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    Singles by Ladyhawke, A Place To Bury Strangers, Invaders of The Heart.

    Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs

    Two early one by The Coral.

    David Bowie LOW

    Ryan Adams Cardinology

    Flaming Lips Christmas on Mars
    New Jana Hunter EP from the lady herself after she played in Castello yesterday

    Tara Jane O´Neil tour CDR
    DBH CDR (just a quid) at TJO gig in Manchester Black Lion

    Not sure if there are any record shops in Spain. I think you have to catch a train to Belgium or something.
    They´re crazy about tabacas, jamon & farmacy though.
    So after Tara Jane O'Neil played in a trio and I helped out on extra tambourine this afternoon, I bought her art book CD
    Wings. Strings. Meridians. A Blighted Bestiary.

    Yesterday Thalia Zedek Band played the best gig I've seen them do and I loved Audrey and Dalek enough to buy their most recent CDs. Zu, Declining Winter, David Thomas Broughton, Neptune, Paul Marshall, and all the other bands were also very nice. This festival is so much better organised than British ones in that no bands play at the same time, so you can go hear everything.

    Now I must be off to run down some excellent Spanish hills before sunset.

    Tomorrow I fly my public jet into the sun.
    >>Tomorrow I fly my public jet into the sun<<
    don't do that G, life won't be quite the same without the 'B.Hell' forum................

    Yesterday I bought a PG Six CD The Well of Memory
    after he played in the nice theatre.
    I also bought the vinyl of Incredible Love from Chris Brokaw. I already have it on CD but vinyl has an extra track Whole Wide World.

    And another thing I only had on CD, a promo with no sleeve, is the awesome third COME album Near Life Experience so I bought one of Thalia's very last Matador vinyl copies. Their gig was awesome but Chris had a near deaf experience!

    The New Year were also the best I've seen them. Their recent album is their best one yet.
    I ran into Tara Jane O'Neil on the train out of Castello

    She cut me a five euro deal on her very last copy of her Tracer CD.

    On returning I was pleased to find I'd been sent the new Fennesz album Black Sea which is very fine indeed.

    Here's the press release for it:

    Fennesz - Black Sea

    [Touch # TO:76CD & TO:76LP]

    Black Sea is the much-anticipated new album from Christian Fennesz, his first since "Venice" [Touch # TO:53, 2004], about which US magazine Stylus wrote:

    "Fennesz does with sound what Stan Brakhage did with film, altering its very fabric and texture, employing disorder and error as forms of communication and expression. He forces you to learn a different method of perception and interpretation, to look beneath the chaos that seems to govern the movements of life and find the patterns beneath." [Nick Southall]

    Fennesz's career has come a long way since "Instrument", his debut for Mego in 1995, and his first solo album "Hotel Paral.lel which followed in 1998. "Endless Summer" [Mego, 2001] brought him to a much wider audience and "Venice" underlined his mastery of melody and dissonance. His songs usually embody the skilful application and manipulation of dense sonic textures with a genuine feel for the live, and real-time.

    Black Sea features guitars that rarely sound like guitars; the instrument is transformed into an orchestra. Fennesz lists the elements used to make the compositions: "Acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, electronics, computers and live-improvising software lloopp."

    On 'Glide', Fennesz duets with Rosy Parlane (NZ), whose work is also released on Touch. Fennesz also teams up with eMego artist Anthony Pateras's (AUS), whose prepared piano features on "The Colour of Three". Fennesz pushes his work into a more classical domain, preferring the slow reveal to Venice's and Endless Summer's more song-based structures.

    Jon Wozencroft's artwork makes visible this carefully hidden world resting beneath the surface of "the first impression". A series of shots, taken in quick succession as the tide recedes, reveals a world of specific activity only visible at a particular time and place, histories appearing and disappearing.


    Yesterday in the post I got a great CD from Thrill Jockey by Lithops, Ye Viols. Later at the gig I bought the Network CD This is your Pig's Portrait and the Throats / Network split CD The Turncoat Campaign.

    I still haven't managed to listen to all those Robert Wyatt reissues yet, but the ones I have played are all excellent. All the discs I brought back from Spain were great, especially the Dalek album Absence.

    It continues...
    The Flaming Lips CHRISTMAS ON MARS
    I bought the Low Christmas 7" off them yesterday after their excellent gig. I'd have bought an Ida CD too but didn't have enough money left.
    Clock Cleaner - Babylon Rules (Load)

    Buzzcocks - A Different Kind of Tension (double disc remaster)
    I just ordered Christine Kane's new album
    I also bought a GUn Club live LP same times as the 2 CDs but forgot to let y'all know about it, like you really needed to know!!!!????? Haven't listened to it yet! Had to hide my turntables in a sfae house away from the fascist noise council.
    Last purchase was David Gilmour's Live in Gdansk sets - the vinyl box set is an absolute beauty!
    27.11 In the post I got the hot rockin' kick ass RTX CD 'Got Live RATX' and a CDR of the new David Grubbs album 'An Optimist Notes the Dusk.' Mutante must have run out of regular Drag City promos as its burnt onto a Woolworths Worthit CDR making it a bit of a credit crunch collectors item. I suspect this might not be one of the more durably coated CDRs that Craig recommends, so I guess I'd better transfer it to cassette tape before it becomes as useless as Woolworths shares.

    After Radar Bros played Dulcimer, I bought their most recent CD 'Auditorium.'

    26.11 I was sent a CD by Omar Rodriguez Lopez called 'Old Money.' Never gave a damn about At the drive in, but these instrumental jams are better than I thought they'd be. Note the hilariously apposite title of this album that is released in January. Barter is acceptable, banking is a massive unnecessary cancer on humanity. Time to put these parasitic middlemen in the dumper of history. How many words for a bag of carrots and a bag of hazelnuts Mr. Farmer?

    25.11 After they put on a great show supporting Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds I bought the 'DOL' / 'Harum Scarum' single by Joe Gideon and the Shark.

    Down at Tiger Lounge later that night I enjoyed Tom Allalone and the 78s enough to buy their 'Hell Hath No Fury' single.

    Get on down to Woolworths (aka ASDA) and MFI before the weekend!
    Buy one bank get one free!
    While stocks last!

    Saturday 29.11 is

    I'm going to see how long I can go without buying anything except food and basic essentials. Of course going to gigs is THE most essential activity after breathing, drinking, eating and sleeping. Some folk are known to prefer sex, chemical stimulants, watching TV or even work, hell some people even prefer shooting animals, but I'd rather go to a gig and hear that fine fine music than do any of that. I have so many records and CDs that haven't even been played yet, buying more is just silly at this point. Actually I could easily stop buying food if I wanted to and survive on the free damaged organic vegetables and fruit Unicorn gives away and the things the sick supermarkets throw away whilst people in Africa starve. Despite this so-called 'credit crunch' and 'economic downturn,' there is still hyper-abundance in Britain, thanks to all the people in other countries who we still effectively treat like slaves just to save a few quid to afford that new playstation made by some eight year old in a sweat shop. If he grows up a fine upstanding British corporation can sell his government guns to keep him working. It's tickety boo for the British government to murder its own people and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, but there will be no smoking in pubs because they care about our health.

    2009 should be

    2+0+0+9 = 11

    Just bought the Magazine Peel Sessions CD - will be listening to this over the weekend
    Fennesz - Black Sea, Aidan Baker, Tom Carter, Ulaan Khol -II, Neil Young - Sugar Mountain (Live 68)
    >>Neil Young - Sugar Mountain (Live 68) <<
    Been thinking of getting this one myself, is it as good as the reviews say?
    Just picked up O47 / R&B 03 LP set for $15 US. You'd be hard pressed to find a better deal than that!

    I also picked up the two Dead C re-issues (devastatingly good noise rock) as well as The Clean's Compilation LP
    the dead c are really cool.
    sugar mountain is a nice cd if you like the acoustic neil. many songs are buffalo springfield's ones. not as good as the 1971 massey hall cd though.
    I was listening to the Dead C yesterady forget the name of the Cd on Ba Da Bing.
    I have Neil Young at Massey Hall Cd but haven't played it yet.