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    I think he said she should just call herself Natasha Kahn.
    ELO, Donovan, Bill Nelson
    Recent-ish names I hate...

    Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.
    Heavy Petting was the worst band name I ever heard. A Neat Records compilation recently purchased by a mate featuring some of their tracks brought back horrible memories.
    Recent PJ Harvey an John Parish album is great, only thing that can knock Fennesz off the top of the 2009 pile.

    This afternoon I found 3 cheap CDs in animal help charity shop,
    Godflesh, Cocteau Twins Peel Sessions & PJ Harvey A Place called Home one song promo single.

    The PJ Harvey single is funny as I am looking for a new home right now.
    Black Sea was Dec. 2008 i think ? It was among my favs of last year.

    New purchases: Thisquietarmy, Aidan Baker & Thisquietarmy, John Duncan/Graham Lewis, Mono,
    PJ Harvey/Parish, The Decemberists, Steven Wilson, Wooden Shjips
    The last CD I purchased was the soundtrack to the late '50s/early '60s TV series "One Step Beyond", performed by the Harry Lubin Orchestra.
    "One Step Beyond"- That show used to cause me nightmares.
    It was an eerie little show, with an eerie little theme to match. Lubin used a trautonium on some of the pieces.
    English Electric Lightning by The Wild Swans.

    A bit pricey at a £10 inc p&p (UK) for a 10" single, but you do get the option to download the mp3's of the A and B sides, too.
    It's nicely packaged, too!

    (It's limited to 900 copies though I think there's a cheaper option where you can just d/l it if you so wish).

    And if you ever liked The Wild Swans in the past, I'd say there's a pretty good chance you're gonna like this too.
    Les Nymphes - Martin Rev. Even without Vega's vocals music that's dark & menacing & surprisingly beautiful!
    I'm a big Suicide fan and I was wondering about the new Rev album--I might pick it up. 'Baby Oh Baby' from his first solo disc is still a favorite of mine.
    yeah, Suicide, original cyber-punks. they still put on a rockin live show. they were set to open for Throbbing Gristle's final gig in the USA next tues. but cancelled due to illness. was looking forward to see them perform again as they tour so infrequently.

    they both have new work- i think Vega's is called Station. bizarre, weird sounds/ songs. as one would expect.
    Yeah Vega's "Station" is much more, er, 'industrial' than Rev's "Nymphes". the title is track is great & what pushed me into buying it. only played it once, but it's clearly not as accessible as Nymphes.

    I keep my eye out for Suicide or even Vega or Rev solo dates, but they've not been to UK (as far as i know) since supporting Grinderman 2 or 3 years ago. I was gutted that i missed that gig, but as i was seeing The Stooges for the 1st time that evening, i won't get too bitter & twisted over it!
    check this out. hauntingly beautiful version of 'dream, baby, dream' this why they call him The Boss!
    sorry, but that was truly awful! i can think of nothing +ve to say about it!
    Totally disagree, GB.

    I'm not a Brucie fan, but I think his cover of DBD is truly fab.

    I think he's done Vega & Rev proud.
    ah well, each to their own.....but u know i'm right?!?!?!?
    i love Bruce, but i'm not really a big fan of his. tremendous songwriter and performer. he never fakes it. i just could never sit thru 3.5 hours of born to run stuff. still a huge talent. tons of great songs.

    it might seem like an odd pairing, Boss+ DBD, but he and Vega have been friends since way back. he was also an early supporter of Suicide when most rock fans hated them. btw if AV gets a vote here, he absolutely loved the above version!
    Wire fans are an eclectic bunch and you can no more assume that all Wire fans must also like The Jam or The Clash than assume that a Wire fan wouldn't also be into Springsteen.

    Me, I prefer this: