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    Dan Joseph - Archaea
    The Jam album I got for a quid is called "Dig the New Breed," the irony of which should not be lost on anyone who has read Lewis' put downs of this retro beat combo in the Showdown pamphlet. What were they all about? Judging by this, energetic rock music with political lyrics and mutual respect for their fans. Side two gives me the impression of a much more exciting live act than The Smiths, Ian Dury, David Bowie or Roxy Music. I think a song with the rebellious bite of Going Underground crashing straight into the top of the charts was a very good thing. However, at the dawn of the eighties I'd rather have gone to see The Clash or The Stranglers. Amusingly the last Jam song is Private HELL and the Damned single is the ten inches of HELL mix!

    More music!
    At Fuel on Saturday:
    Easter - Hob Talk CD

    At Saki on Sunday:
    The Vipers - Satellite Boy 7" (given away free at the bar)
    FTSE 100 - Frankfurt / Untitled / Barrack Obama CDR
    Tartar Lamb - Sixty Metonymies CD

    Metonymy is a word I don't recall seeing before. It is defined on the booklet as a figure of speech consisting of the use of the name of one thing for that of another of which it is an attribute or with which it is associated.

    I Don't Like Mondays!

    The Fifteenth:

    More evidence that Colin has so far failed to destroy rock'n'roll...

    Daniel Johnston - Is and Always Was CDR promo
    New album out 2/11 on

    Big Sexy Noise CDR promo
    New album from Lydia Lunch and Gallon Drunk out 2/11
    on Terry Edwards' label

    The Jim Jones Revue - Here to Save Your Soul
    2/11 on Punk Rock Blues / Cargo

    Pens - Hey Friend What You Doing? CD
    28/9 De Stijl
    well Keith (a page or so back) - thanks for the heads up about the ARE Weapons/Alan Vega 12". it's a bit of a slow burner, but its defo a bit of a doozy!!! not been off the turntable the past 2 evenings!
    Actually old music, but it was the new seven 7" boxset from the Velvet Underground.
    Glad you like it, Garage Band!
    the most recent double A-side 10" single Sister Speed/Aporia from Ulterior! the influence of Suicide is as strong here as weith ARE Weapons!

    which is nice!
    17.9 Hell Acquisition:

    Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs CD
    Yo La Tengo are one of the few bands who have covered Wire and not made an inferior version (Too Late was the song). Mostly this is in pretty song mode, until the last fifteen minute jam that settles wheat damaged guts with a good bass rumble and Ira fret fire. The first time I saw Yo La Tengo they were supporting Screaming Trees.

    Screaming Trees - Dust CD
    I was massively disappointed with this after the first two albums they released on Epic, but listening to their Ocean of Confusion compilation I thought it wise to reconsider.

    Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls and Marches CD+DVD
    I already had this on vinyl and CD but the remaster adds two extra songs, and the one I've never heard before is worth the six quid this cost on its own! A band massively influenced by Wire who slipped Prof Jarr's mind too full of the infinitely inferior Poc Blarty.

    Grails - Doomsdayer's Holiday CD
    I keep hearing Grails being played by DJs at gigs and thinking it sounds good, asking what it is and finding it's actually from an album I've got! I first saw this band play in a greenhouse in an art installation in Liverpool.

    Hash Jar Tempo - Well Oiled CD
    The first collaboration album between Bardo Pond and Roy Montgomery, which had eluded me until now; a good one to spin whilst taking a (full) bath.

    Wounded Knee - Shimmering New Vistas CD
    Too many promos sent to busy music journalists who don't have time to listen to music and bitch if noise is too loud for them to yak over equals shrinkwrapped discs for a quid.

    Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments - Transmiticate CD
    Colin must let Donita know when rock'n'roll has been destroyed so she can give some more away. Another quidisc (new word).

    AU - Verbs CD
    Another quidisc from the media reject glut.

    Gallon Drunk - Live at Klub 007 CD
    Since James Johnston did time as a Bad Seed these have become honorary Australians in at least one record shop! One Drunk is worth two Verbs, a Spark and a Wounded Knee. Terry Edwards has played with Wire on a former Former Airline.

    18.9 I listen to music... a hell of a lot! Keep TV set unglued.

    Magazine - Play+ 2CD
    Adds an earlier gig from Manchester '78 (excellent sound quality) and two more Melbourne songs. I am reliably informed that Magazine have requested that this be released in a run of a thousand copies so don't leave it too late.

    OOIOO - Armonico Hewa CD (out 2/11)
    Yoshimi from Boredoms has another band just as original and inventive.
    Half Spanish, half Swahili: 'Air in a Harmonious State'

    Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights CD (out 26/10)

    Lisa Germano - Magic Neighbor CD (out 19/10)

    Living it Down - Comfortable on a Tightrope mix CDR #4 (from The Mill)

    20.9 After Part Chimp rocked The Mill

    Part Chimp - Reduced to Clear live CDR
    Hey Colossus / Tractor split 7"
    Subhumans - Unfinished Business
    The Ex Arkest
    Conflict - The Final Conflict

    from Anarchist Book Fair Saturday

    and then Chuck Prophet CD after his gig on Sunday
    24.9 After Death of Her Money and Ox Scapula rocked Saki

    The Death of Her Money - Spirit of the Stairwell CD

    Ox Scapula - Lax USA Cop 5 song cassette (4/150) on

    Ox Scapula / Wooderson split 7" on

    Money doesn't really exist,
    but it is convenient to pretend it does.
    Pussy Galore Dial M for Motherfucker on 180gm vinyl

    Velvet Underground Green Banana album (different mixes & versions of first album)
    "Pussy Plays" on 180gm vinyl. 60,s Psych band.
    The Big Pink
    The xx
    Six Organs of Admittance - Luminous Night
    Steven R. Smith - Cities
    Vic Chesnutt - At the Cut (again with plenty of musicians from Godspeed/Silver Mt. Zion etc.)

    i liked them all-
    Dalek - Absence
    Teenage Filmstars - Rocket Charms & Buy Our Record Support Our Sickness (Reissues of 2nd and 3rd album of Ed Ball's band)
    Andrew Chalk - East of the Sun (Reissue)
    Harmonia & Brian Eno - Tracks & Traces (Reissue with three extra tracks)
    Stephan Mathieu - Radioland
    The Flowers of Hell - Come Hell or High Water
    Actually I bought Absence off Dalek at the Tinned Tin festival in Castello about a year ago. The Dalek album I got was really Abandoned Language and I also got four Clash CDs for a fiver. For a mere two quid I also found the CD of The Stranglers best album The Meninblack.

    A fiver is British slang for the lowest value paper currency.

    The Clash are a band Wire don´t care for.

    The Stranglers are a band who wrote a great song about Spain and are probably the only 1977 band who don´t like to be called punk who might collectively be as or more intelligent than Wire?

    The Meninblack are either aliens, secret UFO cover up agents or cocaine hallucinations that bring bad luck and high pitched voices. They grow you for their own good!

    Castello is a nice Spanish town.

    Tanned Tin is an annual four day music festival organised by Acuarela records.

    Four is a number that comes after three.

    A year is 365 days most of the time (there is no time).

    Dalek is an angry political hip hop group who could be out to exterminate complacency.

    Language is No Comprendez its a riddle.

    These explanations have been brought to you by Beaky Freak from Sesame Street but don´t bother reading them as there are just too many words.

    I Don´t Understand!
    Spain by The Stranglers is a great track - nice to see that someone else out there appreciates it!
    Times New Viking
    Flaming Lips
    Ariana Delawari
    Akimbo - Jersey Shores
    Afri Rampo CD on Tzadik
    SYR 5 Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori and DJ Olive

    Why don´t you eat olives?