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    Going to see a Clash Tribute band on Saturday, don,t even know what they are called??
    So you can see I am Really looking forward to it!!!
    But apart from a good night getting leathered, is the idea of tribute bands a yeah or a nay??

    Remember going to see a few different Jam tribute bands and after 2 of their shows it became Boring with the capital B.
    It was worse than hearing a band I admire playing most of their back catologue whilst promoting their new LP/CD!

    Is their any serious reason for them?? Or is it just a piss up and being nostalgic?
    I tend to avoid, and its kind of sad if you visit a small town or one of the lesser Universities and its nothing but tribute acts.

    I was vaguely tempted to see an XTC tribute once, which I suppose is reasonably legitimate since the chances of XTC touring are zero. Of course it was just a bunch of musicians who played XTC tunes rather than dressing up in all the gear and doing the whole 'sealed knot society' thing. (It involved going to Swindon of course, so I passed on that one)
    But I don't understand why there are loads of Oasis bands for example since you can see the real thing anyway....just not at your local municipal hall.

    The names are good for comedy value ....Gimme Hendrix, Oasisn't, Razorlike, Red Not Chilli Peppers etc etc.

    Notably, Peter Hook is now in a sort of semi-tribute to his own band having played a few dates with Section 25 playing a bunch of JD and New Order songs.

    And there is of course our very own Ex Lion Tamers! Shame they didn't do a few more of the albums.. maybe tackle the 80s ones or the whole of Document & Eyewitness

    This speaks for itself really. There's Brian, Mike Love, Jeremy Clarkson and Karl Pilkington?
    Some might think Wire is a Wire tribute band these days.
    Yeah and some people think the earth is flat too.

    Wire can't even be accused of being a nostalgia/revivial act never mind a tribute, and when they do play old songs its hardly the obvious ones.
    Ï´m staring a Philip Jeck tribute band, now that my band playing Joy Davidson songs in the style of Bug Black has dissolved.

    The Fifteenth is about THE most obvious oldie to play these days I´d have thought...
    Horrible concept, really. I actually think the "sealed knot" variety is worse than the regular joes.

    I've only ever seen two tribute bands. One was a Japanese Beatles tribute band in Tokyo, who play a club in Roppongi called The Cavern (what else!?!) every night. They play note-perfect versions of Beatles tunes from the entire Beatles career - for example a version of Strawberry Fields that sounds like the record, etc. Stuff the Beatles never even attempted to play. The gig was made more enteretaining by an increasingly drunk salaryman at the front who shouted "She ruv you reah!!" after every song before falling off his chair and being escorted from the premises, sill shouting "She ruv you reah!"

    The other was The Australian Pink Floyd Show, which I suppose is the king of all tribute acts. It's just like listening to the records - which kind of misses the point. If you listen to live recordings of Pink Floyd in the 70s they tend to improvise, and sound absolutely nothing like the records. I hasten to add it was not my choice to go and se TAPFS but it was a pleasant outdoor gig at a landscape garden about 2 miles from Chez Bursa. An enjoyable, though pointless, evening. And they steered clear of The Final Cut, which was a relief ;-)

    Must admit, the one tribute act I did fancy seeing was The Hideous Replicas, who only played early Fall stuff (up to Slates, I think). Made no attempt to look like the Fall, or even sound MES-ish from what I can gather. Just played rudimentary versions of Container Drivers, Pay yr Rates etc. Worth supporting for their perfect choice of name alone, though they seem to have disappeared.

    I don't count recent versions of The Magic Band as a tribute band, though Drumbo does.

    generally speaking i abhor the idea, but peolple have gotta make a living! some are great musicians, but cannae write to save their lives - we don't have to go & see 'em!

    I saw a Madness tribute at some club - shite, but good fun after a few beers.

    i've seen 3 PF tribute bands (1st about 15 years ago!) & 2 were pretty awful, but the above mention TAPFS were the dogs bollox! i/you/whoever/anyone are never gonna see PF reform (especially now with the demise of Rick Wright) & if they're good (as this lot are) why not? seen 'em twice & they do a real good show & they're damned fine musicians as well.

    ii've also seen From The Jam (who done a complete show of Jam songs) & TV Smith doing a 30 year celebration of the very wonderful Crossing The Red Sea - do these type of bands get lumbered in with 'tributes'?
    Best name of a tribute band was 'Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Darkness' - but I never heard anything by them
    Was that an OMD tribute or a Darkness tribute?

    Or, heaven forbid, a tribute to both!?!

    Ah ha hahahAA!

    Now that would be a magical combination.
    Drumbo has just released a very nice album of NEW songs in the Magic Band vein.
    It is called City of Refuge and features Rockette Morton and Bill Harkleroad.
    does 'Showaddywaddy' still exist? they were a 'good time' r&r cover band who never got too far but at least made the charts on occasions ........probably all retired by now, or dead.
    Believe the Showaddywaddy lead singer is now dead.
    God music was SO CRAP back in the mid 70,s!!
    The youth of today don,t realise the CRAP that was on offer to us teenagers then!!
    Far from it.

    Still going strong, with 5 original members, including the improbably named Romeo Challenger on drums.

    New album on Voiceprint FFS!

    I stand correctlty then!!

    God help NEW MUSIC then!
    Seen the odd tribute act on in the background but only paid to see two.

    The LA Doors. Struck me a very bizarre concept as I was watching it but it was good to hear some old faves played live. As I've no doubt mentioned before I did hear someone say 'he looks more like Van Morrison than Jim Morrison'.
    And seeing 'Jim' help loading the van up rather than, say, chatting to a passing native American after the gig didn';t help the illusion either.

    T.Rextasy. Good at what they do and was glad I went as old T.Rex keyboard player Dino Dines joined them for a few numbers.
    (Also saw them at the 30th anniversary bash where they were joined on-stage by Andy Ellison, Ray Dorset, Tony Visconti, Clem Burke and Marc Almond amongst others but that wasn't your average tribute act gig really)
    LEZ ZEPPELIN!!!! 4 chicks from NY. and they can rock it!!:
    "God music was SO CRAP back in the mid 70,s!!"

    i'd agree that much of the chart music was crap in mid 70's, but that is so of just about any era if you have an 'alternative bent' as most on here may be said to have. but looking in the lp charts of the time you'd've had bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Bad Company to name a few - nowt wrong with them! oh & a certain Mr Bowie had some 1/2 decent singles around then as well!
    Crap in mid 70s uh huh!!!
    I think you will find a lot of good music back then.

    Jonathan Richman
    Patti Smith
    Iggy Pop
    Neil Young
    Bob Dylan

    to name a few that I like anyway...