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    Hell a moustachioed bozo with bad manners working for Manchester Fascist Council of Music Prevention stole two hard drives, a blown amp that came out of a skip, a midi hifi that doesn't work, a destroyed ghetto hummer that never was loud enough anyway, a pair of studio monitors that I'd blown the tweaters out of, an amp that cost just fifty quid and a CD player that cost twenty quid. They also took two very fucked up electric guitars and a cheap acoustic guitar. I'm not exactly going to pay these control vectors eight hundred pounds to get that lot back am I?

    I bought a used hard drive with windows98 already installed for a tenner in a market in Toxteth the day after the New Year rocked Liverpool. I typed this up on it so I guess I got a mega bargain there, thanks to a nice scouse lady who described Manchester Shitty Council's ASBO unit quite accurately as 'scum.' They are threatening me with five years in prison if I carry on playing music in my home as it disturbs the hashish haze of the tax evaders downstairs. Rapists and robbers get less than five years! Do you understand why I have come to hate my country so much? The only crime I ever did was playin' rock'n'roll!

    Anyway I thought I'd start up a new thread here concerning gigs that WIRE fans go to. As you might have noticed I have just been to Spain for the Tanned Tin festival to see Come and lots of other fine bands. On returning I had a day off the gig circuit.

    Last night I checked out some violent chaotic hardcore bands at Saki Bar in Rusholme. Barberos had three drummers and two keyboard/laptop noise makers and managed to blow out the power. I bet they like Boredoms! Empires Fade are a metallic hardcore attack with pummeling double kick drums. The Network started by hurling an empty beer can at me then the whole place descended into beautiful chaos as they blasted out the loudest noise I've ever heard in Saki. By the end of the set their singer Mike Bones was stark naked. Last up were Throats who played wacky hardcore in matching cycling suits and clambered all over the place pulling silly faces.

    Hats off to the ladies of Fat Out 'til You Pass Out for bringing these fine bands to our fascist dump of a city. It's things like this that make this gloomy miserable hole tolerable. They've got another gig coming up on November 27th at the Rampant Lion.

    Tonight Low are back in town so I guess I'll be running into Copyist Tim who works for the council so that should be a laugh! Alan Sparhawke's harder rockin' trio the Retribution Gospel Choir were a highlight at Tanned Tin and the last time I saw Low play a non-festival gig at Nottingham Rescue Rooms it was the best I've ever seen them.
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    18 Nov 2008 20:00
    Captain’s rest Glasgow, U.K
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    Royal Park Cellars Leeds, U.K
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    House show (late) Leeds, U.K
    20 Nov 2008 22:00
    Rock City w/ Genghis Tron Nottingham, U.K
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    Shooters Snooker Club Leighton Buzzard, U.K
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    London Underworld w/Genghis Tron plus special guest London, U.K
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    Windmill Brixton London, U.K
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    Le Pub Newport, U.K
    16 Jan 2009 20:00
    Anchors up w/ Graf Orlock Haverhill, Ma
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    18 Nov 2008 20:00
    Black Box w/ Russian Circles Belfast, Northern Ireland
    19 Nov 2008 20:00
    Andrews Lane w/ Russian Circles Dublin
    20 Nov 2008 20:00
    Star And Garter w/ Russian Circles Manchester
    21 Nov 2008 20:00
    Rock City w/ Russian Circles Nottingham
    22 Nov 2008 20:00
    Islington Academy w/ Russian Circles London
    Centrifuge #2

    Nov 27th, The Kings Arms , Salford. £5 & £3
    November 27th will witness the second session of a new venture from the Frakture organisation called Centrifuge. Centrifuge aims to provide a new opportunity in the North West for musicians, artists and listeners to meet, perform and share.
    Line up so far includes, Phil Morton, shaun blezard, steve lewis, Ian Simpson, Charlie Collins, Beatrix Ward-Fernandez,Phil Lucking, Anton Hunter, Graham Clark, John Jasnoch. More info + audio from Centrifuge #1 here:
    Must remember to tape the second WalkingSeeds Peel Session with the cover of Blue Oyster Cult's Transmaniacon MC for Jennifer Herrema...

    RTX are also on tour. Cool!
    tanned tin? Neptune played there, right? i thought they were one one the more interesting new bands i've seen this year. they make all their own instruments and electronics. guitars weigh like 50 lbs each. they don't play their instruments as much as assault them. they opened for Mission of Burma @ the bowery ballroom in ny in june and sounded fantastic. saw them at a dump in brooklyn a couple of months ago and the set wasn't quite as thrilling. maybe i just wasn't in the right mood though.
    still i highly recommend them. latest release is "Gong Lake".
    Yes enjoyed Neptune, they were noisier than most, but didn't kick up as much of a storm as Dalek!
    yeah, glad you mentioned that. i thought they were a bit noisy the 2nd time around as well.

    dalek? do have their site? i came up with multiple listings when googled. ( did they play with mike patton's tomahawk?)
    Dalek are playing at the Nightmare Before Christmas invited by Mike Patton.

    They also did a great collaboration with Faust .

    Website might be found via
    not sure!
    More Manchester giggery...

    Apes Fight Back for FREE with Breaking Colts at Tiger Lounge on 24/11

    Nick Cave have sodl out the Apollo on the 25th

    And then...
    27 Nov 2008 20:00
    Papier Tigre + Cissy + Gnod + Hot Bone Manchester
    18 Dec 2008 20:00
    Bad Uncles Dirty Xmas Extravaganza 2 Manchester
    Hell, looks like an explosion of good gigs over the next three days in this terminal dump Manchester. Hats off to all the great noisemongers and those who keep on organising gigs for them to play at.

    25 If you couldn't get a ticket for Nick Cave you can console yourself with Thee Vicars down at cool rockin' Tiger Lounge. Thee Vicars are described as the bastard offspring of Buzzcocks and Billy Childish on the flyer. I love that venue, although they could do with a real ale behind the bar. Last night was a blast. The DJ played Mudhoney, the Weirdos, Black Flag and Suicide before the first band went on. Hammers were a shirtless hardcore onslaught, Pout did everything from Shellac impressions to grunge rock to punk funk, Apes Fight Back were chaotic and cathartic and Breaking Colts were heavier than two Manchester ladies have ever been before. Their drummer also writes for the Big Issue. Its also the first day of the Futurenoise two day onslaught at the Star and Garter.

    26 Not only will Grief, Trap Them and Volition will raze the Star and Garter for Futurenoise, Radar Bros who I just saw at Tanned Tin will shovel sons into Dulcimer for a less abrasive evening.
    I'm going to have to do a Meat Puppets and split myself in two!

    27 Improv night Centrifuge at the Kings Arms promises to be one of the few gigs where I can still be one of the youngest in the room! The Bad Uncle show at Saki with Papier Tiger, Cissy and Hot Bone will be a younger, wilder affair. There's also a hardcore gig at Retrobar with Smalltown from Sweden, the Dauntless Elite (who do non-sweatshop shirts for a tenner) and a host of other angry musicians who hate the City Council fascists as much as I do!

    28 Racebannon, Mountains Became Machines and Samuel Sharp will rock the Rampant Lion, while Easter indulge in Hob Talk at the Star and Garter. The Horse and Loom, 7 Hertz and Darren Adcock are also playing some quieter music at the Hare and Hounds.

    I have recorded the first two WALKINGSEEDS Peel sessions for Jennifer Herrema. Let the riot begin!
    This just in form Liverpool...

    Some rather sad news. Louise texted me last night to say she's moving to Bristol and this Sunday's Flamingo 50 gig in Bar Fresa will be their last
    Re; Dalek .... here`s a link to their official homepage/recording studio

    Radar Brothers played Dulcimer November 27th NOT 26th. The only person who turned up on account of my email as far as I know got the right day. It was a busy gig night with Gnod, Cissy and Hot Bone at Saki. There was also some guy from Double Leopards playing at the Bowling Green courtesy of Golden Lab Records who are putting on the RTX headline gig on December 3rd. I went to see Radar Brothers who were supported by Cardiac Kid who kicked out Pavement / Dinosaur Jr inspired tunes with super melodic distorted bass. Then Dan Haywood's New Hawks played some pleasant folk rock with double violins. Radar Bros play elegant Americana, with a hint of early Pink Floyd and enough Mogwai friendly chord changes to make it obvious why they are on Chemical Underground records. They are the kind of band who sing songs about a Rabbit running, but the Rabbit is a dog. They've got another song about a dog called Ohio, and shovel sons down the road of dead souls. They played a bit longer than they did at Tanned Tin, becasue we weren't going to let them off the stage without a few more songs!

    27th & 28th are the busiest quality gig nights I recall in all my days in this grim post-industrial aluminium dump. There's even a house gig erupting in Levenshulme but you probably haven't been invited!

    26.11 I headed to the Star and Garter behind Picadilly Station where things were running very late thanks to Greek baggage handlers. However this was no excuse for inadequate racist retards to blame immigrants. Volition were ready and played a longer set than usual, which was fine by me as they were actually the only one of the three bands on the bill that I'd seen before. They play slow, heavy metallic hardcore and look like five guys you wouldn't want to mess with. The singer holds the mike far above his head and screams, the bassist dredges up a gutteral grumble like the earth belching. The lyrics are hard to decipher but they're probably not singing happy bunny goes fluff fluff along. The sound was loud and heavy enough to make me feel like my being was lifted out of my body. Loud music is better than any chemical drug. Even my bad gut felt better after being pummeled with all that low end! Grief and Trap Them had to fly in from Athens and had faced a long delay. They arrived at eleven, so there was just time for Grief to set up and play one of the loudest gigs I've ever seen at the Star and Garter. Grief are more hardcore metal than metallic hardcore if that makes any sense (sense cannot be made it can only be sensed). The singer / guitarist had a Black Sabbath T-shirt and the bassist wore a Rudimentary Peni T-shirt and somewhere between those two bands lies the sound of Grief, albeit heavier. It was good of the Star and Garter people to let the gig run later than usual. Lets hope none of the fascist spoilsports at the City Council find out. They'll probably put out a warrant to round us all up and put us in a concentration camp where they can experiment on us with liver damaging chemical concoctions that turn us into zombies.

    25.11 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds played one of the best gigs I've ever seen. I've written a very long review. Cave came on like an apocalyptic prophet of doom, songs like Tupelo and Papa Won't Leave You Henry heralding the floods which will inevitably wash away the city of Manchester. Well, we won't be weeping long! Not if great bands like support Joe Gideon and the Shark survive in their submarine while the rats drown!

    Afterwards I made it to Tiger Lounge just in time to hear a blast of rock'n'roll from Gravesend quintet Tom Allalone and the 78s at the tail end of the Fiction Non Fiction night.
    Anyone got tickets for Daniel O'donnell's upcoming tour? No, thought not! :)
    Who is Daniel O'donnell?
    "Who is Daniel O'donnell?"

    He's an Irish crooner that only women over the age of (about) 65 like! It was meant as a bit of a joke as I have nothing to add to this thread personally, but it seems to have fallen a bit flat - oh well...
    I had to buy a copy of Daniel O'Donnell's new cd, Country Boy*, for my mum's birthday. Unfortunately she gave me so little notice that this was what she wanted that I had I didn't have time to order it off the net and receive in plain brown packaging but had to, shamefully, buy it in person from my local HMV. And yes, my mother is over 65!

    *As the joke goes the title would be more appropriate had he left the tree out of country.
    Ha ha Keith, I bought it for my mom too, though fortunately for me it was over the net! I can just imagine you staring at the floor when you handed the disc over at the counter! Bet there was a huge queue behind you too! :)