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Us: Matthew Simms.

Matthew Simms

Matthew Simms

Matthew Simm's is Wire's guitarist. He first toured with the band in support of 2011's Red Barked Tree, and subsequently headed into the recording studio the following year. There, Matthew made his first record as part of Wire, Change Becomes Us, which was released in March 2013.

An 'untraditional' guitar enthusiast, Matthew's approach to the guitar and to music in general is based purely on sound, believing what sounds right, is right.

Along with his work with Wire, Matthew fronts It Hugs Back. Since 2006, he's been the band's principle songwriter, guitarist and singer, crafting three LPs and embarking on successful European tours. A new album is due for release in June 2015.

Additionally, Matthew is working in 'The Record Room' (his home studio space), where he produced his first solo record, released under the name Slows. He's also writing music for a number of television and multimedia projects.

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