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    Okay, this is a common topic on music (and other) message boards - what new cd's (or other music media) have you just bought or received?

    Yesterday the postman delivered my copy of the new live set by Aviv Geffen - it's got 2 cd's and a dvd in a nice little box. I played both cd's last evening and watched most of the dvd tonight - enjoyed them a lot. I've only got three of his albums so there are many songs I've not heard before, but I of course recognized the ones that have been reworking in English on the Blackfield albums.

    Also got the new Nick Cave (so so - I think he's done much better), Goldfrapp (very good) and another of the new Killing Joke reissues (Brighter Than A Thousand Suns).

    I'm awaiting my copy of the new Van der Graaf Generator cd - it's been in the mail system for over 2 weeks now and I am getting a bit impatient!
    'fairly recently' purchased Nellie McKay's Obligatory Villagers, it's pretty good if you like that sort of stuff, which I do, also purchased Johnny Cash DVD a christmas special 1977, it's a 'tribute' to Elvis, who had died earlier that year: it has, amongst others, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee lewis, Carl Perkins, and June Carter Cash.
    also recently acquired Elvis Costello and the attractions DVD 'a case for song',and The Harry Smith Project, Elvis Costello/Nick Cave/Beck/Lou Reed/Beth Orton/Sonic Youth/Philip Glass/Richard Thompson/Steve earl/Don Byron & Bill Frisell and many more (not all of them 'together') plus a few DVDs of older unavailable stuff from various bit-torrent sites that folk have sent me.
    I'm totally amazed to see Aviv Geffen mentioned here! I was invited to his London showcase back in January where the guest was Steven Wilson. I must admit it wasn't the best night out I've ever had but it was nice to meet Steven plus I rather like Bush Hall as a venue.
    Recent aquisitions include the Ex Machina soundtrack produced by Haruomi Hosono and featuring a few tracks by him and HAS\YMO (Human Audio Sponge \Magic Orchestra)
    The remake of Rydeen with Sakamoto playuing the theme on toy piano is sharp, as is the DVD of the Pacific Yokahama concert.
    YMO seems to have as many lives as Wire.
    On a different bent, Erikah Badu's New Amerykah Part One is astounding on several levels.
    Production, lyrics, sheer eclecticism and pushing so many envelops as to be certain of failure...but it succeeds. Gloriously.
    Been enjoying the latest album by The Black Dog ('Radio Scarecrow')... it's fast becoming my favorite release of theirs (even more so than 'Bytes'.
    A few recent purchases...

    Killing Joke - Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
    Like Meuglys, I also purchased the recent reissue of this album. I'm a big fan of the early Killing Joke stuff, but I tend to gravitate towards the mid-80's material even more.

    The Chameleons (UK) - Script Of The Bridge: 25th Anniversary Edition
    This Chameleons reissue is outstanding, and I mean outstanding. Script Of The Bridge is one of my all-time top ten albums and it sounds superb here. The bonus disc has early versions of three songs and a live set from 1983, but the remastered album is the main attraction. I can't recommend it enough.

    M83 - Saturdays=Youth
    Coming soon to a 2008 top ten list near you. I'm loving this album and I can't put it down. There's some tongue-in-cheek stuff on "Graveyard Girl", but, for the most part, this is a loving recapture of the 80's sound that doesn't wink at us...with enough of the M83 buildup effect to keep it current. My favorite album of the year so far.
    A few more added to my collection...

    Ray Davies -Working Man's Cafe (the dlx edition with DVD)
    Diamanda Galas - Guilty Guilty Guilty

    I also just ordered the newly reissued "Fire & Water" by Dave Greenfield and JJ Burnel...always wondered why it had never been out on cd before.
    Hey inspectorjason, I love The Chameleons. The Script Of The Bridge: 25th Anniversary Edition passed me by somehow - thanks for the mention, I'll have to track that down.

    Just had The Last Shadow Puppets debut The Age Of The Understatement in the post today - a very nice album indeed. Also recently bought the last CD by Keith Christmas - he played on Bowie's Space Oddity album way back in 1969.

    The new Supergrass album - Diamond Hoo Ha, a very commercial band (though horribly underrated in my opinion), but they have some great songs and this is a fine album.
    Dubstep has led to a resurgence of all things bass-y and dubby and breathed new life into the electronica scene which had been getting very stale for the last few years. So been devouring the likes of Disrupt, Benga, Bass Clef, Andy Stott, Deepchord/Rod Moddell, Lukid, Claro Intelecto, Quantec, Kode 9, Beat Pharmacy, MRK1, Boxcutter, Various Production, Morgan Packard to name a few.. but not moved by the hugely overrated Burial (who seems to be getting all the press).

    Elsewhere, the new Autechre is a treat as always. Rather like the El Guincho record of sampled tropicalia. Rather like the Magnetic Fields new one. Kelly Polar's record is a fine bit of crafted pop in the Scritti Polliti vein.
    Currently finding all sorts of (MP3's) old things on Blogs:
    Metabolist - Live!, Blah Blah Blah LP (With Alison Conway?), DDAA's-Various tapes, Bethel & Alchemy tape comp's, Fote/Truth Club 7"...
    Most recent purchases - SPK 'Despair' DVD & Mark Stewart's 'Edit' CD

    Loads of Indie bands on Vinyl, as usual.
    But just bought a great collection of twelve 60,s French singer Francious Hardy LP,S
    for £10!!!!!!!!!!!! Bargain of the year.
    Going to see Frightened Rabbit tomorrow in Stirling with the wife and kids!!!!!!!
    Cannot for the life of me seeing my old man taking me to see an Indie band when I was
    a teenager lol
    Should be fun, my 2 teenagers are into music, not really into my kind though.
    I pre-ordered the four CD singles that The Cure are releasing in the four months (one per month) prior to the release of their album in September. The four singles are available on CD, 7'', or digital and will be single edits different from the respective songs on the final album. Each single will include a non-album B-side. The first single, "The Only One", that comes out in mid-May, was originally titled "Please Project", so fans who have seen The Cure in Europe recently will be familiar with the song.

    I also pre-ordered the 2-CD Deluxe Edition of Soft Cell - Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. (Yes, insert laughter and finger-pointing here, but I used to love listening to my older brother's cassette tape of this album back in the day.)
    Laughter and finger-pointing?

    One of my favorite albums. Not to mention that a Wire forum isn't a totally crazy place to drop such a reference, seeing as how the first 3 Wire albums and the bulk of Soft Cell's early output were both produced by Mike Thorne.
    I've ordered tons online in the last week or so...
    Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance (my old cd had a weird bird noise of it flapping it's wings, very odd so i'm getting it replaced with the cd/dvd re-issue and i'm getting a copy from pere ubu and i'll give to my mam or dad)
    Pere Ubu - Why I Hate Women
    Negativland - Guns
    The Jesus & Mary Chain - Sound Of Speed (Japanese Version)
    Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
    Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear

    Last cd I bought was...
    The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent
    I luv Pere Ubu.
    Dave Thomas gets me going all late 1970.s lol.
    "Non Alignment pact" is one of my favourite songs from that period.
    Good shout.
    I've got a pretty complete Ubu collection too...luv them. David Thomas is one funny guy sometimes...I recall being at one of his side-project shows back in the 80's - Lindsay Cooper and someone else with him - and they arrived at the venue a bit late so they made the sound check part of the show. David had the room in stitches.

    That dual-disc version of Modern Dance is very good..classic album for sure.
    Wire - Read & Burn 03 (Signed by Colin)
    This is not a music purchase yet, per say, but I'll be grabbing it on the day of release on June 3. Ladytron's new album, Velocifero, has been streaming in its entirety on their MySpace site this week and I've been spinning the CD-R that I put together from the tracks. It just makes me want to hear the songs in intended CD quality all the more next month and there's no doubt that the final product will have high standing on my Top Ten List at year's end. I've been an enthusiastic Ladytron fan for a while now and I love how they've scaled back the guitar effects from the last album to retreat more into electro with these catchy new songs. Looking forward to seeing Ladytron perform the new stuff next month.
    Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
    Negativland - Guns
    Good to read references to Pere Ubu here. Great stuff. Such wonderful variety over a very long career.
    Just bought 'Sand' by Philip Jeck. Anybody into him?