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    April 1 1977 at The Roxy for me. One of the first gigs without George Gill.
    Actually THE first! We regard this as the birth of "classic" Wire.
    They don't mention in the gigography that I have read who they were playing with. Actually they supported Eater that night. Complete with throwing pigs head into audience!
    Not till the RFH gig in 2000 unfortunately, by which time I'd long since styarted to believe I'd never see them. I remember being in London the week before this gig and walking past the RFH and seeing the posters and feeling a real sense of anticiptation. "This time next week..." !!

    It was well worth the wait though. I know some of the band were disappointed with the sound, but trust me, it sounded great where I was. As I've mentioned before, when Wire launched into Lowdown I almost felt a sense of privilege; it just felt like a special moment in my life!
    Barring a comet hitting the planet, it'll be in Calgary this summer. Kicked myself for not making a greater effort to catch one of the 2000 shows—I won't be making the same mistake this time around.

    (By way of semi-introduction, I'm Neil from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I was on the Ideal Copy list years ago, unsubbed during before a vacation, and for almost certainly occult reasons I didn't re-up when I returned. The new board seemed as good a reason as any to reacquaint myself.)
    Being in North America, my opportunities to see them live were somewhat limited until the Ideal Copy tour when I saw them in Toronto, then again the following year, then in Seattle in 2000.

    Also saw Colin play in Toronto just after A-Z came out...I went both nights - really enjoyed that!
    I learned of Wire long after 154 was released. As far as I knew they were over. Then they issued Snakedrill and soon after Ideal Copy. When they announced that they would be doing two shows at my favorite club (First Avenue) I was totally excited. The fact that one show was scheduled for my birthday, allowing me a free entrance with entourage and a bottle of champagne to boot, I found the terms acceptable. Ended up playing some pool with Lewis while Ex Lion Tamer played all the "old" Wire songs. The following year they only came for one night but still, I never hoped to see them.

    When the Read and Burn version of the band came around I saw them once in the same club and twice the following year in Chicago. That 55 minute Read and Burn set sonically cleansed me three times. Can't wait to see what this year brings.
    March 4, 1979, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany. Wire was supporting Roxy Music and the audience was horrible. All of us few fans actually left after Wire had played; we just couldn't be bothered with Roxy Music.
    Essen was the only show on that tour when we felt we actually had any fans in the audience! Roxy Music's audience mainly hated us....
    If you have a look at the audience on the 'On the box' video, you can imagine what it was like. And the Rockpalast audience was at least a polite and friendly one...
    the Rockpalast audience of a few concerts I have from that era seem a little 'stiff' to say the least, I oft despair whether I'll ever get the chance to see Wire perform Live.
    The Rockpalast gig audience shots are hilarious. It's not often you get to see a bunch of people at a music gig all sporting a 'what the f——?' expression.
    Is the phuck word banned the Craig?
    'Naughty' words aren't banned, as far as I'm aware. I'm just self-censoring.
    I think they really didn't have a clue of what was going on in front of them. Fabulous.
    Barbarellas in Birmingham 1979. The club has long since gone, but the memories are still intact - a great night.
    July 2, 1987 at the Variety Arts Center in Los Angeles... and I recall it being a surreal evening for me somehow (don't seem to remember a thing about how I got there or how I got home) -- but also being strangely fascinated by their choice in wearing "business suits" on stage... and looking forward all night to hearing Drill!
    The Astoria in London on July 21st 1988, though it's the Town & Country Club gig in October that I really remember (Mr Lewis announcing: "We're Wire, you must be the chosen few" and a 'Drill' to help a thousand brain cells explode)
    I recently visited London for the first time in my life and absolutely loved it. I also would like to share my first introduction to WIRE. I was watching the Tonight Show in the USA. Johnny Carson was off and Suzanne Somers was the guest host. WIRE appeared that night and performed "Drill". I was blown away. I thought it was especially funny that after the performance one of the band members took out a video camera and began filming Suzanne up and down (which of the guys did that?). Did any of you also see that show? I would love to have that particular show on tape or DVD. Anyway, I've been a WIRE fan ever since. I've seen WIRE in concert a few times and buy anything they put out. Cheers from Virginia, USA!
    I had front row, center tickets for the scheduled October 9th, 1988 show in Ann Arbor. To my complete horror Wire was a no show. (The Church and Tom Verlaine were also scheduled, and played that night.) Finally got to see the Y2K version in Chicago at the Metro in May 2000. Definitely worth the wait.