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    Are there any extant live recordings or bootlegs of Dome or Colin Newman/Soft Option? It'd be great to see how that material worked live (especially considering the A-Z demos are so good).
    I know this is really about side projects rather than Wire, but one topic on bootlegs seemed enough.
    I, too, am extremely curious about any live Dome recordings. Apparently the VHS version of the Mute comp Tyranny Of The Beat contains a recorded live performance of "Rolling Upon My Day", though this is exceedingly hard to find.

    Ditto Soft Option. How often did they even play in the first place...?
    There are a few Colin Newman band type bootlegs about. My fading memory reminds me of a couple of appearances at the Venue in London and a Canadian gig also in the early eighties.

    Now Dome bootlegs is an interesting topic. I never looked to be honest. Any Dome bootleggers on the list?

    Some listers will recall the Dome appearance of Rolling Upon My Day from that Mute VHS reappearing in a wire compilation VHS video a few (er.. 12) years back. Many people on here will still have that ;)
    I've got a Dome boot—Paradiso, Amsterdam, 26 Feb 89—that, if my memory is right, was recorded off a RealAudio stream. I can upload if there's interest.

    edit: Yep, here's where I got it:
    Wait... I have that! From the same place! Should re-listen to it. All I can remember is that it was very abrasive (though not unenjoyably so) and somewhat poorly recorded.
    Paradiso is well known for having difficult acoustics - well, at least by a couple of Dutch guys I know.

    Tyranny Of The Beat contains a recorded live performance of "Rolling Upon My Day"

    I believe I have an mp3 of the audio from this vhs. It is mono and if I can find it, will be happy to forward it.
    You are my musical hero, sir!
    For those who haven't seen this video, it is really something! It starts out with RUMD (with Angela Conway on bass) and then breaks into the noise featured on Seven Year. Graham steps out of the spotlight and you see a large bottle getting guzzled. During Seven Year Bruce disappears and heads upstairs and starts jumping over and over in a spotlight... Video ends.
    What is this Tyranny of the Beat?Some kind of Domish VHS?!
    It was a compilation video of Mute's "Grey Area" featuring the more experimental/ industrial acts.
    Sounds right up my street. Is it on youtube?
    I couldn't find it on youtube but I think I still have it. If I ever get to cleaning out my garage I'll try to upload it and post.
    Thanks in advance!
    I bought those demo bootleg CDs the other day, and was wondering about the provinence. are the 1976 demos still with George Gill? Are these bits and bobs left off Behind the Curtain? Can anyone help?
    I assume that the "demos" are actually the set of recorded rehearsals from mid-'76 (when George Gill was firmly in) that I've read about, albeit never actually seen or heard.

    To be honest, seeing that unless the band officially release this set (somewhat unlikely), they will never see profit from this, I really wouldn't mind if someone uploaded these somewhere... Same goes for the Electric Ballroom and 154 tour rehearsals.
    There's a live Dome track on the Blast First album Three Fingers & a Fumb recorded at Disobey in the mid 90's I think
    I've heard of that, actually... Need to check that out.
    If there's anyone here who can help a person out *wink wink* with Three Fingers & a Fumb, I know I'd be appreciative.
    I could run you off a copy if you forward me your address