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    Well, it was going to be Retford Porterhouse (Feb 1978) but Nigel Laing who said he'd organize the mini bus in the end failed! We were still at school.
    In the end it was at Nottingham Tiffany's Club 25th June 1979
    Grey clothed men & with great songs I didn't yet know!?

    & yes I still hold a grudge re NL & the bus Lol... ;)

    A couple of years ago I wrote in my blog about my first time to see Wire, in 1986, at the Clarendon Hotel in Hammersmith:
    I had the chance to see Wire open for Bethnal at the Greyhound, late '77, but ran into some trouble with HM's finest instead. My first was 10 years later in Philadelphia at Revival (including soundcheck: Silk Skin Paws), then the next night in D.C. at the 9:30, then again a day or several later in Manhattan (forget the club- Hurrah?), and many times since.

    To Pixelpup: I think Suzanne Somers replaced Arsenio Hall's program. They played Drill. Really great lighting and design. That was Lewis with the camcorder. Somers suggested the performance was "far-out" and asked if, when growing up, guys in their neighborhood were just like them, to which Bruce replied, "There were no guys in my neighborhood". I taped the segment on VHS; it's around here somewhere.
    Wow... Wire? On Arsenio Hall? Playing Drill? For Suzanne Somers?

    It really just doesn't get much better than that does it...
    2002, at the Echo Lounge here in Atlanta.

    I've been an enthusiastic Wire fan since I first heard "Eardrum Buzz" on college radio in 1989 while I was still in high school. They don't make it down to my neck of the woods often at all, so this Atlanta show was a big deal to many of us here. The set blew me away. I remember hearing the stuff from the Read & Burn 02 EP for the first time at the show and then enjoying the songs on the way home having purchased that EP at the venue before it was available anywhere else.
    Oxford Museum of Modern Art June '85, first gig of phase II. I waited 5 years for that having missed the final Electric Ballroom gig in Feb '80. The artiness wasn't gone, the 'support band' was a japanese fellow who played a stepladder.

    I am soooo pleased that the new Wire are taking themselves seriously and doing a proper tour. I'll be at the first gig of phase IV and was at the first of phase III too. :))

    I tell a lie, Dublin was the first of Phase III . Drat! ;)
    A07187: I guess that might be why I could never locate that episode. The Arsenio Hall Show. I'll have to investigate that further. Any idea on the year/month that episode aired? If there is anyway that you might be able to make a duplicate of that tape I would be eternally grateful! Wouldn't it also be awesome to have the actual footage that Bruce shot of Suzanne?!!!

    7jlong: You should have seen it -- AMAZING! I remember thinking, "Oh my God who are these guys!" That endless guitar strumming, without pressing down on the strings (I'm a former guitarist and still don't know what that is called), burned a memory into my brain. Had to buy any WIRE release I could find after that.

    GRAHAM: If you're out there, please share your video footage! ;)
    Hello Forum!

    Royal Festival Hall 2000. I went as a fairly casual fan being reasonably keen on the 3 early records and not really being sure quite what we were in for, and left completely bowled over and fascinated by the whole thing and resolved to buy the rest of the back catalogue and the solo stuff.
    Pixelpup: I want to guess Spring/Summer/Autumn 1987. All I know is Arsenio quit or was fired and Fox TV attempted to find a suitable replacement, so Suzanne Somers got a shot at it. Or maybe that's backwards, and he came later. I don't remember the 80s all that well (thank god). I do recall that the actress who played the housekeeper on The Facts Of Life- not Mrs Garrett- or Different Strokes or something (like I said...) was there for the band interview, and seemed suitably freaked. Bruce Gilbert did most of the talking while Lewis floated around with his video camera. Suzanne Somers was kookily gracious, and seemed very nice. If I find the tape I'll see if it's presentable and go from there.
    Electric Ballroms, that as we all know ended up on the Document & Eye Witness release. Yes I can confirm that everything anyone may have read about this event, is true. An absolutely appalling evening that sounds better on record than actually having being there.
    Anyway, I have stayed with them ever since (collectively & solo) & am so glad.
    Cannot wait for the next tour..
    Hi, all - not to keep slipping off topic, but I found the Wire/Drill/Somers performance on YouTube. Apparently this was just before the official Arsenio Hall show and the remnants of what was Joan Rivers' show. Anyway, I can't listen right now (a no-no at work), but here's the link for your viewing pleasure. Suzanne holding up an LP of "The Ideal Copy" and grinning like a spokesmodel on The Price is Right has an unbelievably postmodern quality to it, doesn't it?

    Whomever finds me Charlotte "Mrs. Garrett" Rae onstage with Wire (if that in fact really happened) gets a major, major prize.
    Hello. First postings here. The first time for me was The Bloomsbury Theatre in London. 1985. It was OK, a sit down in your seat kind of job. Did not know any of the material, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Support was Michael Clarke + The Shivering Man. Still got a hand out for it (somewhere). I was driven to the gig by member 1231742, but unlike Scott - I wont name names!!
    I went to see XTC + The Secret at Nottingham University in early 1978 and got given a flyer for Wire at Nottingham Sandpipers, but as the trains back to Lincoln were so poor in those days and I could not ask mother to drive me (a mere 15 years old) back from Notts to Lincoln two times in a month - I never got to see them in their prime.
    Last show I saw was the "old hits" tour at the venue in Nottingham. 10/10 - without grounds.
    May 6 1978 at Liverpool Erics. FA Cup Final day - Ipswich beat Arsenal 1-0 (we found out as we entered the city - I think it was the first Cup Final I'd missed in years). We hitched down from Lancaster and couldn't get back that night so spent the night on the streets of Liverpool. The obvious place to go would have been the queue to buy tickets to see Dylan at Blackbushe later that year - people were queuing on the streets in sleeping bags as tickets went on sale next day. But joining Dylan fans was anathema - we prowled the streets, and waited until the first train back. Can't remember too much about the gig other than it was great.
    I've seen Wire only once--at the Showbox in Seattle, September 10, 2002. The entire gig was fantastic, but if I had to choose one particular high point it would be 'Mr. Marx's Table'. I hadn't heard "Read and Burn 02" just yet, but that bass line was stuck in my head for days afterward!
    astoria 88 ; great gig , so wish i'd seen the Mk 1 version. but sadly i was just too young to get to faraway gigs in 77-79 so it never happened. boo hoo ;-)
    April 30th 1978 at The Mayflower Club, Manchester. Very memorable because the club was rumoured to be owned by black mafia.

    About two thirds into the set (it may have been later or in encores - it was 30 years ago) someone came on stage and took the microphone from Colin and said 'its over'. Wire trooped off and that was that.
    Had to wait until the Royal Festival Hall in 2000. Flew down from Glasgow on the day. Ditto Flag:Burning at the Barbican a couple of years later (Pink Flag in its entirety? Not to be missed under any circumstances). Caught two of the three Tryptich gigs in 2004 when the band came on to 'my turf' north of the border. Wasn't sure where the Edinburgh venue was, so turned up early cos I had no ticket. When I found the place (The Liquid Rooms), Wire were soundchecking Mr Marx's Table. I just walked in and there they were making this beautiful racket. Grabbed a quick word with them after the soundcheck and they signed my copy of Chairs Missing which I'd been listening to in the car. Each one of them signed their name directly above their own images on the inside CD sleeve. Even when doing autographs it's an artistic statement!
    i 1st saw 'em at the Marquee in February '78, tho' i can't remember how i actually got into 'em. might've been on radio or my mate played me some stuff - however, i'm glad i did! my to my chagrin i think i've only ever seen 'em live 4 or 5 times. the best for me was undoubtedly at The Astoria in '88 - i remember dancing by myself with an area cleared around me! good times! also incredibly disappointed & annoyed with myself that i've been totally unaware of some of their ondon gigs over the past 8 years or so! hopefully, i'll make up for it later this year.
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    Friday, May 30, 2008 at the South Street Seaport in NYC!

    I had seen Colin Newman and his wife at the Knitting Factory in I think 1999 (I believe he came back in 2000), but missed the band's local appearances since then. I wasn't too into the idea of the reunion without any new material, then heard it was great anyway, but still somehow missed any R&B or Send gigs in NYC--if there were any?