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    That's a bizarre prospect. Interesting to say the least.
    I seem to remember that SBR/IATF montage...rings a vague bell :)
    The IATF sample plays in the background of the live version of SBR I have lurking in iTunes.
    Do you remember which gig that IATF sample was from Craig?

    I've just landed a copy of Hibernian Club gig from a fellow Wire-head and I didn't notice it on that version of SBR.

    I did enjoy the hell out of Eardum Bingos and 12DrillU though! :)
    No idea which gig—the MP3's just tagged "Live: Hibernian Club, London, 1990", and the sample (or something VERY similar) plays throughout the track. As for the other tracks, I've always been partial to 12DrillU, but in its properly evolved form on The Drill album (as In Every City).
    Had a closer listen... it does sound like a sampled guitar loop from IATF throughout SBR.

    I don't know, 'This beat is 12 Drill U...' always amused the hell out of me.
    Just got the Hibernian gig. The sample is almost certainly from "I Am The Fly", which really does add to the strangeness of the version.

    Perhaps I'm just getting a low-quality version, but the sound quality really neuters the recording. One of the few things that has consistently charmed me about Manscape-era Wire is the surprisingly deft use of rather strange, quiet sounds to underline musical ideas; while these are definitely there in the performance, the somewhat misty audience sound renders these either barely audible or over-loud.
    I've got hold of three gigs from that era... Hibernian Club, Edinburgh and Reading... the best overall quality and levels is Reading, though it's lacking a bit in the bass department. Edinburgh is mainly low end rumble and Hibernian Club is middlish... if they would combine together it would be a pretty fine balanced recording. :)

    Rediscovering those versions of 'Advantage in Height' and 'Underwater Experiences' has been a pleasure.
    Sorry for the delay in the reply but I do have Stillbird in mp3 format. I understand that those interested would probably buy it themselves if it was available so I don't mind sharing. I recorded it with my cheap usb vinyl setup and the voice is a bit tinny. Whisper me an email address and I will be happy to mail it. It runs just over 7mb at 192kbps.
    I'm sure you were all dying to know if I ever found a copy of CN1, and I am pleased to report that after searching for just about 20 years now it finally turned up properly paired with ...Fish/Not To at Amoeba Music in San Francisco, CA. For $20! Yes, I bought the tracks from iTunes when they surfaced, but downloads just aren't the same.

    So patience and persistence does pay off, even in the case of the seemingly impossible to locate.