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    what the flac...

    uncompressed vinyl. that would my favourite format.
    >>How about a limited edition version on Cassette with photocopied inserts?!<<
    If you can come up with a way to download the cassette, shell n all............................(s'long as it's dolby pro hx)
    as far as 'not being able to tell the difference', this might be the system being used (or lack of) e.g,I doubt a boombox would 'let you know' if you get my drift.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeMay 18th 2009 edited)
    really, the difference between flac (a lossless format of compression) and 320 or even 224k mp3s (a lossY form of compression) is important only if you ever plan to burn audio CDs of the music. Because that's when the flaws become quite audible, mainly a strange shimmer in the high end, and random blips and skips. If you'll only ever play the files over headphones while you're working on your computer, yeah, you might not hear a difference. But when you burn a CD from mp3s, it'll be clear you've used damaged goods, if you've got ears. A CD burned from flac, or some other lossless format--there are several--sounds identical to one that was never compressed. I've got a crap PC and a pretty decent standard CD player/amp/speakers rig, so most of the time I prefer to burn an actual CD from whatever I've downloaded.
    cc and all ET AL
    Your input is important as download and burn To CD Is a massive part here..
    Not just here @ PF but all over the net "most" Music afficianodos appeal for the best quality available
    Hence Wav to Flac
    As a Universal Trusted Benchmark...

    The end result IS THE BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE At the time of release

    What someone does with the "lesser" quality downloads is of no business of anyone else. so long as the tracks aren't re introduced at a later date as genuine original source!

    In essence, i would be truly grateful of a guy or gal listening to this series in MP3 on their IPod than nothing!
    In response to R Swimmers comment to no Aural difference between MP3 320 and Wav to FLAC

    Your conclusion is that all Known Music RECORDED EVER should be recorded in MP3 320

    Is that
    Response to Biccio
    I Would buy your vinyls when you open your new LP Record Pressing plant

    Let me be the first to order 500 of whatever you are offering!??

    what are you offering?

    sounds absolutely fantastic!!
    Johnny Gee, I quite clearly did not say "all known music RECORDED EVER" should be recorded as 320kbps mp3 did I?

    My "point" was that since we are dealing here with 'official bootlegs', most of which will at best be soundboard tapes recorded to cassette, or audience recordings, a decent quality mp3 would capture them well enough.

    I suggest the Wire Bootleg club follows what certain download sites like and does and simply offer a choice of High bitrate Mp3s, and a FLAC option at a premium price for those who are kept awake at night by such things.
    That's what they're going to do Mr. 'Swimmer'.
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeMay 21st 2009)
    well, it's such a good thing R was here to settle the issue!
    What ever happened to the Albini session from the retrospective tour in 2000 ?
    OK - feedback received about formats. As it is if you check the shop at you'll see we already offer hi res MP3 & Flac on all releases we have digital rights for. There would be no reason to do any different for these "releases"... In terms of artwork I don't think it would be too hard to map whatever we come up with onto CD & cassette templates also so you can roll your own :)

    In response to Fergus' query, the reason why they never emerged was because we weren't that happy about them. Wire + Albini looks great on paper but didn't fly. Not Steve's fault, it's more to do with the retrospective nature of what we were playing at the time. I do now have the multi-tracks but upcoming Wire studio time would be best spent towards realising new material in my and (almost certainly everybody else's) opinion. There are a few things like that which could be done on a rainy day or trimester...
    Fair enough. Just curious. Not suggesting time should be spent remixing (that was Steve's job anyway ;-)
    Recording new material is indeed time much better spent !
    "upcoming Wire studio time"

    ! ! ! ! !
    "upcoming Wire studio time"

    My thoughts exactly!! lol
    Lips are licking.
    Cabaret Voltaire are now doing a live archive thing for download: Info here:
    Is this bootleg thing ever gonna happen?!
    Good question on the bootlegs Eels under tables.
    So this one's 'object 86'. in an attempt to 'keep up the pressure' ............ (not that it'd work on Colin.)
    Hey give 'em a chance! Took five years between 'Send' and 'Object 47'. Lets just hope Wire don't decide to take most of the decade off like they did in the 90s!
    true, yes boss.