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    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 21st 2008 edited)
    Well someone had to do it, I have quite a few bootlegs, some of them are really good quality and some pretty dismal.
    Most are packed away awaiting shipment as I shall be moving, however here's 4 I currently can lay my hands on, the first three are 'excellent' quality and the 4th is 'fairly good', maybe we can 'barter' one another using whisper, but post 'what we have'(including comments on their quality) for all to see, here's the 4 I can 'lay my hands on'
    1)@ Leuven, Belgium, April 29 2008
    2)@South Street Seaport, N.Y.C May 30 2008 (f.m broadcast)
    3)@ Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, October 10 2008 and
    4) Live in Manchester, which is laying around here somewhere- but just can't find it at the moment (I'm so disorganized right now)
    Where are you moving to?

    I'm moving as well it seems.

    Should I go over the road or all the way to Belgium?
    I have one from Boston/The Paradise 6.30.88 - OK quality, but lots of crowd noise. Unremarkable, but I will admit I haven't listened to it lately. Will check it again for hidden treasures.

    There is an old one - 1979? - that is pretty much a waste of time. I believe it is the same one that The Wire Page lists as Cologne? March 1979. Looking at the gig list this makes no sense, probably another German show mislabeled, but there you have it. It's possible that it was a Koln radio broadcast of a show in another city, not sure.

    The gem is one I have marked as Vienna FM, from 1987 or 88. Not sure what show this points to, but it is indeed clearly a radio broadcast. There are lovely performances of Ahead, Madman's Honey, and A Serious of Snakes (amongst others). Unfortunately A Vivid Riot of Red gets cut off, but what can you do. I can't make heads or tails of what this one might be relative to the bootleg list on The Wire Page.

    This is the only one that I have thus far dumped over to digital. I split the tracks up but kept all info, no fades or trimming of gaps between cuts. Also tweaked it just a hair to eliminate a bit of tape hiss and improve fidelity slightly. No, I didn't go overboard and introduce digital artifacts.

    Will take a look at the tape tonight to see if I can iron out any more specifics.
    Bootlegs my favourite is the one with the funky version of Midnight Bahnhof Cafe and Lorries.
    Recorded in Hull or Montreaux? M. Bursa will surely know...!

    Which bit of Europe you going to Ari?

    Belgium, Germany & Spain rock!

    UK is a terminal dump! France is slow and has crap beer!
    That would be the Mittnacht Bahnhof Cafe Nostalgia bootleg. Hull Tiffany's , 1979. Similar set to Notre Dame Hall (D&E/Coatings)

    The full Montreux set is floating around too - bits of it on various vinyl bootlegs. Similar vintage to Rockpalast.

    Try Pelforth.

    Germany (and Austria) not only has great beer, but will also be rocked by Wire in 2009. I'm very tempted to go over to catch one of those dates if I can. Anyone care to recommend any of the German or Austrian venues/locations?
    I have recordings from the California shows from 1987 to 2003.
    When is Wire playing Germany ? Are there dates already ? i live in Germany so i'll definitely catch them here if they come.
    Ok, i'v seen the dates. Don't know any of the venues, but if you want to combine the concert with a short visit of the town then Berlin is a clear first choice, followed by Hamburg, Köln and München.
    NB - the full German datelist is on the front of the site now..

    On the subject of bootlegs. We have a fair amount of stuff in the pinkflag archive and have been thinking of making a "Legal bootleg" club if we can figure a way to do it technically. Basically the idea would be that for a fee you can download a bunch of legal bootlegs (70's /80's/ 00's) - I'd figure a price that averaged out to 4-5 pounds per concert would be low enough to (say pay 40 get 10 shows or pay 25 & get 5 shows) make it attractive to both customers & band. One way to make this interesting for this forum would be that if someone has something we don't have (or something we don't have at better quality) then we could trade a free club membership (or just give a bunch of shows in return).

    Anyone got any views on this??
    >>Anyone got any views on this?? <<
    Just 'Do It', I think the Radiohead model might work whereas one pays what one thinks is a 'reasonable' price within a 'given range'
    As long as the range does not start from 0. I guess there's a minimum needed to cover the running costs (technical platform etc.).

    On my side i would pay for sure the price suggested by Colin. Is there a rough estimation of how many interested people would be needed to make it worth doing it ?

    ps: Mannheim instead of Frankfurt. how could you do this to me :-)
    well several years back Pearl Jam released 30 to 40 shows on a CD format. they use to have a massive fan base so i guess it was worth it to them to press a ton of CD's and sell them at a discount price. i know Rancid offers downloads of their shows on their site. i think about $10/ per show.

    not sure i'm in favor of the pay-what-you-wish Radiohead model as that was more of a publicity gimmick. a one time only thing. kinda like nobody notices the 2nd person to set his guitar on fire on stage. i don't think Wire would garner the same kind of attention, even though, for me, they're the more captivating band.

    Animal Collective also releases tons of live stuff, though i don't think they charge anything. not sure if it is authorised by them or not, but they don't seem to mind having it out there.

    also Nine Inch Nails released The Slip, a studio album, as a free download earlier this year. if you like an industrial-goth sound a la David Bowie, you'll love this one!
    Given that plenty of bands now have £12 CDRs available straight after a gig, four quid for a concert would be a good price-point for historical stuff, at least if the quality isn't dreadful (like the 'in a biscuit tin' tracks on Turns & Strokes). The only thing I'd say here is that it'd be good to see a range of stuff, so stuff like Ahead live (which isn't out in any remotely 'official' capacity), some of the oddball stuff from the '90s and '00s, and, frankly, Underwater Experiences from the recent tour! One possibility would be to get them out via Greedbag for 39p or so per track, if that's financially viable.

    EDIT: Also, regarding the 'donationware' idea, I don't this is the way for Wire. It just about worked for Radiohead because the band is massive. For a smaller band with a smaller audience, the return would be negligible, since the majority lowball when it comes to donations.
    I think its a fantastic idea, and i think 4 quid per gig is perfectly reasonable assuming these are decent soundboard recordings or whatever, and downloads are fine but maybe include some cover art embedded in the file. i agree the radiohead model doesn't stack up for wire who have a more select fanbase ;)
    I have to say it is a great idea in theory and also agree that the 'donationware' idea is not the best model. However, quality of the recordings would be a driver - could we get sample MP3s and agree that this is worth GBP/USD (whatever) X and that is worth Y? That probably has some technical challenges but if Wire can guarantee the quality of the recordings, I would certainly buy!
    the only Wire bootleg i have (beside MP3s of Not About To Die) is a tape bootleg of a concert in Florence in 1987. haven't heard it for ages, i don't even remember which tracks they played. must check it out.
    Think we are all in favour of paying for the chance to get a hold of WIRE live gigs, especially if the are some (to me) late 70,s early 80,s gigs. Would rather pay what SwimHQ is proposing than line a bootleggers pockets, which unfortunately I have had to do and still am doing. The sooner the better. Thumbs up from me.
    might be worth considering releasing select audio/visual material on the Blu-ray format as well. Neil Young is finally (almost finally!) ready to put out 20 or so cds of archival stuff of his early work. Lou Reed recently released the the live version of Berlin online, on cd, dvd, and Blu-ray. don't know if Blu-ray is catching on in europe yet, but the AV quality is said to be exceptionally good. if the price for a BR player comes down to $200 over the holidays (from $1500 in 06) i think a lot of people will buy it.
    I think the bootleg club Colin proposed is a fantastic idea and reasonable at the given price. And like Craig said, I think it's important to have a wide range of material, covering a lot of different eras as well as some more obscure song choices. I would like to hear post-154 70's material that sounds better than Turns & Strokes if at all possible!