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    Last time I checked all of the PinkFlag shop downloads have these two options, so my guess would be that they'd likely consider continuing the "tradition"...
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeDec 19th 2008)
    just found this thread and wanted to express my support for Colin's idea. I have most of what's been circulated on the main sites in the past few years--mostly '87-88 audience recordings and then '00 onward--but would be interested in the band's offerings. But I would heavily favor the flac format. I doubt I would pay for anything in mp3.
    Is there anything happening with the "Bootleg Club" now? I think it's a brilliant idea. If it is, I'm definitely "in". Please go ahead with this, if possible.
    (sorry, just trying to push this thread forward a bit)
    And of course .flac would be best.
    One model that does work for a bootleg club is over at DGM. Robert Fripp makes King Crimson live material available to download (at a flat fee) in both mp3 and FLAC format. Not only do you get the music but artwork. The recordings are always very good quality (either multi track masters, sound board or very good bootleg recordings) that have been cleaned up, mixed and mastered to a very high standard.
    O.K so it's March and I was wondering if anyone is 'working' on this yet and, if so, when can we expect results?
    any nooze Colin?
    Was thinking that myself. After all Xmas is passed and WE have money to spend now lol.
    A lot of work is going on in terms of working out what's out there and finding the best-quality recordings. Reassuringly, there's quite a lot! These need digitising and some will need some remedial work. A degree of patience is required!


    I'll give you 48 hours, Bursa, and think yourself lucky!
    So do we all have to sing a Clash song now?
    48 hours means 48 thrills!
    Hi Guys!
    I Have been completely outside this discussion, until now!

    Hopefully one day this type of CONCERT DOWNLOAD CLUB could happen and now it looks like it just might?

    I Have been happily hiving away for a long time awaiting this and having Colin giving it a blessing is Great!!
    So i stored away well for the future!

    Had a message from Colin regarding taking this idea forward

    Mark Bursa you gotta contact me if you are the head Honcho on collation??

    I Have a massive amount of the WIRE Concerts 1977-2008 already digitised and ready to roll!![Almost]
    My own Initial opine [echo CC] is all releases in FLAC With ARTWORK

    The King Crimson boot concert Work Model would be a similarity to where i would like this to go

    But obviously with an Original WIRE slant

    Hi John

    Sorry - been a bit hectic here over the past few weeks.

    Be very interested in seeing your list - I've got copies of most of the well-known 77-80 bootlegs but quality is always an issue - so it's highly likely that you've got a few sonic upgrades!

    And occasionally something new turns up (eg one from the legendary West Runton Pavilion that surfaced last year). And there are one or two 'holy grails' that have to be out there somewhere!

    Email address is as ever markbursa at aol dot com.

    Agree on FLAC rather than MP3 - it's a shame to degrade sound any further.


    Let's get busy! there is a plethora of great WIRE recordings to make A FANTASTIC OUTPUT!!
    Would like to include exclusive artwork too! with every issue download!
    and would also like to know what HQ Has to contribute to the Archive!!


    Yay FLAC! Or, if people really want a smaller file for download efficiency, is the world happy with (non-DRM) MP4/AAC yet? The bulk of the new non-Apple players are now quite comfortable with them, and the quality is miles beyond MP3 (IMHO) - none of that funny, whispery, shimmery business that colors cymbals and such. With live recordings this always seems to be compounded by tape hiss.

    Just a suggestion!
    They should probably provide multiple formats that you can download after purchase—perhaps FLAC and 320kbps MP3. Personally, I don't see a great deal of difference between AAC and MP3—you just need to ensure encoding's done at a high quality. Hiss and other issues affect both formats when compression approaches 128kbps.
    Trust me, I won't complain and boycott if they end up being MP3s! I'm in either way! I liked the sound of the Daytrotter tracks, which I believe were 224k MP3s or something?
    perhaps it's time for us to 'inform' which decoder we all use to reformat from flac to wav for c.d player playing.I use format factory.
    dBpoweramp w/MP4 plugin
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeMay 15th 2009)
    do you mean for playback on the computer? Foobar. Until recently, an old version of Winamp; I believe that program no longer needs a plugin to play FLACs. But Foobar's more streamlined.

    or for burning audio CDs? just the basic FLAC Frontend. Also as it's built into Trader's Little Helper. Then EAC for the burn.

    recently, I've been just keeping more of my downloads in FLAC, burned onto data CDs, since "serious" traders apparently regard the original file sets to be superior in lineage, and I rarely have the opportunity to use my CD player these days anyway. But I still haven't worked my PC into a decent, non-headphone playback system, as someone here advised me on a little while ago. Someday...
    I can hear no difference between FLAC and 320 mp3 whatsoever. FLAC just means more download time and more HDD space filled up. Plus these are live bootlegs so the original recordings are hardly going to capture ever squeak of Robert's kick drum pedal are they?

    How about a limited edition version on Cassette with photocopied inserts?!
    "How about a limited edition version on Cassette with photocopied inserts?! "

    That's the first thing I've understood on this thread for ages!