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    Listed wrong, but I know for a fact its getting sorted as we read...
    In iTunes Plus? Nice!

    I'm not worried about the DRM part, but the higher bitrate is always welcome!
    Ah good to see 'High Time' is in there. Wire's watered-down Reggae period is oft neglected I think.
    Top song: "Rastafari" as i see...
    Ironically, only Object 47—the poppiest of Wire's recent—appears 'rock' enough to sit with the 'rock Wire' releases, then. All the others are reggae. I knew I could hear steel drums in Nice Streets Above.
    Having been faffing about on the iTunes store, I also noticed some of Colin's early work is on there, including CN1. (H.C.T.F.R and No Doubt remain two of my all-time favourite Wire-related tracks. Go buy them!)
    Wow ....I had no idea this was on itunes! So good to finally hear these songs. (CN1) what ever happened to Vox Pop?
    Vox Pop never got past the "this might be a fun CD to release"/"an item on a list" stage.
    I wonder if there are plans to post any more Lewis material. I noticed that they have "8 Time" but nothing else.
    Seems to depend on the label. 8 Time is with 4AD who seem to be further ahead with getting their catalogue up for download.

    Mute seem less keen.

    Seems a no-brainer to me, particularly with stuff like this where a physical re-issue would be unlikely (or maybe you can still buy the cds from mute...if you can get their tatty website to work) but I'd would imagine most post people who would want to download Grahams 80s solo stuff would happily pay for it (i.e not teenagers on Limewire!)

    Ah you can still get this too:

    Would be nice if the rest of the Swim~ digital catalogue could find a new home now Posteverything is no more....
    ya know..the funny thing is ...I think that TAKE CARE is the only Wire related release that I don't own. I have managed to track down everything else...the rarities as well. I suppose that I could buy a used copy from CD universe or something. I'm still giddy about the CN1 purchase. How strange is it to see the video for "Not To' for sale on i-tunes for $1.99???
    The catalogue seems to have finally gone up on iTunes..
    It has, although Twelve Times You is still listed as reggae.
    >>It has, although Twelve Times You is still listed as reggae.<<
    It is (isn't it?).....................
    It's still broken—at least in the UK store. Click 'Wire' links when in Twelve Times You and you'll see it listed next to High Time by the reggae Wire people. It also looks like the Wir stuff's mixed up with another band.
    wasn't there some sort of agreement with 'THE' Wire some years back that he'd stop using their name, and if there was wouldn't that include all his releases, and has anyone on this forum heard any of his music?