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    Count me in. Props to Ari for starting this thread. I would love to see some more of the 80's/ 90's stuff available. The fact that it would be approved by Wire would make it all the more worthwhile. I'll stash a couple hundred dollars in case this economic whirlwind sucks me in.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeNov 27th 2008 edited)
    Thanx mistergo, I think it's fantastic that Colin likes the idea, my only wish is that he doesn't make 'a concert' from 'several venue's' ( though I see no harm in a 'best of compilation' to compliment everything), I'd rather have several concerts from several venue's myself.I know that Nero will burn individual trax with a 'no gaps between trax' option for those of you that would prefer that,(and I'm sure y'all would) -I think you have to convert it to .wav first-are there any other programs with this option?
    The bootleg club is a brilliant idea Colin, but the quality of the recordings would need to be half decent - though having heard the Roxy & CBGB stuff one would assume you have more material in as good sound!
    can this idea be extended to bootlegs of solo projects ? i would love to hear dome outtakes or colin live in the early 80's or similar.
    "However, quality of the recordings would be a driver - could we get sample MP3s and agree that this is worth GBP/USD (whatever) X and that is worth Y?"

    I suspect Colin wouldn't put out unlistenable stuff—there's little point. I know Wire has a fair amount of stuff in the archives that should be decent quality, and certainly good enough for what's being suggested. I've no idea what mechanism Colin's thinking about, but I imagine we'd either see clips of tracks online or a free track from some of the albums on the PF MP3 page.

    "might be worth considering releasing select audio/visual material on the Blu-ray format as well"

    I suspect Wire on Blu-ray isn't remotely commercially viable at present—the media is probably currently too niche for a band with Wire's audience to consider. Everyone has a DVD player. The same isn't (yet) true enough of Blu-ray.

    "I think the bootleg club Colin proposed is a fantastic idea and reasonable at the given price. And like Craig said, I think it's important to have a wide range of material, covering a lot of different eras as well as some more obscure song choices."

    I think that's key. Personally, I'd like to hear some of the stuff around Ideal Copy, Bell and IBTABA, because live Wire was very different to the often iffy production on the recorded output, plus we've already got a bunch of live '70s stuff out there officially. However, if there's decent quality D&E-era stuff in the vaults, that'd also be of interest.

    "can this idea be extended to bootlegs of solo projects ? i would love to hear dome outtakes or colin live in the early 80's or similar."

    If there are reasonable quality Colin Newman gigs from around the time of the extras on Alone on Penguin Island, I'd definitely pay four quid to hear them. I've got a couple of bootlegs of CN stuff in the loft, but haven't ever got around to putting them on the Mac.
    I like the idea of achive stuff getting put out this way and I also think £4 or £5 would be fair. I would suggest that if this was going to happen that it is rolled out one or two at a time, I know I'd be more likely to be able to afford it that way.

    The more I think about it the more I like it actually. I live in a bootleg black hole so I've only got a couple of old boots, and not particularly rare one's I'd guess too. Without wishing to run before we can walk if it would be possible to expand it as it goes on to include solo, Dome, He Said etc. stuff then there would be a very happy chap here.
    This might be quite a long shot, but if there's anyone who was at the Gilbert/Lewis/Mills MZUI exhibition in 1981 at The Waterloo Gallery in London who might have one of the daily cassette recordings they freely gave away... that would be extremely interesting archive material...
    "Ahead live (which isn't out in any remotely 'official' capacity), " wrote Craig.

    There was a live version of Ahead on the Buzz Buzz Buzz live 12" which is probably hard to find these days.
    I bootlegged the most recent glasgow gig...the quality is ok (certainly brought back memories listening to it on the train home) although it is somehwhat tainted with my drunken sing along and constant moronic song requests...

    "Mary is a dyke!"
    "So and slow!"
    "Too true too true!!!"

    Singing "It's so obvious" when they returned for an encore got a little reaction off Colin though :)
    "There was a live version of Ahead on the Buzz Buzz Buzz live 12" which is probably hard to find these days."

    Damn! I'd forgotten about that one - good spot. Kidney Bingos was the other track. I only ever saw this once, at the local market, although I imagine it shows up on eBay now and again.
    Keeping on topic, the bootleg club sounds great. I'd be particularly interested in hearing old old stuff.

    Any chance of a remix club too Colin? Imagine having access to the raw tracks for Send and The Scottish PLay (I presume this was a multitrack project?)
    i like the idea of the remix club !
    I think we're all in favour.............
    One of my fave groups (no guesses now) held an online competition asking fans to submit their own remixes, what do you say Colin? I bet Billy could do a good disco mix of something out there by Wire
    Ari I Can't imagine Wilco would lend itself to a remix! ;)

    I'd love a go at remixing a Wire track..I think this came up in another thread. Bit too much competition on the Radiohead front!

    Thumbs up to solo stuff on the Official Bootleg front as well.
    Did Dome play many gigs?. Kevin's book lists CN gigs, and even Roberts gigs drumming with Fad Gadget but not the Dome things.
    I know there was the Hacienda thing where they played up on the balcony as there is a clip on 'Free Speech & More TV'. What about Grahams various projects?
    Well, for a start there's Graham's set from RFH.
    y'all might want to check how the Grateful Dead roll. i'm not a live Dead expert so i can't recommend specific sites --there are
    probably hundreds-- but they (and their fans) have ben selling and sharing bootlegs since forever. when you play 300 shows a year for 2 or 3 decades that's a ton of material. i love some of the early work when Pigpen was still alive. did some amazing
    soulful playing and singing on "turn on your lovelight/ not fade away", among others.

    there is also a Burn Request site whereby you email them the concert you want and they send you 2 or 3 cds. they also have
    a sample section for quality control. shows are 35 usd for the first show, 25 usd for the 2nd. kinda pricey for Deadheads though (dirty hippies!), but affordable for the older fans, i guess.
    seems a bit stiff to charge those sort of prices when they likely got them for nothing, I've sent out tons of concert c.d's and if the recipient ain't got anything I want that's just my tough luck, but for one fan to charge another fan just isn't cricket.
    As for 'around four quid' for a downloadable wire concert -count me in, 'specially if it's high bit-rate mp3's.
    Dylan fans also had something similar to the G.Dead called Bobs Boots.
    Just about every gig he has done including rare early 60,s gigs were available.
    Literally 1000,s of gigs.
    It was done by a tree system, Someone was the root (the source) who passed it on to the branch
    (several people in different corners of the globe) who burned them off to the leaves (dylan fans) who in
    turn sent a blank CDR or gig that the Branch did not have as payment.

    Worked really well.
    was thinking about the 'quality' issue for the downloads, as 'FLAC' has gained some popularity (and is better then mp3) what about giving us an option to download either mp3 OR flac? there's a really good free program for converting to wav here so you can burn them in iso compact disc format: