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    Maybe Mr Suit was also very WIRE...

    Studio Ambulance is on Coatings. Erased from thy memory.
    Ah. I suppose the fact that I don't have a copy of Coatings would explain my memory loss...
    Do you want me to TAPE it for you then Fergus
    Most kind of you to offer... yes please !
    I can provide CD-R if after listening to B-Hell's tape you want an alternative experience of fidelity (ahem)
    Though I can only 100% approve of the move to more TAPE, I love tape, my favourite instrument in fact.
    " someone not fit to lick their boots."

    Ah, poor old Erasure. A latter-day Phil Collins: sells piles of records, but rarely gets any respect.

    I have a certain amount of admiration for Vince Clarke for 1) leaving Depeche Mode (same goes for Alan Wilder) 2) relatively strict adherence to his analog-synth-only bent and 3) helping Dome with Fairlight-wrangling on "To Speak".

    Beyond that I was all for live-and-let-live, until I heard their cover of Solsbury Hill.


    (While I'm airing opinions that are certain to cause an uproar: [whispers] I'm not very fond of German Shepherds, either. But you know what they say about opinions...)
    I can't actually remember if Wire was on the tour with Erasure or they were due to play just in Salt Lake with them. Either way Wire was set to open and cancelled. Having seen Erasure twice already, and being not too thrilled with the new material I didn't want to go again. I sold my tickets.

    BTW, The Ideal Copy was my first Wire purchase and Ambulance Chasers is one of my fav's. I was thrilled when Coatings came out with the studio version included. To me the tune represents what Wire is all about, unique melodies and lyrics that few would ever dream up. But that's just me...
    Ambulance Chasers, sound quality notwithstanding, would have fitted seamlessly onto Document & Eyewitness. It fits in with the more abstract and wonky stuff they were doing there. Maybe that's why it didn't make the cut for Snakedrill, not as much of a leap forward as the rest of the EP tracks.
    Never thought of it like that, but it adds to the symmetry really, as it was the next track played live by Wire after D&E (five and a half years later!)

    BTW it had an equally wonky half-brother in the very early 'Beat Combo' Wire set called Harry Houdini. Unlike Harry, it was never released!

    RFH in 2000. Bit young for anything else.
    Barbue, Copenhagen, November 1987.

    The only Wire I'd ever heard before was "Map Ref." and "Ahead" on the radio once, but this band was allegedly legendary, so I shrugged off my normal torpor and went to see it. Totally hooked ever since.

    Random memories...
    Graham walking into the venue with a blonde on each arm before the show ... Graham breaking strings on the headless bass ... deciding to try to hold my breath during the next song, which turned out to be "Drill".