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    Do recordings of these tracks exist that are better than the ones on Turns & Strokes? I can barely make out what's happening because they are so lo-fi, but they sound promising
    I think the answer is NO...
    Maybe they could rerecord them in the Object mode?
    Not sure about that.

    Remember Colin's Y2K Totally Radio show, with the Pro-tooled Crazy About Love live remix?

    AFAIK CAL was only ever played live at the Jeanetta Cochrane shows, and the remix version was clearly based on a soundboard recording. I recall Colin saying the tape had been reently discovered - so after Turns & Strokes was released.

    Does a whole JC soundboard set exist? If so, it'll almost certainly contain The Spare One and Over My Head.

    I think we should be told!

    Oh man, if a soundboard of 79-80's era Wire exists with those songs.. that needs to be released ASAP
    Yes I think we should be told as well.
    It'd be a better live release than the ones that came out after On the Box, I reckon!