Portugal Oporto Teatro Rivoli


Month Date Country City Venue/event
May 17 UK Edinburgh Queens Hall
18 UK Manchester Manchester University
19 UK Sheffield Leadmill
20 UK Bristol Bierkeller
21 UK London Hibernian Club
August 23 UK London Mean Fiddler
25 UK Reading Reading Festival


Month Date Country City Venue/event
July 15 UK London Mean Fiddler (as Wir)
October 24 UK London Kilburn National (as Wir; with Blur)


Month Date Country City Venue/event
April 9 UK London Clapham Grand (as Wir: "I Saw You")


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 4 Austria Vienna Szene Wien - Wir "I Saw You"


Month Date Country City Venue/event
May 18 UK London Southbank (Bruce's birthday)


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 20 Eire Dublin HQ
23 UK Nottingham Social
26 UK London Royal Festival Hall
April 9 UK Camber Sands All Tomorrow's Parties
30 USA n/a US tour starts
May 2 USA San Francisco Great American
3 USA San Francisco Fillmore
4 USA Los Angeles El Rey
6 USA Seattle Showbox
7 USA Chicago Albini Studio
8 USA Chicago Albini Studio
9 USA Chicago Albini Studio
10 USA Chicago Metro
12 USA Boston Roxy
13 USA Washington 9.30
15 USA New York Irving Plaza
25 UK London The Garage (rehearsal)
26 UK London The Garage
27 UK London The Garage
28 UK London The Garage
December 8 UK Edinburgh Queen's Hall


Month Date Country City Venue/event
March 7 UK London 93 Feet East (Gareth Williams memorial)
April 19 UK Bristol Fleece & Firkin
20 UK Camber Sands All Tomorrow's Parties
27 UK Camber Sands All Tomorrow's Parties
July 20 UK London ICA
September 3 USA n/a US tour starts
6 USA Denver Bluebird Theater
7 USA San Diego Casbah
8 USA Los Angeles El Rey
9 USA San Francisco Fillmore
10 USA Seattle Showbox
11 USA Portland Crystal Ballroom
13 USA Minneapolis 1st Avenue
14 USA Chicago Metro
15 Canada Toronto Lee's Palace
17 USA Cambridge Middle East
18 USA New York Irving Plaza
19 USA Philadelphia Gasoline (Making Time event)
20 USA Washington 9.30
21 USA Atlanta Echo Lounge
22 USA Austin La Zona Rosa
October 25 UK London Barbican (M25 Night)
November 7 UK Brighton Concorde 2
8 Belgium Antwerp Hof Ter Lo
9 Holland Amsterdam Melkweg
10 Holland Groningen Vera
12 Germany Berlin Maria
13 Germany Hamburg Fabrik
14 Denmark Copenhagen Loppen
15 Sweden Stockholm Nalen
17 Norway Oslo So What
19 Germany Bielefeld Forum
20 Germany Munich Atomic Café
21 Slovenia Lubiljana Kino Siska
22 Italy Bologna Link
23 Austria Vienna Flex
25 France Strasbourg Laiterie
26 France Paris Nouveau Casino


Month Date Country City Venue/event
March 22 France Nantes Ideal Festival
April 25 UK London On The Rocks (Pink Flag)
26 UK London Barbican (Flag:Burning)
May 7 France Paris Le Maroquinerie
24 Spain Barcelona Primavera Festival
29 Holland Amsterdam Paradiso (De Konkurrent Festival)
July 19 USA n/a Start of US Tour
21 USA Los Angeles Spaceland
23 USA San Francisco Great American
25 USA Chicago Double Door
26 USA Chicago Abbey Pub
27 USA New York Bowery Ballroom
August 30 Belgium Hasselt Pukkelpop
October 3 Spain Barcelona Sala Apolo
4 Spain Madrid Experimental Festival
6 Italy n/a Start of Italian Tour
7 Italy Napoli Havana Club
8 Italy Catania Zo
9 Italy Roma Init
10 Italy San Dona' Di Piave Mithos
11 Italy Rimini Velvet
12 Italy Biella Babylonia


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 25 Japan n/a Start of Japan/Australia/New Zealand tour
28 Japan Osaka Club Quattro
29 Japan Tokyo Club Quattro
March 1 Australia Brisbane The Zoo
3 New Zealand Auckland The Regent
5 Australia Sydney Gaelic Club
6 Australia Melbourne The Corner
April 28 UK Edinburgh The Venue (Tryptich)
29 UK Aberdeen The Lemon Tree (Tryptich)
30 UK Glasgow Tramway (Tryptich)
May 21 France Lyon Arty Farty Festival
31 France Nancy Musique Action Festival
July 2 Denmark Roskilde Roskilde Festival
28 Italy Palermo Deposito Locomotive Sant'erasmo
29 Italy Roseto Degli Abruzzi Soundlabs Festival
August 8 Spain Benicassim Benicassim Festival


Month Date Country City Venue/event
April 29 Belgium Leuven Stuk
30 Netherlands Utrecht Ekko
May 01 Belgium Diksmuide 4AD
02 Netherlands Zwolle Hedon
03 UK Manchester Futuresonic Festival
05 Italy Ravenna Bronson
06 Italy Rome Circolo Degli Artisti
07 France Lyon Nuits Sonores Festival
30 USA New York Seaport Music Festival
June 07 Portugal Porto Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art
27 Canada Calgary Sled Island Festival (Royal Canadian Legion)
28 Canada Calgary Sled Island Festival (Main Stage)
July 04 Croatia Zagreb Rokaj Festival
05 Italy Pordenone Fiera della Musica
11 Italy Torino Traffic Free Festival
August 30 UK London Offset Festival
September 8 UK London Scala
9 UK Leeds The Cockpit
10 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
11 UK Glasgow The Arches
12 UK Manchester Academy 3
19 Netherlands Amsterdam Melkweg
20 Belgium Gent Minnemeers
21 Netherlands Tilburg ZXZW festival
22 Belgium Brussels Botanique
26 France Strasbourg Festival L'Ososphere at the Laiterie
27 France Paris La Maroquinerie
October 5 Canada Montreal Le National (Pop Montreal)
6 Canada Ottawa Barrymore's
7 Canada Toronto Lee's Palace
8 USA Cambridge Middle East Downstairs
9 USA New York The Fillmore at Irving Plaza - WFMU Anniversary
10 USA Philadelphia Johnny Brenda's
11 USA Washington DC 9:30 Club
12 USA Atlanta Variety Playhouse
14 USA Los Angeles The Echoplex
15 USA San Francisco The Fillmore
17 USA Minneapolis First Avenue
18 USA Chicago Metro


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 24 UK London Cargo
26 Italy Rome Circolo Degli Artisti
27 Italy Turin Spazio 211
28 Italy Modena Vibra
March 01 Italy Milan Magnolia
21 Germany Bremen Spedition
22 Germany Hamburg Hafenklang
23 Germany Koeln Blue Shell
24 Germany Berlin Live at Dot
25 Germany Leipzig Schauspielhaus
26 Germany Dresden Scheune
27 Austria Vienna Fluc
28 Austria Ebensee Kino Ebensee
29 Germany Munich Feierwerk
30 Switzerland Lausanne Le Romandie
31 Germany Mannheim Alte Feuerwache
April 24 UK London Electric Ballroom (Camden Crawl)
May 16 UK Minehead All Tomorrow's Parties
June 16 Eire Dublin Whelan's
July 4 Sweden Sundsvall Pipeline (Sundsvall City Festival)
August 9 Poland Myslowice Off Festival
October 3 Italy Vicenza Totem Club
5 Norway Oslo The Garage
7 Spain Barcelona Apolo
8 Spain Madrid
9 Spain Puerto de Santa Maria Monkey Week Festival


Month Date Country City Venue/event
May 21 France Lille L'Aeronef
22 France Rouen Exo 7
23 France Brest Le Vauban
24 France Paris La Maroquinerie
25 France Lyon Epicerie Moderne
26 France Bordeaux BT59
28 Spain Barcelona Primavera Festival
June 08 UK London The Garage (Mojo Magazine Honours Show)
November 04 Belgium Diksmuide 4AD
06 Belgium Hasselt kunstencentrum BELGIE
08 UK London The Lexington (with Factory Floor)
09 UK London The Lexington (with Lonelady)
10 UK Oxford Audioscope Festival at The Jericho (in support of Shelter)


Month Date Country City Venue/event
January 11 UK London Rough Trade East
15 New Zealand Auckland Kings Arms
19 Australia Melbourne Corner Hotel
20 Australia Sydney Beck's Festival Bar
21 Australia Hobart Moma Fona Festival
23 Australia Hobart Moma Fona Festival
25 Australia Perth The Bakery
February 1 UK Brighton Komedia
2 UK London Scala
3 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
4 UK Manchester Roadhouse
5 Eire Dublin Academy 2
6 UK Belfast Spring & Airbrake
8 UK Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
9 UK Glasgow King Tuts
10 UK Bristol The Fleece
11 Belgium Brussels Botanique
12 France Paris Pont Ephemere
14 Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso
17 Spain Madrid Moby Dick
18 Spain Barcelona Sala Apolo 2
19 Italy Rimini Velvet
21 Italy Rome Circolo Degli Arti
22 Italy Mezzago Bloom
23 Switzerland Zurich Abart
24 Switzerland Lausanne Les Docks
25 Germany Munich Atomic Cafe
26 Germany Berlin Postbahnhof
28 Germany Koln Luxor
March 1 Germany Hamburg Knust
2 Sweden Malmo Debaser
3 Norway Oslo John Dee
4 Norway Trondheim Blaest
5 Norway Bergen Garage
8 Sweden Stockholm Debaser
9 Denmark Copenhagen Little Vega
13 Greece Athens Gagarin 205
April 1 Canada Toronto Lee's Palace
2 Canada Montreal Le Cabaret du Mile End
3 USA Boston Middle East Downstairs
5 USA Brooklyn Music Hall of Williamsburg
6 USA New York City Bowery Ballroom
7 USA Washington Black Cat
8 USA Austin Mohawk
9 USA Chicago Metro
10 USA Minneapolis First Avenue
12 USA Portland Dante's
13 USA Seattle Nuemo
14 Canada Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre
16 USA Indio Coachella Festival
17 USA San Francisco Slim's
May 10 France Paris Black Session, Radio France
11 France Paris La Machine
12 France Mulhouse Noumatrouf
13 France St. Etienne Le Fil
15 France Marseille Poste A Galene
16 France Montpellier Rockstore
19 UK London Stag & Dagger Festival
June 18 UK London Meltdown (Royal Festival Hall)
July 02 Japan Tokyo Club Unit 7th Anniversary
August 06 Germany Scheer Klangbad Festival
20 Germany Hannover Bootboohook Festival
September 09 Germany Berlin Berlin Festival
15 Germany Berlin Berlin Live
November 11 France Lorient Les IndisciplinéEs Festival
15 UK Birmingham HMV Institute
16 UK Manchester Manchester 3
17 UK Edinburgh Liquid Room
18 UK Glasgow The Arches
19 UK Newcastle Academy 2
20 UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
21 UK Brighton The Haunt
22 UK London XOYO
25 UK Liverpool Academy
26 Eire Dublin Whelan's
29 UK Bristol Thekla
30 UK Exeter Phoenix
December 1 UK Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
2 UK Oxford Academy
3 UK Sheffield The Plug


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 11 Germany Solingen Ox Festival
April 6 Russia Moscow Avant Festival
June 1 Italy Rome Festival Villa Aperta, Villa Medici
November 11 Japan Tokyo Neutral Nation at Studio Coast
12 Japan Tokyo Club Unit
14 Japan Osaka Conpass
December 1 UK Camber Sands ATP - Curated by Shellac


Month Date Country City Venue/event
March 23 UK London The Lexington (DRILL:LONDON)
23 UK London Café Oto (DRILL:LONDON)
24 UK London Heaven (DRILL:LONDON)
April 20 UK London Berwick Street (Record Store Day)
June 29 Italy Pordenone MIV Festival
July 9 USA Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art
10 Canada Toronto Lee's Palace
12 USA Cambridge The Sinclair
13 USA Philadelphia Union Transfer
14 USA DC Black Cat
16 USA New York Bowery Ballroom
17 USA Cleveland Beachland Ballroom
18 USA Louisville The Clifton Center
19 USA Chicago Pitchfork Festival
28 UK London Open East Festival
August 16 UK Preston The Continental
17 UK Skipton Beacons Festival
23 Switzerland Lausanne For Noise Festival
September 12 UK London John Kennedy's Exposure at The Barfly
14 UK Leicester The Musician
17 UK Glagow King Tut's
18 UK Newcastle The Cluny
19 UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
20 UK Norwich Norwich Art Centre
21 Belgium Brussels Amerikaans Theatre
23 UK Brighton Komedia
24 UK Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
25 UK Bristol The Fleece
26 UK Manchester Gorilla
27 Eire Dublin Workingman's Club
October 5 France Paris Trabendo
6 Germany Koln Luxor
7 Germany Hamburg Knust
8 Germany Berlin Postbahnhof
9 Germany Dresden Beatpol
10 Austria Vienna Wuk
12 Switzerland St Gallen Palace
13 Switzerland Dudingen Bad Bonn
14 Germany Stuttgart Universum
15 Germany Osnabruck Kleine Freiheit
16 Netherlands Utrecht Tivoli
30 Turkey Istanbul Babylon Club
November 2 Israel Tel Aviv Barby
7 Finland Helsinki Tavastia
9 Poland Wroclaw Wroclaw Industrial Festival
17 USA Los Angeles The Echoplex
18 USA San Francisco Slim's
20 USA Portland Crystal Ballroom (with Helmet)
21 USA Seattle Barboza (DRILL: SEATTLE)
23 USA Seattle Nuemos (DRILL: SEATTLE)


Month Date Country City Venue/event
January 17 UK London The Lexington (5th Birthday Event)
February 17 New Zealand Auckland The Kings Arms
19 Australia Brisbane Zoo
20 Australia Sydney Oxford Art Factory
21 Australia Melbourne The Corner Hotel
22 Australia Adelaide Jive
24 Australia Perth Perth Festival
July 22 Spain Barcelona Razzmatazz
23 Spain Madrid Charada
24 Spain San Sebastian Jazzaldia Festival
26 Spain San Simon Island, Galicia Festival Sinsal
27 Spain San Simon Island, Galicia Festival Sinsal
November 22 Netherlands Utrecht Le Guess Who Festival
December 04 UK Brighton Sallis Benny Theatre (DRILL : BRIGHTON)
07 UK Brighton The Hope (DRILL : BRIGHTON)


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 19 UK Leicester The Musician
20 UK Wakefield Unity
22 UK Gateshead The Sage (6 Music Festival)
April 12 UK Brighton The Prince Albert
13 UK Brighton The Prince Albert
14 UK London DRILL : LEXINGTON - with Karen Gwyer
15 UK London DRILL : LEXINGTON - with Tomaga
16 UK London DRILL : LEXINGTON - with Boothroyd
17 UK London DRILL : LEXINGTON - with Orlando
18 UK London DRILL : LEXINGTON - with Xaviers
20 UK Southampton Engine Room
21 UK Ramsgate Music Hall
22 UK Nottingham Rescue Rooms
23 UK Liverpool Kazimier
24 UK Hebden Bridge Trades Club
26 UK Aberdeen Lemon Tree
27 UK Glasgow King Tuts
28 UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
29 UK Manchester Academy 3
30 UK Bristol The Fleece
May 26 USA Portland Dantes
27 USA Seattle Nuemos
29 USA San Francisco Slims
30 USA Los Angeles Echoplex
June 02 USA Cambridge Sinclair
03 USA Brooklyn Music Hall of Williamsburg
04 USA New York Bowery Ballroom
05 USA Philadelphia Union Transfer
06 USA Washington, DC Black Cat
07 USA Pittsburgh Mr Small's Theater
08 USA Cleveland Beachland Ballroom
09 USA Detroit Populux
10 USA Louisville, KY Headliners
11 USA Chicago DRILL : CHICAGO - The Hideout
12 USA Chicago DRILL : CHICAGO - Thalia Hall
13 USA Chicago DRILL : CHICAGO - The Metro
July 30 Italy Bologna Bolognetti Rocks Festival
31 Italy Brescia Arena Parco Castelli
August 08 Belgium Genk Absolutely Free Festival
September 19 France Angers Levitation Festival
20 Netherlands Tilburg DRILL : INCUBATE - Incubate Festival
October 09 Denmark Copenhagen Jazzhouse
10 Norway Oslo Ritual Festival, Vulkan Arena
22 UK Aldershot West End Centre
23 UK Falmouth Mono
24 UK Bristol Simple Things Festival
November 05 France Le Havre Le Tetris
06 France Metz Musiques Volantes, Les Trinitaires
07 France Strasbourg La Laiterie
20 Germany Köln Gebäude 9
21 Germany Osnabrück Kleine Freiheit
22 Germany Berlin Postbahnhof
24 Germany Schorndorf Manufaktur
25 Switzerland Bern Dachstock
26 Switzerland Lausanne La Romandie
28 France Clermont Ferrand La Coopérative de Mai
29 France Boulogne Billancourt (Paris) BB Mix Festival
30 Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso Nord
December 01 Belgium Brussels Botanique
02 UK London Tufnell Park Dome


Month Date Country City Venue/event
March 10 UK Lewes Con Club
11 UK Bath Komedia
12 UK Manchester Cosmosis Festival
April 22 UK Manchester ATP (Cancelled)
May 27 Spain Madrid Get Mad Festival
July 09 Italy Chiusi Lars Rock Festival
August 26 Poland Lodz Domoffon Festival
October 05 UK Guilford Boileroom
06 UK Tunbridge Wells The Forum
08 UK Bognor Regis Rockaway Beach Festival, Butlins


Month Date Country City Venue/event
March 15 UK Reading Sub89
28 USA Phoenix Crescent Ballroom
29 USA San Diego The Kasbah
30 USA Los Angeles DRILL :LA, The Echo
31 USA Los Angeles DRILL :LA, The Echo/ Echoplex
April 1 USA Los Angeles DRILL :LA, The Echo/ Echoplex
3 USA San Francisco Slim's
5 USA Portland Dantes
7 Canada Vancouver Imperial Theatre
8 USA Seattle Crocodile
20 UK Stockton-On-Tees The Georgian Theatre
21 UK Leeds DRILL : LEEDS, The Brudenell
22 UK Leeds DRILL : LEEDS, The Brudenell
23 UK Leeds DRILL : LEEDS, The Brudenell
May 4 UK London The Garage (night 1)
5 UK London The Garage (night 2)
7 Germany Berlin DRILL : BERLIN, Volksbühne
9 Denmark Copenhagen Loppen
11 Netherlands Utrecht De Helling
12 France Paris La Maroquinerie
July 25 Italy Milan Circolo Magnolia
26 Italy Rome Villa Ada
September 16 USA Chicago Metro
17 USA Detroit El Club
18 USA Columbus Ace Of Cups
19 USA Cleveland Beachland Ballroom
20 Canada Toronto Lee's Palace
21 Canada Montreal Theatre Fairmount
22 USA Portland, Maine Space Gallery
23 USA Cambridge The Sinclair
25 USA Washington, DC The Black Cat
26 USA Philadelphia Union Transfer
28 USA Brooklyn, NY Baby's All Right 1
29 USA Brooklyn, NY Baby's All Right 2
30 USA Brooklyn, NY Baby's All Right 3
October 24 UK Norwich Waterfront Studio
25 UK Bristol The Fleece
26 UK Dover The Booking Hall
27 UK Brighton The Haunt
29 UK York The Crescent
30 UK Preston Guild Hall
31 UK Wolverhampton Newhampton Arts Centre
November 02 UK Leicester Dryden Street Social
03 UK Newcastle Riverside
05 UK Dundee Beat Generator Live
06 UK Edinburgh The Mash House
08 UK Cardiff The Globe
09 UK Oxford The Bullingdon
10 UK Portsmouth The Wedgewood
12 Belgium Kortrijk Sonic City Festival
13 Netherlands Haarlem Patronaat
30 Israel Haifa Solow Festival


Month Date Country City Venue/event
February 8 France Dijon Generiq Festival
9 France Annecy Hors Piste Festival
April 14 USA Marfa,Tx Marfa Myths Festival
May 6 UK Glasgow Stag & Dagger Festival
October 3 UK Ramsgate Ramsgate Music Hall
4 Italy Torino Spazio 211
5 Italy Bologna Covo Club
6 Italy Avellino Auditiorium
7 Italy Rome Largo
November 23 Portugal Porto Hard Club
24 Portugal Lisbon RCA Club
26 Spain Cadiz Aulario De La Bomba
27 Spain Seville Sala X
28 Spain Madrid Cool Stage
29 Spain San Sebastian Dabadaba Club
30 Spain Gijon Sala Albeniz
December 1 Spain Lugo Clavicémbalo


Month Date Country City Venue/event
May 18 Mexico Mexico City Festival Marvin
23 Greece Athens Temple
June 01 UK London Transistor Festival, Earth Concert Hall
August 30 UK London End Of The Road Festival, Larmer Tree Gardens, Wilts
November 16 Italy Conversano Time Zones Festival (Bari)


Month Date Country City Venue/event
January 24 UK London Rough Trade East (album launch)
27 UK Bristol The Fleece
28 UK Manchester Band On The Wall
29 UK Birmingham Hare & Hounds
30 UK Glasgow G2
31 UK Leeds Brudenell Social Club
February 01 UK Brighton Chalk
March 3 USA Minneapolis, MN Fine Line Music Cafe - with Matthew DJ
4 USA Chicago, IL The Metro - with Graham DJ
6 USA Nashville, TN Mercy Lounge - with Robert DJ
7 USA Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse - with Colin DJ
9 USA Washington, DC Union Stage - with Matt DJ
10 USA Philadelphia, PA Underground Arts - with Graham DJ
11 USA New York, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg - with Robert DJ
12 USA New York, NY Music Hall of Williamsburg - with Colin DJ