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    Awesome news for all of you Wire fans outside of the UK... a good portion of the Pink Flag catalog is now available on EMusic if you are a member. For those of you who are unfamiliar with EMusic, go to and check it out. It's far superior to any other music download service in terms of value and content IMO. A great way to discover new music... check it out!
    I'm an Emusic subscriber and it is good value and a great way to stumble over new music as you rush to use up yer credits before the months out..and it is the online equivalent of a huge dusty old record shop.
    ....and the Pink Flag catalogue is there for UK subscribers too.

    But beware, some of the downloads you get are not always great sound quality. It seems to vary from one release to another but you don't get to know until you start downloading.

    I am no audiophile. 320 bitrate mp3 sounds as good as CD to my gig-hardened ears and I don't get the whole vinyl fetish thing. But some of the Emusic stuff is encoded at low variable bit rates which even to my ears sounds like worn out cassette quality shall we say.

    To avoid relegation....the crap mp3s....
    get yer Wire stuff direct from Pink Flag!
    The reason I pointed this out to US fans is that with the current exchange rate, purchasing stuff from the Pink Flag shop can be quite expensive. I would say about 75% of the EMusic catalog is encoded in VBR, which sounds basically as good as 320. I can definitely confirm that everything from PF is in VBR as I just downloaded all of it.
    "with the current exchange rate, purchasing stuff from the Pink Flag shop can be quite expensive"

    Getting better every day, though. Sterling's at $1.57 today, down nearly half a buck from just a few months ago.
    I wonder... is there any chance of adding "It's All In The Brochure" & "Live At The Metro" to EMusic?
    'Its All In the Brochure' isn't on there possibly due to licensing issues as Mute Records are notable by their absence on Emusic.
    The Daniel Miller DJxDJ thing is a cut-up mix of Wire samples and includes bits of Wire's Mute Catalogue, and of course the Wire live set includes Mute-era tracks too.

    Its a really interesting document of that event though, and well worth forking out yer us dollars for I would say.
    The catalogue is also supposed to go on iTunes but they seem to be taking their time over adding it...
    Object 47 is now on eMusic, as are Githead's Art Pop and Headgit.
    I quite like eMusic. Very reasonable pricing, usually. It would be great if they had license on the WMO releases, though...