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    Certainly not new music, but just recieved the 6 LP vinyl edition of the Velvet Underground Quine Tapes.
    Already had the CD version, but just had to have this on vinyl. Well worth working a few weekends for it.
    Great set. I have the CD version, although a really weird accident annihilated the actual box, resulting in my only having the CDs themselves (albeit in undamaged sleeves), now in a plastic bag at my friend's house on loan...

    Nothing supremely exciting on my front, aside from some early Pauline Oliveros.
    While abroad I've bought the first 2 Bjork albums (for about 2 quid each), the soundtrack to the film Ghost In The Shell, and... not much else really. CDs are very expensive in Japan, and the labelling's all in foreign.

    Recent purchases before I went away were:
    Technodelic - YMO
    Resasutation - Adult
    White Chalk - PJ Harvey
    F#A0 - Godspeed You Black Emperor
    ...And a disc called Synthesiser Greats, Volume 3 (It was under a pound)

    All of which (apart from Synth Greats) have been on my 'to purchase' list for a while. Stockibg up on new music before going away, you know.