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    In what ways does the third song on 154 relate to your life?
    As relate-to-me goes, The 4th 154 song suits me miles beyond The 15th.

    I've always been a bit hit-or-miss on Colin lyrics I'm afraid, though as he admits in Everybody Loves A History, he usually sounds just great singing them and therein may lie the substance.

    I think I'd rather contemplate "the cat sat on the carpet, I just lay here like a lump" than try to decide what The 15th "It" is.

    "Or words to that effect" is impossible to remove from my lexicon, however, thanks to I've Waited Ages.
    recently Beck performed a cover of "The 15th" with members of MGMT. (in Montreal on Oct 6th)
    Hearing this song live has solidified it as my favorite song ever
    People lost their shit when they played it in LA.
    I'll never tire of hearing The 15th. Never a day goes by without somebody asking me 'Mark, what's your favourite song of all time?' to which I quickly and unfailingly reply 'The 15th'. By Wire.
    Don't try to read any meaning into those lyrics. Abstract pop glory. A bit like the cover of 154.
    Mind you, I was a bit saddened to learn that not all four members (as was) play on it.
    The Monks of Doom did a respectable version of "The 15th" on their recent covers album, "What's Left for Kicks?"

    I posted it on my blog:

    I am often reminded of the line "Providing, deciding" from "The 15th" when I listen to "One of Us" ("Declining, and divining"... "Breaching, over-reaching")
    Which Wire members don't play on The 15th? I have to assume that it was Bruce
    According to Colin the song was hated by all other members of WIRE back in 79.
    I guess the gaylord disco version vindicated him somewhat!

    This is what it means to me:

    1. I was born on THE FIFTEENTH, same birthday as Ian Curtis.
    It fought as if it had a cause to live for.

    2. Lights are flashing cars are crashing getting frequent now.
    As if it had sooner been destroyed.

    333. Reviewed it seemed
    The Damned released "Phantasmagoria" on THE FIFTEENTH.

    444. I travelled far and wide through many different times.
    It was soon there.

    555. As if something was watching:

    The Fourteenth of September 2004 was a strange day. As I walked through Brighton en route to the DOME where PJ Harvey's band was to play, I found myself in what rational bores would call a state of madness. Two alternate parallel universes opened up in the city and I was led out of ancient Egyptian underworld to a Krishna temple in a Hindu based reality by a homeless man who looked like Colin Newman. I asked him if he'd ever heard of a band called WIRE. He said he had and that people had previously told him he looked like the singer.
    Outside the Dome I had the good fortune to meet a man who resembled Geordie from Killing Joke and he gave me some chewing gum. As I chewed it I returned to this apparent so called reality of the twenty first century to do the whore's hustle.

    666. PJ HARVEY
    Hammersmith Apollo, London, England, 15 September 2004

    Meet Ze Monsta

    It’s You Down By The Water
    You Come Through Taut
    To Bring You My Love

    Never Be A Better Time

    It was not there.
    555. As if something was watching:
    Forever, watching love grow.

    Missed the open goal, G


    Woo Hoo.
    H O T
    Despited being one of my all time favourite songs, I can't say it relates to my life in any way.....

    If you were to ask me the same about "I should have known better" however.....
    I went to a restaurant called 15.

    I always thought that The 15th referred to the 15th century.
    In the Eden book, Colin is recorded to state that it was The Fifteenth in a group of songs Wire had at a certain time, 1978 or 79 I guess.
    I always thought that may be the case....fits well with other concepts such as 154, First Fast, Object 47...
    Colin has also told me the song is about nothing.
    Later he told me it has a lot of meaning but he was not prepared to reveal anymore than that, as is his prerogative.