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    Late 70's .... excellent! And a few times since then - last time in Osaka in 2004. Very much on form that night.
    I saw them at Variety Arts Center in July 1987 as well. The Ex-Lion Tamers opened up and played Pink Flag. Many people thought this band was Wire.
    Manchester 08 - 3rd, May
    I was lucky enough to be in a band that supported Wire at Newport (S. Wales) at the time of the "Chairs Missing" release.

    I can remember being slightly disapointed with their set as it consisted of nothing from the previous debut "Pink Flag" LP , and to the best of my memory even thou' the tour was specificaly to promote CM the CM LP had not yet been released and so I knew NONE of the songs that they played that night.

    Naturaly once I'd had a chance to listen to CM a few times I loved it and have often wished I could re-live the concert with the knowledge of being familiar with the set they played that night.

    A few years ago I entered into dialoge with somebody from the Wire camp over this venue listing in the gigography section , as its listed as occuring at the Newport Stowaway Club venue , whist I'm pretty sure that it happened at Newport Univercity ??? ....but Im not 100% on this??
    Highly unlikely I know ....

    but does anyone know of any bootleg recordings of the Newport gig circa the CM era that exists?
    first/last. Lee's Palace 2002 where Wire are returning in October to the scene of the crime.

    Great show, minor annoyances of the chatting class at the bar, and a very friendly band hanging around for quite a while after the show to chat and share their rider. One of the best bands on earth.
    I wish I could join in on this forum, but, alas, haven't ever seen Wire...
    I first tried to see WIRE in 1988 at UMIST Manchester. The Rollins Band and Band of Susans were billed as support. The gig was cancelled. No reason ever was given.

    At a later date, the art of persistence paid off.

    I have now seen them quite a many times! And heard too!
    "Wow... Wire? On Arsenio Hall? Playing Drill? For Suzanne Somers?"

    Yes indeed pop pickers and they showed that very video at the RFH in 2000
    When the art of persistence was unveiled in full effect!

    Can you flog my tits Mr Gilbert?
    No thank you madam, I prefer tweety pies.
    "The Rockpalast gig audience shots are hilarious. It's not often you get to see a bunch of people at a music gig all sporting a 'what the f——?' expression."

    Well the best time I saw such a deleted expletive look on the faces of the bemused was when BorbetoMAGUS decimated asmall pub in Leeds. The regulars really did not know what had hit them...

    Call that music?

    Who cares what you call it you working class moron!
    first time in summer 1987 at a festival in Finsbury Park. the headline was Siouxsie & the Banshees and the broad majority of the audience was there to see them. Wire gave a great concert. i left after Siouxsie's second song. for many reasons i never managed to see them again until this year's gig at the Scala. only two concerts in more than 20 years, not much considering it's by far my favourite band-
    I had tickets to the tour Wire did with Erasure I would guess in the late 80's. Wire dropped out of this tour and canceled the show so I had to wait until the release of R&B 2 and then saw them twice, in Denver and San Francisco. I hope its not my last...
    They were going to tour with Erasure?


    Not even sure what to think about that one, though I did pick up the Fingers and Thumbs CD single to get the Gareth Jones/Wir re-do. Pretty good, though the "proper" version of the song and the b-side (Hi-NRG) are a bit much... but likely par for the course for Erasure fans. Maybe.

    On a similar Mute-ish note, anyone know if DA Pennebaker shot any Wire footage at the Pasadena show when putting together the 101 film for Depeche Mode? Or perhaps if Wire's set was recorded?
    Was the Borbetomagus thing the support for Smegma at the Royal Parl Cellars?
    My first time was at the I-Beam in San Francisco, sometime in the mid-Eighties. Lots of people were yelling out requests for songs from Pink Flag, but during a pause between songs I yelled "THE 15TH!" (favorite song ever) , to which Gilbert, I believe, continued counting ".....16, 17, 18, 19....." in a disinterested mechanical baritone, as if 'Take that you Pop Urchin!' Many laughs from the crowd. It was a great show.
    No the NYC sax destroyers headlined and were supported by Vibracathedral Orchestra, first time I saw VCO.

    That Erasure rmx is the worst WIRE thing ever, and I think Colin might also feel that way.
    He said WIRE were being compromised all over at that point.
    Ohhh... I don't know. I don't think it was the worst Wire thing ever, though I do admit I went into it with very, very low expectations and found myself "relieved". The guitar work might have developed into something quite nice had they shifted some of the results off and made them more of their own, and at least Mr. Bell's demented yelp is... dealt with, to some degree.

    If I may be so bold, Ambulance Chasers (live or studio) gets my vote on Worst Wire Moment.

    I have found that the band members' expressed feelings about different portions of their work often contradicts my own. Interesting, that.

    Edited to add: OK. Worst Wir thing ever? Now that I will agree with.
    Ambulance Chasers was the vehicle with which Wire reintroduced itself to the world after a 5-year hiatus, at the Oxford Museum of Modern Art in 1985.

    As this was the first time I saw Wire, it's about as special a Wire moment as I can muster!

    At the risk of being Mr Contrary I think that remix is great, even though I'm not exactly an Erasure fan.

    And I loved the *idea* of it. One of your fave bands ever have seemingly called it a day and then they remix a track by someone not fit to lick their boots.

    I thought that was very Wire!
    "If I may be so bold, Ambulance Chasers (live or studio) gets my vote on Worst Wire Moment."

    "Oh so terribly cut up !" Hardly their worst moment, by a very long chalk... on the contrary.. I'd have to say, I'm very fond of Ambulance Chasers, with it's slightly off-kilter vaguely jazzy lilt. Rob's drumming's fluid and relaxed, and the snare sounds lovely and crisp.

    Did they do a studio version ?? News to me.