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    Have just ordered a CD by Thomas Feiner & Anywhen - "The Opiates – Revised" I'd never heard of him before, but read a piece that David Sylvian had written about him - a very nice sounding album indeed.

    Read what David Sylvian had to say here

    And have a listen to the album here
    "I got the hot rockin' kick ass RTX CD 'Got Live RATX' "

    Wouldn't have expected you to like that one, Billy.

    I only played it once, indeed I didn't even get to the end.

    Sounded like AC/DC without the welcome sense of Panto to me.
    I'm not sure why Keith has any expectations as to what I am supposed to like or not.

    RTX sounds a hell of a lot better than AC/DC to me, then again I don't care about AC/DC and have never thought of panto as welcome.

    Yesterday I got sent 'The Sun' EP by Soap and Skin on PIAS which features a Fennesz remix, and 'The Invisible Lodger' by Various Production & Gerry Mitchell on Fire Records. In order to maintain a 'quantum' of mystery I have decided not to reveal which Dead C CD I listened to over the weekend.
    "I'm not sure why Keith has any expectations as to what I am supposed to like or not."

    Er, cos you write about what you like and as I go to the trouble of reading it I formed an opinion that I wouldn't have thought that was your bag. And as I suspected, you don't like AC/CD - which is why I was surprised you liked this album that Mojo referred to as 'FM Boogie'.

    I don't much care about AC/DC either, but think that their sense of panto and at least not taking themselves seriously is their redeeming feature. I could find no redeeming features on the RTX album.

    But hey, I don't want to fall out about it. You like it. I thought it was horrible. C'est la vie!
    Parts & Labor - Receivers
    Parts and Labor- Mapmaker

    dynamite band, i'm going to their gig this saturday @ the Knitting Factory!

    they will be the opening act for Wire on the german tour next month.
    yeah, i've seen they open for Wire in Germany. Have they been chosen by Wire or by the tour organizer ?
    The new Neil Young one.
    A live Pere Ubu CD £4 and Dalek Deadverse rarities CD £3 in Notting Hill Exchange
    Babe the Blue Ox CD for 30p and Ensemble for a quid

    Also got sent a new CD by Reigns.

    Describing RTX as 'FM boogie' seems inaccurate. It sounds like heavy rock to me.

    I've seen Parts and Labor a couple of times.
    Has anyone noticed that one of their album covers looks like the cover of the first Killing Joke EP after a nuclear bomb hits the high rise?
    B.Hell: <<Has anyone noticed that one of their album covers(P+L) looks like the cover of the first Killing Joke EP after a nuclear bomb hits the high rise?>>

    pretty generic design. the rearranged cubistic cityscape. REM did something similar on their last record cover too. very punk,
    been done a million times, but cool nonetheless. also related to Fritz Lang, Metropolis, 1927. Brueghel painting 1563. also
    Pompeiian frescos prior to the discovery of one point perspective.

    btw i bought a Dalek cd as per your recommendation. "abandoned language" i quite like it. just a bit repetitive, but i dig the overall sound.
    Just got a couple of 10" vinyl EPs last night after seeing Telescopes, Red Panda and Mugstar at the Static Gallery in Liverpool.

    Red Panda / Mugstar - Tamlin (028 of 300)
    a+M - Dials

    both on Lancashire and Somerset Dance Song Society
    Saw 2 great shows last month:

    ANIMAL COLLECTIVE @ NY's Bowery Ballroom ( which would be an excellent venue for WIRE to play they next time they tour.
    med. size club, top-notch sound, maybe the best in ny). it was AC's 2nd of 2 ny gigs and completely sold out, but the club sometimes releases tkts just before the main attraction goes so if you could stand the wait in sub-freezing temps it was worth
    the wait. a friend of mine thought otherwise, but she hadn't followed AC for the past few years as i have. they are a bit of an acquired taste, but nontheless i am a big fan. can't say i love every track from each album, but the BB show sounded fantastic,
    albeit a bit short, but for $20usd a bargain. Their new lp, probably their best yet: Merriweather Post Pavillion. getting very high
    praise on blogs every where. here is a free download of the show from nyctaper:

    THE PRETENDERS @ Roseland. Wow. Chrissie Hynde has still got. maybe better than ever. gorgeous voice. very chatty and charismatic performer, very fluid on stage and at 57 still has her girlish figure. very tight band with a rockabilly/ cowpunk sound. they played quite a long set and with so many great songs minimal jamming. the new stuff sounded great, i thought,
    but not everybody was into it. (i think her new record Break Up the Concrete is as good as anything she's done. highly recommend it.) she really knows how to please an audience- 18 songs in their main set set + 4 encores!
    Antony and the Johnsons

    Freakbag - i am coming to NYC later this year & i defo wanna take in a gig - assuming there's somat worthwhile while i'm there! i might have to come to you for some recommendations re venues. might be very cheeky & even put upon you to get me a ticket or 2!??!?!?!?!?!
    GB- when do you plan to be in NY? lots of free shows/ festivals from late spring thru early fall. I can't think of a "bad" venue except maybe Terminal 5 which is a converted warehouse. 1001 shows every night in nyc, just depends on what you wanna see. shows sellout quick so i check out a site called Brooklyn Vegan. guy's got the inside dope on Everything plus you can purchase pre-sale before general public.
    I'll not be there until middle of October. i'll check out that site. or i might have to try out Ticketmaster International!
    Ab-so-lute-ly fooooken bonkers record by Tim Exile.

    Vocals in a sort of Henry Cow/This Heat style meets Electro meets mental bonkers techno dubstep wonky breakbeat madness. sounds like 8 different records playing at the same time.

    Gawd knows what the LP will be like.
    Bat For Lashes: Moon and Moon
    Doves: Kingdom of Rust
    Friendly Fires
    Progidy: INvaders Must Die
    Strange Boys: and Girls Club
    Acoustic Ladyland, if you haven't heard them they're Jazz at early Wire tempo. In your face.
    The Last Chance Disco and SKinny Grin albums are great. Line up for those was drums, bass, keys, sax.
    New album in a few months, now drums bass, guitar, sax.

    Was it Colin on Roundtable saying what a dreadful name for band 'Bat For Lashes' is? It really is a bloody awful name for a band on ever conceivable level and even though they have Scott Walker on the new record I feel inclined to ignore them,
    Its probably the 4th worst band name ever. The worst band name ever is "It Hugs Back". The 2nd worst band name ever is "Puddle of Mudd". The 3rd is "Taking back Sunday".