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Read (Discography): Vien

The First Letter

This is the first letter from the horse's mouth
There's trouble up north, a skirmish down south
The people of the east are heading out west
And those without shelter are hoping for the best

This is the first letter, positions have changed
The opposition's HQ is now within range
Cities retaken are put to the torch
Snowfall in the mountains, supplies are running short

This is the first letter, a motion's been passed
Cease-fire in operation, how long can it last?
There's nothing in the market, the embargo's enforced
Except if you're shipping guns, of course

This is the first letter under a daytime raid
Prisoners of war are put on display
Geneva convention's a time/life away
Sanctions are broken, violate the blockade

Sexy And Rich (Janet)

I have this itch
To press the switch
To turn it on
To make you rich

Rich, rich, sexy and rich

I had a wish
And it came true
To turn you off
To make you view

You, you, me and you

I'll close your eyes
We're almost there
I am true
And you are rare

Rare, rare, you really care

Close you're eyes, I'm (we're) almost there

You, you, it's only you

It's (you're) true, true