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    Yep, that wanted to be my next question. Is there more unreleased demos, outtakes and alternate versions ? something like a Behind the Curtain Vol. 2 ?
    Isn't that what "Turns and Strokes" was?

    Hopefully I will clear up the Coatings 'Ambitious' query.

    It was only ever available as a mail order item and never invluded with the CD package.

    However, if you care to email me: we sort something out.

    There is also the lingering question of: whatever happened to the highly anticipated but sadly canceled WMO release of Colin's Vox Pop collection of demos/etc? Looking back at the WMO newsletter it seems that Colin himself decided to abort this citing lack of time/interest relative to new projects, so I don't expect that it is simply a matter of resurrecting a master and finding an outlet (same goes for The Haring 2, I suspect?), but it would be wonderful if this was ever considered for perhaps a swim~ release, even a CDR or download-only item?
    My understanding is that after Colin reviewed the material, he found the quality unworthy of release, even to a rabid fanbase. Alas and alack and all that.
    There's maybe an album of good recordings that never made it out between It Seems and Bastard...

    Colin has always given new music priority over digging up the past.
    There is a way and means & a time and place to do all things. I personally wasn't that excited to contribute stuff from my personal archive to the WMO series. If we can make make something with the Wire bootleg series then I could perhaps see a way that we could start a swim bootleg series to make my own (and other related) unreleased catalogue available. I've more or less given up on persuading Beggars Banquet to do a re-release of my early solo albums to which early demos may have been an interesting addition..

    Lets see who the bootleg series develops and if anyone actually wants them!
    Well, here's one vote for pursuing the bootleg series!

    Disappointing about Beggars Banquet, I guess repackaging Gary Numan albums is more of a priority?

    I'm fairly dumb about these things. Do Mute/4AD/Beggars/etc. hold the rights indefinitely? Or is it possible that the tapes and intellectual property will revert back to band/band member control at some point?

    Having watched what amazing things can happen when someone regains control of their catalog (Wendy Carlos springs to mind), I always hope this is in the pipeline for a lot of bands/musicians whose work I really care about.

    Frankly, some of the larger labels have proven repeatedly that when left to their own devices they will make the situation much worse than it needed to be (New Order remasters, for example).

    I know I make this suggestion too often, but give a boutique label like Mobile Fidelity a call! They might be interested in taking such a project on, especially if they were allowed to work not just a Wire but a Silence of the Lambs angle in the promotion of an A-Z remaster. Also seems like a good candidate for an SACD release through MoFi....
    Anyone give me details on a 7" clear vinyl version of Eardrum Buzz I got this week??

    I have quite a lot of different variations of this on vinyl including a 12" Red Vinyl version from Germany, but have never seen this version?? the person who sold it says it was withdrawn from public sale?? Any info on this. Checked a host of Wire Discography lists and can,t see it. Any info would be appreciated.
    I have a copy of that too which I bought not long after the release of the single in 1989 - I got the same story back then, that it had been withdrawn from release. I haven't seen many copies of them around since.
    Are more albums about to become Rare Releases?

    Every now and then I think about replacing my copy of A-Z. I still have my Restless Records disc that I bought ages ago, but I'm a little crazy and so feel compelled to have both copies. Leave me to my neurosis, thank you.

    But a quick look at Amazon - US or UK - reveals that it has been deleted!

    Is this the noose of the digital age tightening around the industry?

    I know Colin mentioned discussions with Beggars stalling when it came to re-releasing A-Z, but did they retaliate by killing it entirely?

    What gives?

    Oh dear. Possibly my favorite album of all time, deleted and forgotten.

    Although I used to be a bit of a completist, in recent times I've managed to wean myself off it. On finding this thread though, my immediate reaction was 'oh bother' as I took out my copy of 'Coatings' (which came from I know not where, or when for that matter) and found the said cardboard disc.

    However, underneath it was a CD with 'Ambitious (MiddleSex Gorge) WMO 14CD / disc b' printed on it. So I have both the cardboard and plastic versions of the song now. How did that come about, as I certainly didn't send for the CD using the cardboard disc? Or did WMO send the cardboard one back with the CD (and is that why they're no more! - Joke)

    I'd better listen to it now as I've never heard it.

    Or should I stick it on eBay... (ho ho - no chance!)
    Stopped by Amazon today to see how the A-Z CD is holding up since it was discontinued. In America the Beggars Banquet copy fetches about $72 used (from a questionable source, so make that $93 for the next available copy) while the Restless Retro American copy starts at $55 for a copy that promises "surfaces blemishes". Next copy is $133. Looked at Amazon UK, same story. (go for the Beggars copy, in my opinion. sound is slightly better.)

    There's one up at eBay for $.01, but we'll see how long it stays at that price. GEMM has one for about $30.

    I don't even want to know what CN1 would fetch if it were ever to show up out there - I bought the tracks from iTunes (and thank you to whomever is smarter than Mute about releasing vault material to download services), but it's just not the same...
    I bet I could get you an A-Z for a fiver over hears
    I selfishly supplemented my old, old American Restless copy with the Beggars release just before prices went haywire (you can never have too much A-Z) - but I do very much appreciate the offer!
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeAug 19th 2009)
    you're talking about CD editions of A-Z, or ...? I can't imagine the vinyl goes for that much.
    CD (as mentioned in original post).
    everytime i type colin newman into ebay i get the guy selling bone china plates.

    the guy oughta to do a bone china plate of pink flag & he'd make a fortune out of all the misdirected traffic.
    Or he could flog my spare 12 Times You 7" which CJN reckons is now worth a hundred quid!
    OK, this one comes from the "nothing to lose by asking" department, for I know that it is likely quite impossible at this stage, but:

    Anyone know where I can secure a copy of CN1?

    Yeah, the songs are available for download. But I do so adore the objects.

    Stop that laughing!

    I know, I know... even the CD of Provisionally.../Not To by itself is starting to rise in price now that 4AD deleted it...