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    The last thread on lyrics died on its arse, as perhaps it ought to have, but I want to say my bit about Mekon Headman. I reckon it refers to many moons ago when Mr Lewis was assaulted in London by some gun-toting uberchavs. As I recall, the NME byline was 'Wire man in Gun drama'. I have the clipping somewhere, I am that tragic. It makes sense, which oddly most Wire lyrics do if you stretch things a little...although, to be blunt, Wire, and lyric deciphering is like trying to work out a numbers station, if you know them; impossible, pointless and a detraction from the pleasure of words as sound. Pretentious? Moi?
    I agree with you: see my entry regarding The 15th. Lyrics are never better than when they might be about something but you just don't know...
    Nothing pretentious about the 'words as sound' notion. Damo Suzuki? And many, many others...
    Having said that, Wire lyrics are so much more than just words as sound: if I'm listening to them on headphones whilst a DVD is playing elsewhere in the room, the juxtaposition / coincidence of words and images is often startling. Try it sometime!
    G.L would look (a little bit) like a Mekon if he were green.... (I'll get me coat)
    well Tim, you had a lot to say
    After Graham sang "Mekon Headman" at the Atlanta show, he announced that it was "a song about forced revolutions. We know about those, don't we?" Reading the lyrics again, I'm not sure that comment was very illuminating.

    I was standing so close to the stage that I took the opportunity to ask what "The Agfers of Kodack" was about. If I recall correctly, he said, "Do you remember seeing the dust rising and people coming out of buildings on September 11th? Well, I've been watching television for 25 years, and I saw the same thing in Afghanistan."
    At the Philly show Graham introduced Being Sucked as being about "the effects of holy water on aerodynamics". Haha.
    Ha ! He's gone doolally with the tour fatigue... ;-)

    He didn't say "forced revolutions" - he said "forced rendition". Which is an altogether different thing!

    He's a political old b*gger is our Graham. He also said Silk Skin Paws was written "20 years ago about bankers throwing themselves out of office windows".

    "Kidney Bingos" is supposed to be about scientists cutting titanium with lazers and disproving the existence of God by algebra.
    "Rendition" makes much more sense in light of Anthony's theory that the song refers to Graham being mugged. Thank you, Mark. I hope I got Graham's comments on "Agfers" right, or at least the spirit of it!

    Some of his asides to the crowd were very funny. As the band prepared to play "The 15th", Graham said, "This will fuck you up." When someone shouted a request for "Outdoor Miner", Colin responded, "Not a chance," and Graham added, "You live in hope."
    I con
    Me con
    Head, man (drugs)

    If you persist you'll rot you dirty old man!

    Local trio losing at this point,
    PEN mightier than GUN
    From Robert Christgau:
    "Object 47"

    Deprived of Bruce Gilbert's guitar, these fractious lifers return to and improve on their dance-rock '80s. From the scene-setting new-wavey relationship-gone-sour of "One of Us" [MySpace] to the climactic electropunk historo-fatalism of "All Fours," though not always in between, they remind you why they were a great band. But they should know better than to dis the Mekons, who still are a great band when the time seems right.

    Grade: B PLUS