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    In Berlin I wondered north from Checkpoint Charlie. I found myself near the zoo where the poor animals are imprisoned in tiny enclsures with no crime on their record. The emus reminded me of Paul Fergusson, and near the railway station was a Judas Goat. This was the southern extremity of a large beautiful park known as Tiergarten. I crossed the river and gave some coins to a young lady playing classical violin. For a while I relaxed under the trees. Then I carried on north and found a huge roundabout in the centre of the park. In the middle was a tall column with a golden angel at the top. It was possible to go underground in a subway and reach the central column. As I reached the end of the tunnel I switched on my walkman loaded with a tape of "Laugh? I Nearly Bought One!" and a couple of Come songs and it kicked in halfway through BUTCHER. As I emerged from the tunnel, I saw the angel towering above as Jaz sang, "Butcher the womb and expect her to bear." For a couple of Euros it was possible to climb the spiral stairs to the top of the tower where the view was stunning across the park and the city where spirit was spared. There was a small museum at the base of the tower and I navigated it to the tune EXIT and began my ascent listening to THE HUM. It was dead funny to hear, "Slowly Slowly All Fall Down" as people walked past me down the stairs in the opposite direction. At the top of the tower EMPIRE SONG kicked in and I stayed up there until closing time gazing at the inspiring view of promised lands and fields as the sun went down. The last song I listened to up there was appropriately WINTERGARDENS and I descended in silence. Back in the subway I listened to AGE OF GREED and sang along at the top of my voice, listening to the amazing echoes under the busy autobahn. Then I retraced my steps, every direction leading to TURN TO RED. PssYCHE sped me faster and faster back to the station and I jumped on a train south to Columbia Hall for the WARDANCE.

    Well, it was a little better as a warm up to a Killing Joke ritual than some drinks in a London pub!

    So after a trip to Strasbourg where I lingered too long in the modern art museum I ended up in Paris 23 minutes too late.
    I had an interesting conversation with Graham Lewis after the Paris gig. He was talking about the moments when art reflects reality perfectly, and everything synchronises so that you experience life to the full. The rational call it coincidence. The irrational read the signs and follow intuition wherever it goes. That's my take, and forgive me if anything I report here is inaccurate as I was drunk and tired. Lewis had been playing a gig abroad and found out that a Chapman brothers exhibition was on in the same city and he had just enough time to catch it quickly, which they found quite incredible. There was also a little girl in a red raincoat balancing still outside the gallery, and he thought at first that she was part of the Chapman's art! When she moved she looked very pleased with herself. I told him about the golden angel in Berlin and he told me I must see a Wim Wenders film called "Golden Angel" in Sverige. In Gross Britannia it was called "Wings of Desire." The very next day I hit Brussels for the third time on my trip and had a night to kill before the Killing Joke revelations. Searching the record stores I found a paper about a British film festival and "Radio On" a road movie shot in black and white from 1979 was playing at a really cool cinema with a bar full of excellent Belgian beer. Wim wenders was mentioned in the French blurb about the film as an inspiration to director Chris Pettit. I thought about my own journey and the parallels therein, and how Lewis had mentioned Wim Wenders the night before without knowing this film was showing. The story concerns a man who leaves his girlfriend, who looks uncannily like Malka Spigel, and travels to Bristol to find out what has happened to his brother who has been arrested for making porn. On his way he picks up and quickly ditches a psycho Glaswegian squaddie hitcher, buys petrol from Sting who sings him Eddie Cochrane songs, and meets a nice German lady who is searching for her missing daughter to a soundtrack of Kraftwerk, Ian Dury and Lene Lovich. In the end he lets his car roll off a cliff and takes a train out of it. I think I had a much better trip even though I never made it to Nemrt Dag or took a Trabant to Brabant...

    There is also a golden angel on the spire above the nice streets in Brussels Grote Markt. I think overall I would have to say that the best night of the Wire tour was Brussels in the beautiful Botanique and the best night of the Killing Joke tour was the second night
    in Brussels where
    the synchronicities went wild and I found
    the late Paul Raven
    reflected in almost
    everything in the
    ..and an ever so tenuous Wire connection with Chris Petit, who made the London Orbital film with Iain Sinclair, which used Bruce's excellent sound design...
    Thanks for the link to synchronous PSYCHOgeography, sir.
    And note that Malka's Minimal Compact are on the soundtrack to Wings of Desire. See Wings of Desire - avoid the sequel 'Far Away So Close' - it's dreadful.
    The Wings of Desire soundtrack is really a must-have - a mixed bag to be certain (Laurie Anderson's contribution, for example, is sub-par for her and sounds hastily put together), but there is some stunningly beautiful stuff on there including Minimal Compact's "When I Go". Thanks for the reminder, Ian.
    It was nice to speed back to Belgium and Brussels which was already seeming like a second home. I found many cool CDs in the shops, including quite appropriately COMMERCIAL SUICIDE. Being there for three days I had plenty of time to explore and each day surpassed the previous one. I met so many great people in Belgium I felt like moving there!

    In the lovely galleries on Rue Madelaine I was entranced by some excellent art with a very Killing Joke feel. Christine Sefolosha's art is PRIMITIVE vibrant ancient and alive. These paintings breathe soul and spirit. This is one of the greatest visual artists I have ever found, basing her work on prehistoric cave paintings but upping the ante. I think Jaz would love it! Good news is the Bastien gallery
    has a big exhibition of her paintings next year.

    Down on the street dans belle Belgique I spied with my lizard eye a room full of pictures that seemed perfect for a Killing Joke album cover or seven!!!!!!!
    So check out Roland Devolder, his art is very apt.

    Hell, then things got hyper synchronous and the rest of the afternoon bekommen ein Raven Communion as I wondered around taking in the sites, every direction leading to the same place. I sauntered down a subway that led onto Ravenstein. On that straat you could drink at Chop Inn, buy a bag at Wait and See and there was also some shop called Millennium! I had some nice organic minestrone soup at

    Drink up Raven, the world's about to end!
    Lucky escape for Arsenal if it did eh?

    2012 The Clock Turned Backwards

    I wonder who chose THIS colour scheme?

    Three headless women gabbling French from three screens. Butcher the womb? It was like three vaginas speaking some kind of cryptic apocalyptic message that was lost in my partial grasp of French. The bit that was most striking was the one moment the video cut from the three gesticulating artists to a road cone emblazoned with an exclamation mark. This happened at the utterance of the word EXTREMITIES.


    Further along the LABYRINTH past the illuminated portals leading nowhere I found seven turntables on a scaffold blasting a fanfare and I walked around faster and faster until I realised that I had to CHANGE direction and move anticlockwise like UNSPEAKABLE clocks turning backwards.


    Abandon All Need for

    Back home after another awesome double dose of the mighty JOKE I had a day of rest and didn't even have time enough to notice what a terminal dump Manchester is because the MELVINS wheeled in to rock the town and give me a chance to catch up with lots of old friends. That is the great thing about Manchester, lots of good gigs.

    Next day I was off again to London for the KILLING JOKE homecoming and as chaotic synchronicity would have it, THALIA ZEDEK and her band began their tour the very next day. She's a brilliant intense songwriter. Check her out while you still can...

    Her tour ends on October 23 at La Botanique in Brussels!

    I went to all the THALIA ZEDEK BAND gigs in England and after the best one at Hull Adelphi I had to zoom down to Cheam in Surrey for my younger sister's wedding. The lavish reception was held on a Territorial Army base but my uncles and I resisted the temptation to hijack a tank. One thing I gave her was a copy of 'UH HUH HER' by PJ HARVEY as "The Desperate Kingdom of Love" couldn't really be a better song to wish for a long loving marriage, at the end of this burning world.

    Then I went home to transcribe interesting interviews with MAGAZINE and WIRE, blow up some more stereo speakers, and wait for civilization to fall in its grave.

    Here are some great pictures of Killing Joke in Berlin

    Makes me feel like I was there...
    Hang on, I was there!