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Read (Discography): The Third Day

Pink Flag

I was sold up the river to the red slave trade
The stores were gathered, the plans were laid
Synchronised watches at 18:05
How many dead or alive in 1955?

The pink flag was screaming, bugle boys sucked and blew
No time for confessions, orders given
Books were cooked on the 4th of the 3rd
How many seen or heard on the 12th of the 3rd?

How many dead or alive?

Blessed State

Closing doors
Opens eyes
To the fatal gift
Of a well timed lie
Loved in the flesh
And (but) butchered in the mind
Oh what a pearl
What a well made world

Holy globe
Eternal home
Sacred sphere
So glad I'm here
Oh what a pearl
What a well made world


Crooks lay in a weighted state
waiting for the dead assassin
while the rust pure powder puffs,
a shimmering opaque red.
Papers spread, no-one driving,
we hurled direct ahead

the windows dark-green tinted,
the hearse a taxi instead.
Snow storms forecast imminently
in areas Dogger, Viking,
Moray, Forth, and Orkney.
Keeping cover in denuded scrub,
the school destroyed raised the club,
panic spreading with threat of fire.

Crowding beneath a layer of foam,
refugees intertwined, alone.

Within the institution walls,
in pastel blue, clinical white,
slashed red lipsticked walls, mercy nurse tonight.

Seems like dark grey stockings
in the raking torchlight with 4 AM stubble,
a midnight transvestite.

Art Of Persistence (First Draft)

A shadow emerges, suspicion hardens to fact
No trouble, it doubles; faith is fatally stacked
Re-Organises his structure, deathly desire takes hold
Result of the passage, between once young then old

The art of persistence, survival bred skills
Repairs for the final, test of the wills
Persistence, survival, test of the wills
Prepare for the final, perfect rival to kill
Prepare for the final, perfect rival to kill

Under black eyes, smoke signals are blown
The immunity network is both scattered and worn
Buy the best, have good fortune, he's a hunch what's in store
And certain what lies beyond the last door

The interior breaks down, hope's put under the knife
Security's blown for the next and his wife
No overhaul or operation—no! Welcome research can prevent
In communication, the last breath is spent