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    Thanks for posting this Jesther.

    Hmm..might been down to end-of-tour tiredness but doesn't sound like we'll be hearing from Wire for a while......
    The good news, though, is that the individual members have never stayed quiet for very long in between Wire - and if that means more Githead, or 27#11, or He Said, or something from Bruce? or any other permutation... it's a trade-off I personally can look forward to.
    Graham Lewis has a hell of a lot of music awaiting release...
    "This is very much about now and now is not the time for half-hour freeform jazz pieces."

    I think here I'd have asked Colin
    i can't wait for Graham's lot of music to be released...

    i'd love a 27#11 to start.
    Funny interview!

    It was done in the van on the way to one of the East Coast gigs, forget which one. There are a few "mis-hearings" which do change the sense of what was said. Most of these you could probably figure out but in context of what R Swimmer said "We feel like our feet have already touched the ground since late April." should read "We feel like our feet haven't really touched the ground since late April." I'm basically expressing what everyone felt at the time. Wire isn't really used to do THAT much touring (even if it's bugger all compared with "proper" bands :)

    In terms of further activity. It won't surprise anyone that there are no Wire gigs planned for the remainder of 2008 but I doubt very much if we will et through 2009 without any Wire gigs even if there is parallel activity going on.
    now that's good news !

    thx colin.
    Maybe Read & Burn 04? I can dream, can't I?
    Some people seem to think jazz is still relevant...

    PORTICO QUARTET plus LIBRARY TAPES and THE HUNTER/ANDREAE QUARTETWednesday 26 November, 7.30pmMint Lounge, 46 Oldham Street Following last month's crowd-silencing performance by Olafur Arnalds, we return to Mint Lounge - a criminally under-used live music venue - with Mercury Prize nominees Portico Quartet. This London-based band play jazz, but not as you know it - no old men with pointy beards doing 10-minute improvised drum solos here! Centred around the distinctive sound of the hang (a flying saucer-like steel drum), they invoke memories of Philip Glass and Steve Reich's minimalism, plus they also remind us of post-rockers Do Make Say Think. Q hailed their 'danceable chamber jazz soundscapes' and Straight No Chaser called them 'a band who make experimental and adventurous music sound wonderfully accessible'. Plus, thanks to a stroke of good fortune (ie. checking a Myspace page at just the right time), we've got Gothenburg's classical/experimental/ambient one-man-band Library Tapes as special guest for this show. Local support comes from The Hunter/Andreae Quartet, mixing improvisation, cinematic soundscapes and rhythmic melodies. Tickets are £10 adv from, Piccadilly Records, Mint Lounge itself and on 0161 832 1111 And, as some of you have already spotted, we've recently confirmed return visits by two of America's most exciting live bands - Animal Collective and of Montreal! They're playing at Club Academy and both shows take place in January - on the 14th and 29th respectively. More information here: We're also putting an amazing triple bill together in April - Dirty Projectors, Polar Bear and Lucky Dragons, anyone? If so, and you'll be mad to miss it, watch this space... tickets will be on sale in January. And finally, it's a quiet couple of months but here are some Manchester gigging highlights: Nov -25 - Greg Weeks (Espers) @ Dulcimer27 - Radar Bros @ Dulcimer27 - Frightened Rabbit @ MohoLive28 - Wolf Parade @ Ruby Lounge30 - Jarvis Cocker/Jeffrey Lewis @ Academy Dec -2 - Chad Vangaalen/Women @ Night & Day4 - Ben Kweller @ Ruby Lounge4 - A Place to Bury Strangers @ Roadhouse6 - Wedding Present/The Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Academy13 - Herman Dune @ Deaf Institute ( - Stereolab @ Academy19 - Last Harbour @ Ruby Lounge
    I think Colin was making a reference to 'This is Spinal Tap', in the scene where they are about to play Themeland Amusement Park (supporting a puppet show) and finding themselves without Nigel Tufnel ('Tap's own Bruce Gilbert) in the ranks. Derek Smalls suggests they play his own Bass solo piece "Jazz Odyssey", to which David St Hubbins replies:
    "We're not about to do a free-form Jazz exploration in front of a festival crowd..".

    The nearest Wire ever got to to free-form Jazz is Crazy About Love, but I don't think CN means that.
    I think the term is used here by Colin as short hand for any sort of extended, self-indulgent wankery that is more fun to play than it is to listen to. Of course, I'd be quite happy to hear Wire do just that!
    'freeform/ self indulgent wankery' is sometimes applied to a group of musicians that the 'labeler' doesn't understand.
    even so surely the occasional ego trip,where a musician or group of musicians get to show off their skill at playing fast difficult pieces together can be great fun both for them and the audience, and I'm thinking here of some of John Zorn's groups/players, at times like ginger baker on speed. love it or hate it it takes a huge amount of perseverance and craft,the skill that he gets his players to exhibit whilste conducting them is at times nothing short of astounding, yet one of my friends, a home grown 'country boy', thinks they're being presumptuous just because he doesn't 'get it'. see here:
    i highly recommend Animal Collective. not to everyone's liking (what is?) and certainly not a traditional *Rock* band, more like
    a sonic collage incorporating loops, chants, electronica, (freak folk?), rock, and whatever else they can think of.

    i've also not seen but heard good things about Dirty Projectors and A Place to Bury Strangers. APtBS are loud. really LOUD!

    John Zorn is pretty amazing indeed. free-form, ambient, noise, and rock, def not trad JAZZ.
    Animal Collective are one of the best live acts around, but I feel they've yet to make a record which does their gigs justice.

    Much like Wire, they tend to play a set consisting mostly of new material, only with AC a lot of it doesn't seem to make the final cut. They played some amazing stuff prior to Strawberry Jam, but the resulting record was quite a let down.
    The closest they came was Panda Bear's solo album Person Pitch.

    The forthcoming new one is getting some good reviews, and does seem to feature at least one highlight, Monkey Sport, I recognise from their gigs this year so maybe they'll nail it this time.
    That Panda Bear LP is fab!
    i actually like Strawberry Jam. well half of it i think is great and the other half just ok. true they are constantly experimenting
    with their live sound and continually play and tinker with their new stuff. which, for me, is what makes them such an interesting band. the first time i saw them in 2006 they put on an absolutely amazing show. the 07 version was completely different and i wasn't into it quite as much as their prior tour set.

    SJ got a lot of good reviews as well, though i'm hoping too that the new one , Merriweather Post Pavillion is even better.