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    I was going to start a topic regarding the Coatings second disc, but realized that it would be limited in scope. Expanded it to be a repository for rare-release questions/comments, should they exist.

    That said, I never got around to sending in the white paper "disc" that came with my copy of Coatings to get the 2nd disc of the 18-minute "Ambitious" remix. WMO is but a distant memory, and tracking it down via the usual means has proved fruitless.

    So I ask:

    Is it worth continuing the search? My guess is that if it ever appears it will cost me a fortune, but then again I sprang for a used copy of the double Bastard to get the Voice EP (yes, I have it on vinyl, but Wire summons the completist in me).

    Craig listed the Ambitious remix as not essential in Wireviews, but then again the process description (sampling the track rather than having the multitrack tapes available) is rather enticing... would love to hear the results.
    The extended Ambitious is well worth tracking down, I prefer it to the album version.
    It certainly sounds better than the cardboard disc.

    Your Coatings are not Complete Without It.
    I don't remember how I got it... but I have a cassette tape with a 20 minute recording of Wire trying to work out the kinks of "40 Versions"...complete with banter between members and disagreements on how to play it. It sounds more like the "Behind the Curtain" version so I'm assuming that it is from '78. It really sheds some light into how strong the opinions and personalities are between members.
    Eden played me some 154 rehearsal tapes that Lewis left with him when he emigrated to Sweden. Colin was getting a lot of stick about the lyrics to Lorries, a song that didn't make it onto that album...!

    Graham had no truck with Czechoslovakia, but Colin still went there in the end.
    Thanks for the tips, I guess I already knew the answer and will keep searching. I suspect this will be a tough one unless Kevin/Craig/etc. would take a hefty donation for a dusty copy in the bottom of the WMO file cabinet drawer? Though it has been mentioned a few times that the cabinet is long-since empty, so my implied bribe may be fruitless.

    We're back to the Exploded Views problem. How to chart a course to get Mute/EMI/etc. thinking about letting some air into their vaults? I do adore my objects, but I'd settle for a download. Seems a not very difficult decision to me, and likely profitable - no pressing, no distribution, just posting tracks?


    By the way, I'm still very interested in getting Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs thinking about the Wire catalog in some way. They don't take requests, but maybe if enough of us band together and ask nicely? If they did, there'd likely be a dynamite 180g LP of whatever album they chose to work with (in addition to their amazing CDs).
    Does anyone know if Coatings ever shipped with the 2nd disc included? Or was it always a mail-in item?
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    how about Steve Hoffman to do a series of remasters? I find MFSL's work often to be airless.
    That's another good option... I'd be up for an Audio Fidelity Wire release! Their catalog is looking a little strange since the reorganization, but maybe it's something they'd consider. I think MFSL might be more open to the idea considering some of their releases (Faith No More, Pixies, Sonic Youth), whereas Audio Fidelity seems to be running with a 70s AOR (Deep Purple, Doobie Brothers) bent, and Hoffman's other audiophile associations tend to be jazz labels.

    MFSL was/is hit or miss on their releases, it's true. But when it works, oh man does it work.
    I reckon that long Ambitious would be a good thing to put up on the Wire HQ space as an MP3.
    It will be damn hard to find now!
    I agree... but I suspect that the recording falls under the Mute umbrella, as the Coatings tracks were licensed from them and the Ambitious masters/remixes are likely their property?

    I notice that the Mute releases are surfacing on iTunes, but why not put up some of the more obscure ones or the Coatings tracks? I'd love to download Nice From Here, for example, as the So And Slow single now fetches quite a bit of money... the other Mute era singles also contain some nice tracks that would be worth posting. I would think that Mr. Miller would see the value of catering to hardcore fans. They kept many of the Wire solo projects (Duet Emmo, Dome, Gilbert) in print for some time in many different formats.

    Depeche Mode has pages and pages of all of their endless Mute singles up on iTunes. I know they're a cash cow compared to Wire, but...
    Mm. It's a shame Mute doesn't just shove the whole catalogue on iTunes—at least released stuff. Kind of surprising that it hasn't, really.
    Yes it does seem to a bit of a no-brainer especially stuff that isn't readily available on CD. Although, a lot of the content of the Mute era singles is on Idealcopy & Bell as extra tracks. It would be interesting to see a list of which bits aren't currently available (Buzz Buzz Buzz and the tracks on the Silk Skin Paws 12" for example?). Maybe theres a nice little compilation there.
    Definitely missing from just the CD releases:

    Eardrum Buzz: Silk Skin Paws 7" version
    In Vivo: 12" version, Illuminated 12" version, live take of Finest Drops. IIRC, In Vivo 7" is on The A List
    Life in the Manscape: 7" and 12" versions, Gravity Worship, Who Has Nine?
    Silk Skin Paws: German Shepherds, Ambitious remix, Comeback in Two Halves (re-recorded)
    So and Slow: the Orb remix, Nice From Here, LFO's Take It remix, which mashes it up with New York City

    The Kidney Bingos extras were welded to Bell, and Snakedrill's on IC, as are the Ahead b-sides. Even ignoring that, a Wire: the singles digital collection (that included the Bell/IC tracks, plus the omitted a-sides) could be interesting.
    >>Gravity Worship, Who Has Nine?<<

    These are on the Japanese Manscape double CD

    At the very least the Silk Skin Paws EP should resurface, if only for the original German Shepherds lyric (regarding those naughty dogs).

    The other variations contained therein are surprising and illuminating as well, and complement the album tracks quite nicely. I much prefer this Colin-esque Ambitious to the one included on Coatings.

    Oddly enough, after looking for the America-only Life in the Manscape single for ages in US record shops, I finally found it in: Amsterdam?

    >>Gravity Worship, Who Has Nine?<<

    "These are on the Japanese Manscape double CD"

    Are they same versions as those on Coatings?
    Coatings and Life in the Manscape versions of these two are identical, though I like the mastering of Coatings a bit better...
    Hello. This is my first posting on this site, so sorry if the reference to Amazon is offensive. Coatings is available on Amazon here: - it's worth a look at that price (GBP6.00), if nothing else. I paid a lot more than that for this item, so there we go.
    Hello there - thanks for the link. There's a few copies up on Amazon in the US as well, but unfortunately my suspicion is that they lack the second disc as it was a mail-order only item (you basically traded in a white paper disc that comes with the store-bought Coatings).

    I have sent a few feelers out to the dealers that have used copies to see if any of them include the second disc, but a savvy seller would likely mention that in the description...