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    I don't care, but I wonder. Are they rich? Sexy and ...
    Let's put it this way. If I'd had a regular job instead of doing music all these years I'd be better off financially than I am now. If I was something like a University lecturer (for which I'm probably qualified by now) I'd be way better off....

    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 7th 2008)
    "something like a University lecturer (for which I'm probably qualified by now)"

    in what field, Colin? Do you mean music-related, or...?
    no, he means teaching how to pretend to be on stage for a reason while actually sending emails to Malka
    Is Bruce independently wealthy?
    Why would anyone care about how wealthy they are?? Does anyone else feel uncomfortable about questions like this??
    Will it affect your opinion of the music? Will it affect if you pay for it or get it for free? I don't understand.
    I must admit that whilst the questioner obviously meant no harm in asking, I thought it was a strange question too and also feel a little uncomfortable with it. I'm surprised that Colin responded to it, though much to his credit - he handled it very nicely.
    The reason why I commented is that I've read on other forums the justification that "Wire are rich rock stars" as a reason for downloading the material for free. Someone did comment on the youtube page that Wire releases are "rare" my suggestion was "try shops" :)

    Somewhere in Europe, between vodka and beer, Lewis said "Sexy and Rich" should be a modern mantra.
    "my suggestion was "try shops" :)"

    Mm. I've had people send me email requests for Wire MP3s via Wireviews over the years, reasoning that "Wire stuff is impossible to find". (And these people were after things like The First Letter and A Bell is a Cup.) They often got a wee bit pissy when I'd respond with a bunch of links to Amazon, Play, Mute, etc.
    other people's finances? tacky.
    Not rich? What have they been doing with all the cash I've forked over the past quarter-century?! ;-)
    Wire are rich in NEW music.
    If the poster doesn,t care, then why post such a crass question!!

    Personally I think the band should have got good returns for their contribution to the
    music scene. But somehow I think they haven,t. Which is sad, cause they have entertained and
    held a loyal and captive audience for over 30 years now!!
    Any money that has entered their pockets has been well earned and not one £1 has been grudged from me.

    I think Wire,s gift of the latest LP with free LP should be testament to that!!!!

    For members of Wire it must be so frustrating to view posts like this!!
    I think someone is having fun here.
    Its a crass way to ask the question, but the issue is interesting.

    With money from music sales dwindling I think the only 'rich' music people are american R&B stars, 80s megastars like Madonna, Rock behemoths like Led Zep and the Stones, and shameless pop tarts like Moby who put all their music into adverts etc.

    One great side-effect of the breakdown in music retail is that we've seen the last Elton John-esque rock 'royalty' for now. We no longer live in a world where Phil Collins, wracked with guilt over the contrast of his jet-set lifestyle and the homless person he passes in his limo prompts him to write "Another Day in Paradise"....thats all over. And No bad thing!

    The other great side effect is that bands are touring (whether they like it or not!) and Live music is a growth industry.

    I think its reasonable for a musician to earn a decent living like anyone else (otherwise all music would be noisy Squatpunk...which would no doubt delight some of you!)
    but there is no reason for them to be "rich".

    Being in Wire sounds like a pretty good job to me!
    Huh? it's ok for the sex pistols to rake it in (tour, merch, vid games, etc), but not ok for moby to do "commercial" work? what's the difference? if i had to choose i'd say the pistols are the bigger sellout, but then again they're not forcing anyone to buy their crap.

    "rich american R&B"? i think you mean american Hip Hop. russell simmons, puff daddy, fifty cent are all quite well off, but they
    are into many other ventures besides music.

    Iggy Pop has made ton of money from commercials. 25 years later he finally got his due. good for him.
    "it's ok for the sex pistols to rake it in (tour, merch, vid games, etc), but not ok for moby to do "commercial" work? what's the difference? if i had to choose i'd say the pistols are the bigger sellout, but then again they're not forcing anyone to buy their crap."

    As I've argued with friends, the Pistols have the advantage of a myth that says that they were always in it for the money. Hard to be a sellout when they were premised on a swindle (at least that's the McLaren angle). Compare that to, say, The Clash, who were publicly earnest as hell about being above mere commerce. And as such, they've taken a lot more flak from fans for all the repackagings.
    To 'defend' Moby, Play was only whored out so much because it sold about three copies to that point, and Moby wanted the music out there. After years in the wilderness (he played my art college's bar in the mid 1990s for crying out loud—the only other 'named' act I recall seeing there was Mega City Four), he saw an opportunity and went for it. What's disappointing is that someone who's now in a position to live comfortably for the rest of their life and make whatever music they want is churning out such bland pap. (Almost certainly against the flow of this board's hive-mind taste centre, I like some of Moby's output, and although Play wasn't exactly original—hell, even Alan Wilder had done the blues+breakbeat thing—it had some great tracks on it. Hotel was dire, though, and after hearing some clips I simply couldn't stomach the thought of listening to Moby's most recent album.)

    So, yeah, I don't see his Play experience as any 'worse' than other bands doing the same thing—Moby was just more successful at it. (Would people begrudge Wire if every track from Object 47 somehow ended up being used in advertising or film/TV scores? After all, that'd set the band up for a long time, enabling them to spend more time making more music.) Also, I suspect some bands start off on the integrity wagon and then just think 'nuts to it'. Case in point: Sigur Rós. At one time, the band supposedly okayed every use of its music in advertising-oriented stuff. I can't believe for a second that's the case now, unless they spend every waking moment working on licensing.
    judge for yourself: Lydon's own words: "i'm not in it for the money, but i do like the money". (from several years ago). also he
    said he wouldn't tour with the SP as it made him violently ill before each show. is he being entirely truthful here, or just making it up as he goes along and talking through his ass?

    understandably some rabid and younger fans wanted to witness the recent regurgitation of the pistols. i'm not having any of it.
    had they attempted some new material a la the Stooges and failed i would have a lot more respect for them. laziness. creative
    laziness. $$$.

    don't care much for moby, though i did see him live with lou reed earlier this year and he does play some insane guitar. however
    he wants to make money, that's his business, not mine. his last album sucked.
    Not the Moby thread again! ;)

    I think licensing for the odd advert is ok (Didn't Wire turn up in an advert for Bras or something?), bands gotta make a living but to carpet bomb your music everywhere like Moby did is ridiculous. Did nobody tell him familiarity breeds contempt?!