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    The current touring version of Wire recently recorded new versions of "Silk Skin Paws", "Mr. Marx's Table", "Mekon Headman", and "Boiling Boy" at the studio of the music website Daytrotter. Colin added comments on each of the songs.

    Free and legal downloads of the mp3's are available here:
    Just listening as I write...Thanks!
    Thanks! It's so great to have studio recordings of these new versions. They are all great.... though Silk Skin Paws isn't quite as intense as it was in Philly.
    Not heard any comments from Colin there, but good stuff alll the same!
    I meant that he wrote comments regarding each of the songs.
    Fabulous! Many thanks for this, jonder.
    putting them onto my mp3 player this very instant, more please. (and thanx jonder)
    I delayed posting it as a news item as there was a really noticeable error in the text and wanted to save Daytrotter the embarrassment of having a ton of Wire fans jump on them!
    BTW - The craziest thing about that session was how we got there!

    That'd have been Bruce Jenkins then!

    So go on, how did you get there?!

    M ;-)
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 10th 2008 edited)
    he sent him an email while he was on stage (using his trusty apple of course)
    Well Mark it's a fascinating story...

    We were initially approached through Caroline (our US press person) and the offer was that we could "jump in a van after the Chicago show, drive through the night to Moline. Sleep for a few hours. Do the session & then drive back to Chicago to get our flights back to Europe"... Not surprisingly the response was "thanks but no thanks" (although it might have been expressed a little less delicately :) We thought that was the end of it but they kept on and in the end asked if we'd do it if they provided a private jet! Well that certainly grabbed our attention! However details were not initially forthcoming so we imagined that perhaps the jet was an "urban myth" and even though we arranged to return to the UK on later flights we were fairly sceptical that anything would ever come of it. However true to their word on the morning of 19th October Sean & the guys did indeed provide a private jet which took us from an obscure corner of O'Hare airport to Moline/ Quad Cities (where Rock Island is located) where we rushed to the studio, set up and recorded four songs and then jetted back to O'Hare for our connecting flights.

    I must add at this point that, contrary to the notions of some, travel by private jet is not the normal transport mode of Wire (in fact none of us had ever been in one before). So unusual was this journey that Boche, Shannin & Beth from our US live agency Billions came along...

    so now you know..
    Here's me thinking Wire travelled to all-gigs by private jet, quaffing champagne and doing all those other more illicit rock n roll activities. Not. Excellent session, though, Colin - I can still hear the Later with Jools Holland Show calling you...
    Ah, it's the only way to travel ;-)

    Excellent story - the rock star treatment at last!

    I'm amazed that a US regional radio station would have had the budget for a private jet...

    Incidentally, the reason I was able to attend the Atlanta show was that I'd been in Orlando that week, producing a newspaper at a trade show about....private jets!

    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 11th 2008)
    what a great mini-set. nicely recorded, with the vocals not too high in the mix.
    So that must be the most planet destructive radio session WIRE have ever recorded!
    The Boy must´ve really been boiling!

    Nicer to go in a public plane. You might actually meet interesting people.

    And if you walk you can take longer to admire the scenery.

    However camels are the only way to get to Spain in this day and age?
    Teleportation will eventually take over in the future, I´ve seen it on TV.

    Here I am in Castello typing this rubbish on a message board. Its the only way to live isn´t it?