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    30.9 after Danish improv collective Shiggajon played Krobar

    Shiggajon - Fire sange i gul od rod
    Shiggajon - Drommen
    Shiggajon - Den Store fugl
    BM - Yellow Hand (one of Shiggajon solo)

    2.10 Nothing Hill Sexchange

    Hanged Up eponymous debut on Constellation 3
    Barry Adamson - Oedipus Schmoedipus 2
    Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll 3

    7.10 Uno Euro Barcelona!

    An excellent album:

    Out in Worship - Sterilized (Drummer Doug Scharin of Codeine, Rex and Him in collaboration with Enablers guitarist Joe Goldring on Perishable)

    Several singles:

    The Creatures - Say / Broken / All She Could Ask For
    Kelley Deal 6000 - Brillo Hunt / My Boyfriend Died
    Mercury Rev - Opus 40 / Silver Street / Tonite it Shows
    Lisa Germano - Lovesick (Underdog remix)

    On Returning:

    Gentle Friendly - Ride Slow
    Paul Curreri - California
    Dan Mangan - Robots (single)
    Father Murphy - And He Told Us To Turn To The Sun

    The Fifteenth:

    Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medecine -
    The Audacity of Hype

    Digital Leather - Warm Brother

    Beaten Awake - ThunderStroke
    not new, but i missed it when it came out in 2006:
    Silver Monk Time - A Tribute to the Monks

    for those who do not know the Monks, check here

    i'm not a huge fan of tributes, but i quite like this one.
    it features among others faust, the fall, jon spencer, the raincoats, alec empire, the silver apples with alan vega, psychic tv, alexander hacke of E.N. and a project called 27#11 you've probably already heard of.
    27#11 contribute with one track. the second half of this track is the B-side of their 7" single.
    Cold Cave
    Bat For Lashes "Daniel" single
    Last night from the Nightmarchers I chanced upon a couple of tour seven inches and a fine fifteen quid Hot Snakes "Audit in Progress" LP, the only one of theirs my immaculate collection lacked.

    From the mighty Oxbow I bought a fifteen quid CD and DVD compilation/live affair, and from charity shops I bought so many CDs poor old Ari in Exile would probably have a heart attack if I could be bothered to list them here.
    well, i've not bought it yet, cos i only just heard it yesterday, lp by Them Crooked Vultures is a doozy, tho' it may be a bit, er, 'straight' for most on here!

    For those that don't knowthey are JPJ (Zep), Grohl (Nirvana) & some geezer from QOTSA!
    Got the Carbon Silicon download myself Freakbag.
    Melt Banana Lite, Califone, Mudhoney live, Flaming Lips Embryonic, etc, etc

    read all about it
    stemfm2: whatdayathink?

    not too much new music, but quite a lot of text. recent acquisitions incl (all signed copies i'm happy to say):

    Hot and Cold by Richard Hell
    (essays, pics, fiction, lyrics)

    Paradoxia by Lydia Lunch
    (short stories)

    Berlin by Lou Reed + Julian Schnabel
    (pic book + lyrics)

    Bicycle Diaries by David Bryne
    light, but informative read about DB's travels around the world.
    some spot on cultural analysis, and esp detailed description of s.american
    music scene.
    Morphine, 'At your service', that's all I'm gonna be able to afford this month. maybe I'll get Githeads newy as a christmas present..... (don't all rush now)
    As per Garageband above re Them Crooked Vultures, I've Just purchased their new CD and have a long car journey planned shortly to evaluate it properly. A few snippets are on youtube and their website as well as live fan material. Being a big fan of QOTSA and Dave Grohl/Nirvana and even having a grudging respect and awe for Led Zep, it's a near perfect lineup without the usual 'star' singer although Josh Homme does that role, he's an awesome guitarist and it's their music that counts.

    Guitar rock at its best today IMHO ;)
    Maybe you should start a book thread?

    I've been listening to the new Lonelady album and the new Cluster album but I didn't buy either of them, so they don't count as purchases, therefore will not be of interest to capitalist dupes.
    book thread? me? nah. i wish i had the Time to read more......i prefer looking at pictures actually. tho i did pick up a really amazing veg cookbook the other day. made a lovely curried parsnip soup. and also a stunningly beautiful book on Polaroid photography. no text. just gorgeous color and images.
    I just Victor Pelevin's excellent "Sacred Book of the Werewolf" a rare novel in that I didn't get bored of the author's imaginitive faculties about a third of the way through. Now I'm reading Paul Preston's history of "The Spanish Civil War."

    I'm also very much enjoying listening to the debut EP by Plank out in February on Akoustik Anarkhy.
    You can hear two songs from it, La Luna and 1001 Nacht at

    Colin Newman should really give them and FTSE 100 a listen before he spouts any more rubbish about the influence of Tortoise not being presently noticable on the ever expanding music scene. Also check the recent Charles Hayward quartet album with the gold hare on the cover - sounds like a much more freeform and radical take on the Tortoise thing to my ears at least.
    Prefer Antony Beevors,s "The Battle for Spain" than the Paul Preston book. Although if you want an insight to
    the situation in Barcelona during the Civil War and particular the POUM the Orwell,s "Homage to Catalonia" is a good read.
    Anyway back to the music and in the same Spanish theme, "Linda Guilana" former members of Juniper Moon,s new CD is good.
    Finally bought & played several times Them Crooked Vultures. I must say it's a cracker! Pleased to say that no-one stands out over the other 2, though the general sound of it reminds me of JPJ's solo lp from a few years back!

    Stigmata - Martin Rev. Not as dark or 'menacing' as some of his solo stuff. Far from it in fact, this is orchestral. I was slightl;y surprised, but methinks it's gonna grow on me.

    Marry Me Tonight - HTRK. On the same label as Rev (Blast First Petite) so I saw this & bought it. Not brilliantly outstanding, but well worth £9, it's kinda shoegaze-y with vocals - apparently, it's called 'electrogaze'! How many sub-genres do 2day's kids want!??!!
    Why is the Anthony Beever book preferable?

    Hugh Cornwell not only has "Spain" but also "Cadiz"

    Been listening to these discs lately:

    1. The Future (February):


    Early serious contender for album of next year from Low frontman's very fit heavy rock trio. He can't possibly be married with kids and still strum for three bands, it goes against the fantasies of exiled Britwits.

    CHARLIE ALEX MARCH Home / Hidden (LOaf)

    Imagine Aphex Twin dressed as a Morris Dancer rolling in cow dung with a sapling sprouting from his arse. Alternatively a website with music on it could be more helpful! A work droid might call him a moron but nevermind.

    THE ALBUM LEAF A Chorus of Storytellers (Sub Pop)

    Polite, post-Ros and almost certainly influenced by Tortoise somewhere down the line. Which line? Circle and District.

    2. The Present:

    RADIAN Chimeric (Thrill Jockey)

    German trio under mild influence of Tortoise? They share a record label and so on, yet they are much more abstract in posting their music into the unelected Mandelson mess. Would it be more amusing to call this Kratsu Rock? I hope not.

    ACTION BEAT The Noise Band from Bletchley (Truth Cult)

    Not only is this noise, it is also sound, as my friend Maria said after Wire made a noise in El Puerto de Santa Maria. This Branca Youth collective know one can never have too many guitars or drums and not a Chaplin moustache between them! Kicks Oriental and Occidental ass, as they never say in Vietnam.

    TARWATER Donne-moi la Main

    More Kratsu UnRock from another group who might have been a little influenced by Tortoise? Alive and soundtracking a film I will probably never watch due to such a pressing gig schedule. Maybe I should 'get a laff?'

    3. The Past:

    HUGH CORNWELL Beyond Elyisan Fields
    HUGH CORNWELL Spell / When it Blows its Stacks (Beefheart cover) 7"
    HUGH CORNWELL People, Places, Pieces 3 fifteen song CDs live in London

    SOULSAVERS Its not how far you fall, its the way you land

    LAIKA Wherever I am, I am what is missing

    A TRIBUTE TO SPACEMEN 3 (Bardo Pond, Bowery Electric, Low, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Amp and some lesser lights)


    BAD BRAINS Rock for Light

    23 SKIDOO The Culling is Coming

    CLUSTER Curiosum

    HARMONIA Musik von Harmonia

    The ice age is coming, the sun's zooming in and Laika was a crazy Russian werewolf general (cf: Strummer and Pelevin).
    Greetings Capitalist Drones! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.

    After a hard day spent mopping up the tears of my fellow Work Droids (maybe they were upset from an encounter with some hectoring trustafarians) I found that after paying taxes I had just enough 'illusory bullshit' tokens to purchase the following music:

    Nurse With Wound - Paranoia in Hi Fi - (An 80 minute mix as a sampler of NWW and it is Only 99p...but can only be bought from Record mail order, no downloads..and it's ace!)
    Lone - Ecstasy and Friends
    The Raincoats - The Raincoats
    Spacemen 3 - The Perfect Prescription
    Mike Slott - Lucky 9Teen
    Mordant Music - Dead Air (Don't sleep in the segue now will you?)
    Mokira - Persona
    Bass Clef - May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way
    King Midas Sound - Waiting For You
    Bruce Gilbert - Oblivio Agitatum
    Saint Etienne - Foxbase Beta (a complete re-work of a 20 year old album, works a treat and makes sense).
    Pugwash - Giddy (wonderful stuff, Andy Patridge and Dave Gregory from XTC are involved..if that interests you..get this record!)

    None of these records appear to have been influenced by Tortoise.

    So...nothing to shatter my "rational and boring" outlook, and standard listening for "reactionary gobshites" like me although I suppose I should probably be listening to Sting or The Lighthouse Family to fit in with the Daily Mail Reader stereotype that has been ascribed to me. Mind you I am listening on headphones so as not to disturb the people who live downstairs. For all I know they're probably dancing around with their headphones on listening to Lightning Bolt....
    Have to recommend the new album from Pablo... 'Turntable Technology'.

    Sits in the middle of DJ Shadow and Mr Scruff, a little bit hip-hop, a little bit trip-hop. Fun too.
    Just recieved the new David Byrne/Brian Eno 7" single "life is long" which was originally released
    as a download to promote the Album. On red vinyl it is a limited run off of 300.