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    A few t-shirts were brought back from the N.American tour. They can be found here. The plan is to make some more up in all sizes in both designs.


    20 quid for a t-shirt?? No thanks!
    That's 32 bucks plus, plus shipping, I turned down an Obama T shirt because it was 35 bucks, and I'd rather wear an Obama T than a Wire T (at that sort of price) any day. A
    I have a spare Obama T. What's your size?
    Personally, I'd be more interested in a resurrection of the 2000 tour shirt - with the "It's All In The Brochure" 154-type design. I adore mine, but it has adopted an unfortunate bleach stain.

    The Object 47 shirt leaned towards the unremarkable when you consider the amazing history of graphic design and Wire. Also, I'm sure this was beyond the band's control, but you might care to know that the material for these shirts was a bit flimsy - topped only by the made-from-Kleenex Police tour shirts (at twice the price).
    I agree with all of the above. I was looking forward to finally purchasing my first Wire shirt at a show during the fall, but I found both designs to be rather bland and boring for the price that they were asking.

    If they were going for a minimal type treatment sort of thing, I always thought it would be cool to produce a "Read & Burn" t-shirt. Have they ever done one of those? Even cooler would be having them in 3 different color schemes like the EPs.
    There was an R&B T-Shirt at the May gig:

    And this is the 'Its All in the Brochure' Shirt:
    And just for a bit of fun....some imaginary tees for y'all
    so when ya gonna start printing them?
    "There was an R&B T-Shirt at the May gig:"

    Aha! I had wondered whether Colin ever used that design (which I did many moons ago—well, April).
    That map ref one would look rather good I think!! Excellent idea! May even pay £20 if it was a good print on a quality FOTL shirt..
    Both the map ref and the crazy about love tees look very good. Maybe the pic in the crazy about love one should be a bit bigger. i think i'd buy both of them.
    I would never wear a shirt promoting any politician.
    i wouldn't idolize any politician, pop star, or possible deity, but i do like the obama graphic. the one that looks like a hard edged lithograph done in a stylized russian constructivist design. wouldn't wear it, but visually quite arresting. subliminally had major impact on the perception of BO as an agent of "change" & "hope".

    actually i like the Object 47 T. the "bland" one. minimal.
    I always thought it'd be nice to muck about with Wire's lyrics more on T-shirts, along with finally doing the obligatory and knowing "everything after Pink Flag sucks"...

    Anyone who thinks everything after Pink Flag sucks is a retard, OK?
    One for Bruce...

    Does the pain remain when the body walks away?
    "Anyone who thinks everything after Pink Flag sucks is a retard, OK?"
    It'd be a nicely ironic T-shirt for Wire to have made, though, no?
    "It'd be a nicely ironic T-shirt for Wire to have made, though, no?"


    Loving some of the suggestions here. You and Tim should be put in charge of Wire's merchandise (T-shirt section!)

    Another couple of suggestions...

    Bring on the special guest
    A monkey caught stealing

    Pea-Brained Earwig

    Keep 'em coming - this is my fave bit of the forum!