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    Latest Listening:

    13 Piccadilly Vinyl & Vinyl Exchange CD

    Faust / Nurse With Wound - Disconnected 2LP (excellent experimentation)
    Oneida - Rated O 3CD (ambitious and worthy of the positive reviews)
    Oneida - Steel Rod CD (five song EP from nearly a decade back)
    Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind CD (epic beauty)
    Mary Hampton - My Mother's Children CD (folky lady from Brighton)
    Robert Pollard - The Crawling Distance CD (one of his weakest)
    J. Mascis and the Fog - Free So Free CD (good tunes but too loose)
    MC5 - Motorcity Rebels 2CD (with Lemmy in dead man's shoes)

    15 From Hermana in the mail:

    Spiral Stairs - The Real Feel CD
    Debbie Leggo - Debbs Leggs CD
    Owen Tromans and the Elders - The Fall of Acre CD

    Burial Suit & Foot Hair - Live CDR
    Catching up on my Laika:

    "Silver apples of the moon" on CD after many years of only listening on cassette
    "Good looking blues" ditto
    "Badtimes" CD single: first time hearing the two extra tracks

    I remember being so excited when Laika emerged in '94 - it just seemed like the perfect future/retro analogue/digital fusion. I remember with great pleasure one early show they did at <insert name of toilet venue> in Mornington Crescent where they were begged back for encores and had to play an unfinished song because they'd run out of material.


    Susumu Yokota "Skintone collection" Very nice - any recommendations for more?

    And on DVD:

    "Stein & stjerner" import from Norway with great live footage of five Bel Canto songs (again from 1994).
    I have all those Laika CDs and several matchbooks too!

    16 from Oneida after their gig at the Mill
    Heads Ain't Ready 7" on translucent blue patterned vinyl
    Each One Teach One 2CD

    The Gilded Palace of Sin also gave me a promo CDR of their excellent new album on Barry Adamson's Central Control label, You Break Our Hearts We'll Tear Yours Out

    17 The annual King Bee Records half price sale:

    B.C.Gilbert * G.Lewis - Ends with the Sea 7" £1.50
    (attempts to repeat end foolishly)
    The Saints - This Perfect Day / LIES 7" £1
    (so funny I can't laugh)
    The Creatures - Wild Things 2x7" £1.50
    (dead lumps of meat melt in the street)
    The Stranglers - Bear Cage / Shah Shah A Go Go 7" 50p
    (swim with the sharks / said he'd set the people free)
    Rocket From the Crypt - Boychucker 7" pic disc £2
    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Sleepwalking / She Cracked 7" £1

    Wire - In Vivo 12" £1.25 (the revolution began)
    Luxuria - Public Highway 12" £1.25 (I am the street where you live)

    Throbbing Gristle - Rafters Psychic Rally LP £5 (very friendly)
    Siouxsie and the Banshees - Nocturne 2LP £2
    The Saints - The Monkey Puzzle LP £2
    The Saints - Out in the Jungle LP £2
    The Saints - A Little Madness to Be Free LP £2
    The Only Ones - Live LP £2.50
    The Ruts - Grin and Bear It LP £2
    Captain Beefheart - Unconditionally Guaranteed LP £2.50
    Shriekback - Oil and Gold LP £1.50
    Time Between: A Tribute to the Byrds LP £2 (for the great Dinosaur Jr track, also good versions from The Cateran, Giant Sand, Thin White Rope and The Chills)

    Meat Puppets - Too High to Die CD £3 (already have it on vinyl so thin its almost a flexi-disc)

    On returning I saw that David Armes of Little Red Rabbit had put the new CD by Samson and Delilah through my letterbox.

    18 After Gang Gang Dance played I bought the IUD Daddy 7" (IUD being singer Lizzy's other band)

    19 Taped Akatombo off Radio One.

    Home taping is killing music!
    James Blackshaw - Glass Bead Game CD
    (entrancing twelve string guitar ragas on Young God)
    Le Loup - Family CD
    (might appeal to Animal Collective fans? Doesn't appeal to me!)
    Bride of No No LP (£2)
    Jaz Coleman & Anne Dudley - Minnarets and Memories / The Awakening 12" (£1)

    Boredoms - promo download of new Super Roots 12" on Thrill Jockey
    OOIOO - promo download of new album on Thrill Jockey
    Kristin Hersh - download of new songs from
    Feelies - reissue of The Good Earth CD on Domino
    Feelies - reissue of Crazy Rhythms CD on Domino
    Amebix - Arise & live recordings burnt by a friend
    (home burning is killing anarcho-punk!)
    Neil Young - Bootleg recordng of recent gig proving that Colin's attempts to destroy rock'n'roll have been futile
    (home burning is killing hippies!)
    Mothertrucker - Dark Transmissions CDR from the band after they played
    Rusholme Kitchen

    Right now listening to
    (more or less) new:
    An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008 (compilation on Sub Rosa)
    Malcolm Middleton - Waxing Gibbous
    Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem
    Billy Bao - Sacrilege

    Alice Coltrane - Huntington Ashram Monastery
    Flaming Tunes (ex-This Heat Gareth Williams, originally on tape 1985)

    second hand:
    Dome 2 (Japan Records pressing)
    Which Murcof?
    Today in the mail I ws sent a CD by Om on Drag City called 'Godd is Good'

    Music is OK but the singer is weak and has the most pretentious hippy crap lyrics I've heard all year.

    I can't work out if it is supposed to be a comedy album!
    I mean these guys actually think Neil Hamburger is funny...
    5.9 Stranger Son of WB rocked Nexus with yet another line up change and I bought their lowdown sofa surfin' Berlin holiday CD Einstein's Getaway off them as the CDR I have will inevitably die. They're off to Berlin, Hamburg, Tilburg & Amsterdam, just like Wire! Lets hope they break the two dozen punter barrier...

    Earlier that day I ate carrots, lentils, garbanzos and spuds to a soundtrack of Patti Smith, Yo La Tengo and Low and got

    Melt Banana / Young Widows 7"
    Young Widows sound like a clone of Bob Bert's old band Bewitched

    Soulsavers - Sunrise 7"
    (not the Rolf Harris classic)

    Faust - In Autumn (Perfidious Albion Tour) 3CD+DVD

    Joe Lally - Nothing is Underrated CD

    Tortoise - Beacons LP (much nicer than CD and will rocket in value due to limited pressing)

    Boredoms - Super Roots 3 (perils of large CD collection: I couldn't remember if this was the SR I didn't have. Turns out SR2 is the one I lack. OOPS!)
    A.R.E. Weapons 1st, eponymous, lp. if you like Suicide, you'll like these other New Yorkers!
    The recent ARE Weapons 12" with Alan Vega on vocals is superb.

    Best thing I've heard this year!
    ooh - wassit called? i'll check relevent myspaz's! Found it (See The Light), but cannae find an mp3 online. anyone gotta link?

    Bloody over £5 + postage for a 12" single!!! is that the going rate these days? i got a couple of Ulteriors direct from record company a few months back & they were only £3 each - seems more reasonable!
    Funny I like Suicide, but never cared for ARE Weapons, although I have yet to hear their Vega collaboration.

    I just swapped some Cds and records I will never listen to again for:

    Hugh Cornwell - Hoover Dam Cd+Dvd
    Pan American - 360 Bypass CD
    Psychic Ills - Mirror Eye CD
    Trapist - Highway My Friend CD
    Dinosaur Jr - You're Living All Over Me CD
    (I now have this on prerec cassette, SST LP & remastered CD)

    Vinyl Exchange have the Martin Rev CD Les Nymphes for just a quid now, Suicide fans.

    I bet Lewis & Newman will love this...
    A.R.E. Weapons sounds pretty good. they been around for about 10 years now. hope to catch their live show sometime soon.

    possibly the best (new) thing i've heard this year is Jay Reatard. could get the WIRE Clone of the Year Award. check out "oh, it's such a shame", "blood visions", & "always wanting more":
    Really enjoying the new remix ep by Dark Captain Light Captain. Their melodic approach and hushed harmonies won't be to everyone's taste here, but I love them, and there's some good remixes here.

    One track is destined to be in my fave tracks of the year - very Can-like. Could almost be Holger Czukay on bass.
    I'm so cool I heard the best I thing I heard this year last year, unless we re entering the End Times and the Daleks of Godd are going to invade.

    BLACK SEA by Fennesz, an album he's going to have a hard time surpassing.
    I have just pre-ordered Long Live Pere Ubu which is released in a week or two.
    "Bloody over £5 + postage for a 12" single!!! "

    Yeah, and a one sided 12" at that, though I guess it could be argued that makes getting les for your money kinda seem attractive!

    (There is another track, War, that's not bad either)

    Also bought LISTEN TO THIS 12" by DJ Hell Feat Alan Vega recently. Came out a few years back, but it passed me by then. I'm liking this a lot, too.

    Anyone who likes the idea of hearing a dancey record with the occasional Vega scream over the top should explore pronto!
    There are multiple copies of the Pere Ubu CD going for £5-6 quid in this town!

    I guess someone at the eNMEy didn't want to know?

    9.9.9 Guantanamo School of Medecine day!
    Ben Frost - By the Throat CD
    The Vowels - The Pattern Prism CD
    Lou Reed - The Bells CD*
    Starless and Bible Black CD
    Big Joan - Other People's Fights CDEP
    Yellow Swans - Mort Aux Vaches CD
    Faust - Rien CD*

    *already had these on tape which might outlast these discs?

    Listen to the Fish!
    Sleeping Dog - Polar Life CD

    and then some vinyl from the Bee...

    Gun Club - Miami £4
    The Stranglers - All Live & all of the night £1 (includes their celebration of Spain, appropriately titled SPAIN)
    The Jam - Live £1 (what were they up to really?)
    The Damned - Shadow of Love 10" £1
    Add N to X - Plug Me In 12" shrinkwrapped £1