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    he owns the bank. this month I've purchased Wilco: (now who'da thought?)The album (well c.d actually, )a Cure c.d I didn't know was released last year 4:13 Dream and, on it's way, Christine Kane's new one.
    Support your local record shop.

    Einsturzende Neubauten - Ende Neu (reissue) ...You know about this.
    Cathedral Classics Volume One (Sonic Cathedral Compilation)...I'm a sucker for Shoegazing and if you are too you'll love it.
    Few Nolder - New Folder.....Lithuanian Techno? Yes please!
    Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes EP.....dubstep remixes of AC? Sounds good on paper but doesn't work really.
    The Field - Yesterday and Today....Good progression from the last one, almost great. 3rd LP should be a corker!
    The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me 7"...Prefab Sprout/Aztec Camera/Cocteaus-esque dream pop, summertime bliss.
    Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue.....Boards of Canada esque pop songs, occasionally boring folkiness doesnt quite derail it.
    Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key Of Life (replaced my old C90 copy...utter genius record and surely the only double LP in history without a single duff track?? Wipes the floor with anything poor old Jacko ever did).
    The Seeds - The Seeds - My tribute to Jacko. 19 seemingly identical tracks, kind of fun but wafer thin stuff it must be said.
    CHE 10" single – Sunn O))) /Pansonic
    You pretty much know what this is gonna sound like. The real surprise on this ep though is Stephen Burroughs version of Goodbye Darling. Whereas Alan Vega’s original was an almost throwaway bop, Burroughs keeps it simple with just voice and acoustic and makes you realise what a dark song it really is.

    I was never a big Northern Soul fan – that silly dancing put me off if I’m honest! – but I had to get this for Al Wilson’s The Snake amongst others. Lots of goodies here – obvious ones like Tainted Love, There’s A Ghost In My House and a fair bit of stuff I didn’t know. I must admit I never knew the original version of Ski-ing In The Snow by The Invitations, but sadly it’s little better than the dreaded Wigan’s Ovation cover, which is a contender for the worst 45 of the 70’s IMO. But otherwise...a pretty good collection.

    THE SINGLES – The Clash
    Great to have all these tracks together. It was good to hear them again, even the weaker ones like Tommy Gun. Apart from Train In Vain – I know it’s got its supporters, but its lazy arsed white boy funk is waaay out of its depth here to my ears, whereas the under-rated Know Your Rights with it public service announcement – with guitars! - has one of THE great opening lines. And hearing my 10yr old singing the "oh-oh-oh" bits on Complete Control brings a smile to my face.

    LOVE IS THE WAVE 7” – Crystal Stilts
    Really good recent single. Very early JAMC! Amazingly they're from Brooklyn and not Scotland though!

    Includes guests like Alan Vega, Marc Almond, Roxanne Shante, etc.

    I've always liked it when Iggy sings in the proper sense of the word, like on the slower numbers on Blah Blah Blah, so it's probably no surprise that I'm gonna like this. There a few more rockier numbers, too. I think this could be his best in a while. Whereas most latter day Iggy stuff always features at least one great track but a fair amount of filler, this quite a consistent set.

    THE ETERNAL – Sonic Youth
    Only heard it a couple of times as yet, but sounds promising.

    This compilation on the Decca label which, unusually in those pre-Ronco/K-TEL/Arcade days, featured the original artists, was one of the few pop LP’s that my parents had. I think my sister has claimed that copy, but I managed to get one off ebay the other day. Lovely to have it – the cover is so of its time in a gloriously daft kind of way. And there’s some good tracks, too, c/o Amen Corner, Small Faces, and Frijid Pink’s psych take on House Of The Rising Sun. And as for the opening Marmalade track Reflections Of My Life – well I expected to enjoy it in a kitsch, nostalgic kinda way, but no – it’s a great slice of late 60’s pop. Admittedly I could do without Dana, but then I’m suspecting that was the reason my parents bought it in the first place, so I can’t and won’t complain.

    PRIMARY COLOURS - The Horrors
    Discussed elsewhere here IIRC. I like it anyway.
    Bruce Gilbert - Instant Shed Vol. 1
    Bruce Gilbert / Raum - Radiator, Plane, Bang b/w I Play All My Records....
    Oneida - Rated O
    Here are some recent-ish acquisitions....... over the last wee while.........

    recently found a copy of the BC Gilbert/G Lewis "8 time" (CD on 4AD. very nice trip down nostalgia lane....)
    Stars of the Lid - carte de visite (tour only cd of out-takes, unreleased material)
    Yui Onodera - entropy (very, very nice ambient, sparse electronica from Tokyo artist)
    Blast First Petite promo cd of various luminaries doing Suicide covers
    Iggy Pop - preliminaires (very enjoyable/entertaining departure from Jimmy Osterburg`s "day-job" - needs to do more of this!)
    Mekons - the quality of mercy is not strnen (finally!..... tracked a copy down on e-bay..... cheap too)
    Sic Alps - pleasures & treasures (scuzzy lo-fi noise with melodies.... and lots of feedback)
    Nurse With Wound - surveillance lounge/memory surface (3 cd return to unsettling past efforts)
    Kangding Ray - automne fold (stunning follow up to `stabil`)
    Newt Extinction - everything i say is of the utmost importance (inspired lunacy from ex-Newcastle, now Edinburgh residents)
    Sun Plexus - Or Ou Ferraille ? A Quelle Profondeur (unclassifiable French metal-esque mayhem/ ??? electronics)
    Foetus - limb (cd/dvd unreleased instrumentals from J. G. Thirlwell..... and a dvd documentary in special package)
    Kluster - Vulcano (live in Wuppertal, Germany, 1971......)
    dead weather
    what i've heard of Dead Weather, thery sound too much like The Kills! not that i dislike the Kills, just that it's not that different!
    Notwithstanding the clang of doom that echoes around my brain at the very idea of "Another Jack White Solo Project"zzzzzz....I have developed an irrational dislike of that bloke out of The Dead Weather with the massive National Health Spectacles and the long hair. Every magazine I open there he is staring back at me. There is something annoying about him that I can't quite fathom.
    I don't like dead weather as much as I enjoyed the white stripes, we'll have to see how they develop.
    JEGA - Variance - Was originally slated for release in 2004 but apparently Dylan (not that one) threw a hissy fit when it got leaked on the internet and went back to do it all again. Worth the wait I reckon.

    Clark - Totems Flare - A right clattery old racket but apparently needs repeated listening a-la Autechre.

    Summer Cats - Ace fizzy Stereolab style Indie pop of the sort that reminds you want Indie actually used to mean...some great melodies here that are slightly "off" which I always look for in music.

    Engineers - Three Fact Fader - Very much a grower. Been kicking around since 2007 without a release but has matured like a fine malt whiskey! Shame their name makes them sound like a landfill Indie band they are nothing of the sort. Warning..influenced by MBV and The Pink Floyd! The appropriation of Harmonia on track 1 side 1 may irk some?
    Our Swimmer (7")
    Band of Skulls
    I thought that Iggy Pop French album was so bad I skipped throught every track!

    The Present:

    Faust - C'est Com... Com... Complique CD
    Tortoise - Beacons of Ancestorship CD
    Tara Jane O'Neil - A Ways Away CD
    Dieter Moebius - Kram CD
    Part Chimp - Thriller CD
    Nancy Elizabeth - Wrought Iron CD
    Arbouretum - Water Wings CD (14 live songs tour CD limited to 100. I got their very last copy, The Fifteenth!)
    Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware LP ( to replace retarded promo Cd that I could only be bothered to play once due to the annoying voices that interrupted every song twice informing me, "You are enjoying the new album from Bonnie Prince Billy. Maybe I would have been if these stupid messages hadn't been there)
    Sonic Youth - The Eternal 2LP (best sleeve since Daydream Nation!)
    Bobbie Peru - Mutton Dressed as Lamb CDR (would have been a perfect title for the Sonic Youth album)
    Boanthrope - How the Mighty Have Fallen CD
    Oneida - Preteen Weaponry CD
    The Saints - Nothing is Straight in My House CD
    Siouxsie - Mantaray CD
    Starless and Bible Black - Shape of the Shape CD
    Six Organs of Admittance - Luminous Night CD
    The Drones - Havilah CD (to replace promo CDR which will inevitably die at some point)
    Calexico - Carried to Dust (to replace promo CDR which will inevitably deteriorate and stop playing, appropriate title really)


    Amebix - No Sanctuary CD
    Broadcast - The Future Crayon CD
    Joy Division - Closer 2CD remaster
    Blondie - Eat to the Beat remaster (a bargain @ 2quid)
    The Fall - Code:Selfish 2CD remaster (a mere 3quid)
    The Fall - Red Box 5CD (should have been called 'The Last Thing I Need is Another Bleedin' Fall Compilation')


    Pink Flag by Wilson Neate
    Goodbye 20th Century / Sonic Youth by David Browne
    The Day the Country Died by Ian Glasper
    Renegade by Mark E Smith
    Citizens of the Wrong Type: The Real Guinea Pigs by Stephen Moss
    Hegemony or Survival? by Noam Chomsky
    the iggy pop thing is truly awful. nothing worse than faux new orleans jazz when you can't thing of anything else to do.
    I bought Xenakis' complete string quartets. And I've been listening to MP3s of the old "Suspense" radio show. Radio drama is pretty awesome when it's done right.
    Xenakis is one intense composer... I prefer the electronic bee stuff but I bet the strings are great too!

    More noise:

    Nurse With Wound raped by Cyclobe - Paraparaparallelogrammatica CD
    Flying Saucer Attack - Buy Vinyl / Further CD (a mere 2 quid from RSPCA)
    WIRE - Manscape @ 49p (CD missing, but I had a US copy minus poster so bought the cover helping the RSPCA)
    Martin Rev - Les Nymphes CD (patchy)
    Oneida - Happy New Year (weakest of 4 Oneida albums I've heard)
    Circle - something or other forgot the title
    Anti Nowhere League - 2 CDs of comedy crud for a quid from the Red Cross)


    Moondust by Andrew Smith
    The Book of Illusion by Paul Auster
    "Moondust by Andrew Smith
    The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster"

    Two great books there - the Auster one of his best. A few years since I read it, but remember it being very lively and engaging. A real page turner, in the best sense. Last thing I read by him, "Travels In The Scriptorium" I found very tedious and disappointing.

    Moondust is a fascinating account of the author's trek to track down and interview all surviving members of the Apollo mission. Ballard's remark on the back is very aposite: "Fascinating and disturbing. We know what happened inside the Apollo Space Craft, but what went on inside the astronauts' minds ? Did any of them really recover from their strange journey ? Extremely thought provoking"

    On the subject of the moon, Bowie's son, Duncan Jones has made a terrific first film, "Moon", about an mining operative reaching the end of a three year contract when things start to go awry... quite the space oddity/moonage daydream indeed.. very well played by Sam Rockwell, with the dry monotone voice of Kevin Spacey perfectly cast as the voice of GERTY, the onboard computer (more than a nod to HAL). Great production design, echoes of Kubrick and Tarkovsky. Highly recommended.
    We Be the Echo - Masks & All Star Destroyers

    2 CDs for a tenner bought from the band at Saki bar.
    Destiny Street Repaired by Richard Hell, remastered w some killer solos added by Marc Ribot:

    Free stream until Aug 12: