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    I bought a copy of CN1 w/ the Provisionally/Not To CD on Ebay for £24 or so (£5 or so of that was postage).
    I had to watch out for a long time to find it.
    Also, as an object, its nothing special.
    While I know it's not quite the same thing CN1 is on both Spotify and the UK version of iTunes.
    American version, too.
    There's a difference between the amercian CN1 and the british CN1?
    I think JHM meant American version of iTunes.

    Which indeed has CN1 (last I knew), as does Amazon.

    But, true, for the obsessive collector a download just isn't the same.

    (Incidentally, the disc that came with Exploded Views is nothing special as an object either - plain white cardboard jacket - but I'm still glad it has a place in my collection.)
    (Yes, I meant iTunes.)

    Really, many unspectacular things are still worthy (for one reason or another) of being collected...
    I have to agree downloads just aren't the same but as an interim measure are better than nothing.
    haven't played exploded views in ages, perhaps it's time I did...........
    I believe He Said's Only One I had a different version for every format. I am aware of at least three versions, two on the 7" and at least one on the 12. So once again, you can't buy just one, you have to get them all!
    Oh and don't forget Stillbird which can only be found on the In Vivo single. Although it's a mishmash of a song, it's a must have for the collector.

    fixed, memory didn't serve.
    Pedant Alert! "Stillbird" was the B-side of 7" "In Vivo", a version I'm not 100% sure appears anywhere too so that's both sides of that piece of vinyl which is nearly impossible to find.
    Yes In Vivo, that sounds correct. I have it, I suppose I have to look to make sure.
    I really would like to hear "Stillbird", even if it is only "drillbits".
    Drillbits! I love that!

    'Drillbits' would be a great title for a new compilation along the lines of Kevin's excellent 'Coatings' which compiles the various Wire odds and sods in this discussion. Might that form part of the forthcoming official bootleg series?
    A third album made up of versions of Drill, but all live takes or something?

    I think I'd still buy that.
    No not Drill, I meant stuff like Stillbird, Wir H30 etc.
    Actually, that's brilliant. Throw in some live Manscape material and I'll buy it twice.

    (Really. I'm really curious as to how songs like "Small Black Reptile" and "Children Of Groceries" would actually work live. Ditto "Ticking Mouth", actually...)
    I'd like to hear anything from the Manscape (and Wir) era of the band as I've never come across any recordings of those times. They have to potential to be the most interesting given the bands make up and the subject matter.
    I've got a few tracks from Wire at the Hibernian Club in 1990. Advantage in Height is pretty interesting—a really laid-back and almost shoegazing version, but still backed by a cutting guitar sample from the original. The other tracks I grabbed from tape were Small Black Reptile (lots of tapes, it seems, and similar to the album version), Eardrum Bingos (odd car-crash of KB and EB, which doesn't work terribly well) and You Hung Your Lights (again similar to the album version, although only a third of its length).
    I have a vague recollection of a conflation of I Am The Fly and Small Black Reptile from the Manchester gig I saw in 1990. Can anyone verify or is it false memory syndrome?