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    I have bought a 2nd hand bargain one "COH-Netmörk"
    oh yes Philip Jeck has a great backcatalogue. And his upcoming "Live in Liverpool" will be interesting as well. Isn t he a Livpudlian?
    I believe so. 'Live in Leuven' with Jeck 'playing' alongside Jah Wobble and Jaki Liebezeit is mesmerising.
    I grabbed a couple of The Replacements reissues (Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash and Let It Be) with the wealth of bonus tracks tacked on. Listening to them right now, I really do feel like I'm seventeen again.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
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    Just acquired The Beach Boys 'Good Vibrations' boxed set. Tx. Billy
    I ordered Object 47 from this site and am awaiting its arrival on my doorstep with obvious enthusiasm. Review forthcoming.


    The Mighty Lemon Drops - World Without End (2008 reissue w/ bonus tracks)
    The Mighty Lemon Drops - Laughter (2008 reissue w/ bonus tracks)

    The Mighty Lemon Drops were a fun little band back in the day, even if they never won points for originality. I always enjoy revisiting Happy Head, World Without End, and Laughter. I never bothered to pick up the band's final two albums, but the early stuff has a charm to it.
    The Congregation - a bluesy/folky duo from New Cross - they are H.O.T.!
    I have at least 40 CDs at home I haven't even yet listened to.

    Favourite release of 2008 have been

    WIRE O47
    Thalia Zedek Band Liars and Prayers
    Mudhoney The Lucky Ones
    The New Year
    Killing Joke Duende
    Yes Philip Jeck lives in Liverpool and he is a talented fellow.
    Last time I saw him it was a free event at the theatre where John Robb asked WIRE to rake over the past
    Jeck's performance involved only records from Manchester bands...
    I think there was a bit of Buzzcocks in there but it was very mutated.

    Liverpool rocks, Scousers are way more anarchic than most other tame Englishmen!
    I'm off there in a few hours for more Brokaw and New Year.

    Lights are flashing, cars are crashing...
    The Mighty Lemon Drops were a watered down Bunnymen rip-off unit!

    Meurglys wrote
    "Also got the new Nick Cave (so so - I think he's done much better), Goldfrapp (very good) and another of the new Killing Joke reissues (Brighter Than A Thousand Suns)."

    Hell I like all Nick Cave's albums and that is a good one I think but yes Lyre of Orpheus was a tough act to follow.

    I have all KILLING JOKE CDs and extra vinyl to boot. Brighter is better with the Kimsey mixes I think.

    The less said about the godawful Goldcrap the better!
    Well Inspector J you need Hootenanny too
    Those 'Mats reissues are a hoot!
    Last thing I got hold of was The Velvet Underground Peel Slowly and See box in exchange for a stack of mediocre promos.
    The alternate mix of Murder Mystery reveals it to be Reed's best ever lyric!
    I just bought Pennsylvania by Pere Ubu but have yet to play the disc.

    I also love the two LOOP reissues, Fade Out & Heaven's End.
    "Last cd I bought was...
    The Fall - Imperial Wax Solvent "

    Currently a fiver in Fopp and a big improvement on the worst ever Fall album, Reformation!
    I like Reformation. Worth getting just for the (almost) title track which is a Fall classic IMO.
    I like a lot of stuff on Reformation post TLC. That's the one with Mark E Smith and his American band isn't it? Currently going through a Fall phase, buying up all the early stuff which I wasn't too aware of up till now. Excellent stuff. Also recommend the new book The Fallen by Dave Simpson, who tracks down most of the ex-members of the band, giving an insight into the workings of one of our finest musical treasures.
    I bought a few of the New Order re-issues, and I finally found The Origin's self titled debut used on cd that I had been looking for for a long time.
    I also liked most of the tracks on Reformation post TLC, in fact, the latest several Fall cd's have been getting good rotation. I have only seen The Fall once and it was with his American band playing most of Heads Roll and The Real New Fall... so I'm drawn to that era.
    Object 47 Vinyl, Fovea Hex, Roger Doyle, Strange Attractor (one song is sung by Graham), Charles Mingus, Cloudland Canyon, Jochen Arbeit, Shelleyan Orphan, Woven Hand, Murcof, Nurse with Wound, Oneida, A Silver Mt. Zion, Larsen, Xiu Xiu and a few others..
    Mighty Lemon Drops! I'd forgotten all about them, Like an Angel was one of the first records I ever bought. Can't recall much about them but they did a pretty convincing Teardrop Explodes impression as well if I recall. I've still got the single somewhere must dig it out.

    I bloody love the Fall.
    Check the Reformation video and watch Mark E Smith get down! (and yes thats the American band)

    A very large chunk of The Fall's back catalogue is available on E-Music if anyone fancies filling some gaps in their Collection.
    Fopp are doing the Sanctuary Re-issues of the earlier stuff (w extra tracks,sleeve notes) for about a fiver too.

    Pretty much everything up to and including Extricate is essential I'd say, after that quality control goes awry at times. They have come good of late though, Imperial Wax Solvent is brilliant. They are still frustratingly hit & miss live, and seemingly the ticket prices seem to be increasing in direct opposition to the duration of the sets. As i've said before I am a great believer in brevity but £18 for 50 mins is a bit shite.
    I'd agree everything up to Extricate is essential.
    The only Fall albums I think flag are Reformation (MES does boring lyrics and sounds bored and I have only played it three times) and AYAMWinner (crap production but some good tracks such as Bore Jar Town & Crop Dust).

    Hell I just got sent loads of Robert Wyatt reissues, and in Nottingham I bought the double disc version of Blood & Chocolate by Elvis Costello & Red Heaven by Throwing Muses.

    After The NEW YEAR & Chris Brokaw played Liverpool I got both the new Brokaw discs which are stunning as ever, and the next day one of the guys at Probe records gave me seven seven inch singles for free!!!

    Sun Ra Arkestra...
    Eleven musicians on 11/11
    OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!

    Right Tara Jane O'Neil will gently rock Newton Street and then I'm off to Spain for Tanned Tin where Come are refroming for one gig only.

    Then I'm leaving this planet before it falls into the sun!