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    Back in our hotel room on the TV...

    Some show about a school with a fat teacher showing kids hwo to do rock music.
    Soundtracks were

    Jonathan Richman Roadrunner 1000 Miles an Hour
    Ramones Bonzo goes to Bitburg
    Metallica cover of The Wait by Killing Joke

    1000 Miles an Hour is a Thalia Zedek song originally performed by Via and later covered by Chris Brokaw, the other Come guitarist, so it seemed appropriate that that lyric should appear this afternoon.
    Yesterday I had two songs in my head so I sang them to Spanish people in the tropical park where the birds make so much noise that any English Fascist council would slap a noise abatement notice on them requiring them to kindly refrain from tweeting so loud that they can be heard in the next tree.

    The songs were
    Uncomplicated by Elvis Costello
    'You think its over now but we've only just begun!'

    Thrown Away by The Stranglers

    'If I set sail for new horizons...'

    There is a satellite dish in the nice streets below
    our hotel window outside embalzoned with the word
    Art? Or yet another example of rowdy Brits abroad?

    You decide, folks! ; )
    I don't care what YOU call it.
    I call it fun fun fun.

    You gotta have fun fun fun!
    Don't mind if you send me to Coventry
    Spain's not against my will

    (spot the song and win a dull Adult CD!)