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    What features do you want in this forum that it doesn't already have? Already likely to happen:

    - Formatting options (HTML, BBCode)
    - Quoting
    The ability to embed youtube videos in posts.
    Quoting as in "reply to"? comments?
    The ability to embed third-party content will come when I get round to adding HTML functionality. As for quoting, I'm thinking about PHPBB-style 'quote' links, so you can have a chunk of someone else's post to reply to, styled accordingly. That said, quoting can be a pain in the backside, since people often quote entire posts and then add a few words!
    Polls! Favourite song on LP etc!
    Nobody really cares but you either end up looking or voting on them.
    There is a polls plug-in for the forum. I'll think about adding it, once we're sure everything else is working OK.
    It would be nice to be assured that the forum will never allow smilies - they are so annoying!

    As for the the quoting of others posts - would it be possible to put limits on this. On some boards I've seen one person quoting another, then the quoted person will quote the person that quoted them - and so on. It can all so easily get messy! I personally think a board without the ability to quote is a better board. Simple copying and pasting is possibly a better option.
    There will be no automated smilies on the forum, that's for sure. We want to keep this clean, simple and fit-for-purpose, like the rest of the site. (Note also the lack of signatures.) Quoting, it seems, isn't an easy implementation. As you say, it's hardly a difficulty for people to copy and paste, and so I think I'll leave this feature out for now, too.
    That someone will have a spare copy of WIRE book that I haven,t got and willing
    to sell it to me. lol.
    A way of seeing some stats about the forum would be good. Like PHPBB does. Stuff like how many registered users, who is online now, most people online, total messages etc.
    I'm only hoping to be able to use italics and bold (simple HTML tags, which you've already mentioned look to be inevitable refinements).
    The most simple html is actually already possible jack - with the use of a little code.
    To follow up on Madman's post, all you need to do is check 'Html' under the post box and use HTML tags for <strong>strong emphasis (bold)</strong>, or <em>emphasis (italics)</em>. Other HTML should work, too, but I've not actually tried much yet, bar links. I don't think we'll be muddying the forum with formatting toolbars, though, so anyone who wants to style stuff will have to do it manually.
    I don't have any notable wishes for this forum, but I would like to say that I applaud the clean look and the elimination of forum bells and whistles: avatars, sigs, smilies, pompous "user levels", etc.

    I am also suspicious of quoting. It tends to encourage flame wars as people perform tedious point-by-point dissections of previous posts or, as mentioned, someone will quote a three-page entry only to add "right on!" or similar at the bottom. If there was a vote, mine would be against them.
    Since we have at least one member of the band participating here, and he's been very good at responding to people, perhaps a simple sticky thread with "questions for the band" or something like that, just somewhere that might make it easier for Colin (or Rob or Graham) to log in and see anything they might want to reply to without looking at all the threads.

    Or perhaps a category for all band questions to be consolidated into?
    I don't really want to add separate categories—forums that have too many tend to fracture and be irritating to use. However, the idea of a band Q&A has actually been mooted in the past, and so that's something I might well start up here, especially if Graham also starts posting.
    i'd certainly like to see an 'other bands/music' section, tho' i guess i could just start a thread! on other forums, i've picked up on many other bands by recommendation that i might not normally have. and as the reason we're all here is Wire, i can imagine that some 'different' (that good, by the way) bands could be recommended. maybe i'll kick start a thread.
    Would it be possible to list the date of the most recent post as well as the current listing of the name of the correspondant? I check in from time to time and there are a few threads I home in on, but can never remember one day to the next how many posts or who the most recent one was. This way I'd be able to avoid seeking out the final page of a thread only to find out there was nothing new to me
    Ian, if you sign in when you view the forum, threads with messages which you haven't read yet will have a pink background.

    Garageband, there is already an 'other artists' started it!
    What Tim said regarding threads with new posts. As for the time-stamp thing, I think Vanilla has this and I turned it off, because it made the forum look like an absolute mess. I'll have another butcher's when I get a moment.