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    Bell Is A Cup-type muted pink/mauve shirt

    (perhaps the horse head/file cabinet)

    ur um um ur um ur ur um ur
    um um ur ur um ur um um ur
    ur um ur ur um ur um um ur
    ur um ur ur ur um um ur um
    ur um um ur um ur um um ur


    I'd buy it, anyway...

    ...and here they come
    Bit too Dome-shaped, that one.
    I know that track's on D&E (bear in mind who built this website and put all those lyrics files together!), but I always associate And Then... with Dome 1.
    7jlong's Bell is a Cup idea gets my vote. Most Wire lyric t-shirts will provoke a 'what-the-f does that mean?' response from most outsiders.
    I also find it amusing that Craig has to remind folk how much work he's put into Wire websites over the years. Give the guy a break, he clearly knows his stuff!
    Sorry craig i wasn't having a go. Lost in translation again. my post was missing one of these ;)
    You could have matching his & her's, with The Queen of Ur and The King of Um on.

    And what about venturing into babywear with It's A Boy and The Baby Trained on some nifty romper suits?! ; )
    or f f f to feed the hungry
    keith - oh, that's outstanding. It makes me want to get married and have kids. Guess I'll have to force it on the family-building friends that I have.

    Especially the ones that are suspicious of Wire.
    I always thought the Send album cover would make a terrific t-shirt, as it's already on black, so no border around the original image. DNA spirals on the back to complete the package. Go on then - you know it makes sense !
    I'd buy one that read
    'Are you in GUNS'

    For fifteen quid my WIRE shirt is the thinnest material I have of any Tshirt.
    Audrey from Sweden were wellinghigh quality sweatshop free orgamic Tshirts yesterday at Tanned Tin for less than fifteen quid.