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    Oh to be rich:
    oh i'm not the only one then! I must say i think £9's a tad steep 4 a download lp!
    Do I get a namecheck if I recorded the masters? :)
    Absolutely! Way more pricey than i imagined. I don't mind paying £9 for a cd (how much send deluxe is on hmv/amazon) but it's way too much for a bootleg download. Very tempted by the 88 one though even though i can't afford it right now.
    A wee bit disapointed the bootlegs are downloads only. Does seem a tad pricey.
    Pricey indeed. But then they do need to keep Mark Bursa in sports cars! ; )
    a bit pricey ? maybe.
    oh well, i'll consider it my contribution to the cause...
    If Colin or Craig see this, please reply to us all.

    I, like everyone else here i think, assumes that the Legal Bootleg series are digital downloads only. On clicking the link from yer newsletter, the page states that the trax will be emailed as soon as 'we see your order'. Having placed the order I received a confirmation email only. On clicking the link within that, it seems my order is being processed & will be posted.

    So....are they downloads? Or actual, physical cd's? I is a tad confused!

    Oh & i tried emailing Greedbag, but it bounced back to me!!
    Same here. No download available yet. I guess the download will only be available (logging in at greedbag) once the payment has been acknowledged by the other side ?
    Dittos for both the boots and Send Ultimate. I've got my receipt and the link back to Greedbag, but no download links at the other end.
    Same here, so far no download links. But according to Wire Headquarters this should be sorted soon; apparently there were some server problems. I reckon we'll get the links sometime tomorrow.
    Just purchased the 88 bootleg and got the download link. Halfway through listening and I am blown away! I always knew that there had to be a bootleg of 80's Wire playing with this level of intensity and I am glad I finally have it!

    I do have to echo the sentiment around here that these digital downloads are entirely too expensive. It comes out to 14 US dollars which is a few dollars more than you would pay for an album at even the most expensive digital retailers. If these shows were 8 or 9 dollars a piece I wouldn't think twice about buying all three but at the going rate I'm going to be very selective about which concerts I choose to buy. I don't want to sound ungrateful here because I am thrilled that Wire is doing this but I can't help but feel like there would be better sales at a more reasonable price point.
    I'll ping Colin regarding this thread. My understanding is the bootleg series is digital-only, with the exception of the video, which will be send as a DVD in a poly bag. As for the pricing, bear in mind that there are still costs involved with digital downloads, so Wire doesn't see £9 per album (or £6.70 if you go for the sub).

    On the 1988 gig, I agree that it's a bloody good one—Queen of Ur is particularly good in a shambling, noisy way that the album version wasn't. Kind of makes me wish someone could nip back in a time machine and provide an 'alternate' mix for the first few 1980s Mute albums.
    I think there was some problem with incomplete coding of the MP3's State 51 follow up all this stuff individually and they are on top of the technical side (which I'm not) - Got this this morning

    Hi Colin

    I'll deal with all of these this morning, the mp3's should all be ready to go out now, so the orders will go out and hopefully that should make
    everyone happy, sorry for the delay, I think it's better that there is a tiny delay with their downloads going through rather than them expecting them to be there in the download area, and they aren't.
    They should all be working now and I'll run the code right now.


    On the issues of pricing and product format.

    1. As Craig said, everything - apart from the DVD will be digital only
    2. The pricing is set so that we can cover our costs and make a bit of profit if we sell a hundred or so complete sets. Our presumption was (and this has proved to be correct) that the vast majority get the set not only because it's better value but also because they trust the fact that we are putting together a series which is varied & interesting enough to keep the serious Wire fan engaged. As Craig points out the individual price works out at £6.70 per item if you get the series. That's £1.20 cheaper than an album on iTunes!
    3. It would make no sense to try to release this series as physical product. The only way to make that work would be to try to sell through normal distribution channels (ie shops) and we would simply saturate our own market by trying to make that work. The only other way to contemplate that would be to do very small runs for mail order only which would mean we'd have to price it very high just to see the costs back.


    We live in a culture where people expect to download stuff like this for free. Actually they don't mind paying a website which is illegally hosting copyright materials so they download faster. It is more than likely that these releases will end up on these websites sooner or later. I guess it all depends on who you prefer to pay, the people that make the music or the owner of a bunch of nameless servers who can only make money by selling stolen goods...
    I just received the greedbag download links about an hour ago and they're all working fine. Many thanks!
    I got my link a while ago & i'll download at home this evening.

    Whilst not directly a problem for Colin/Wire it's does reflect upon you. I sent 2 emails to Greedbag & recieved automated emails stating they were undelivereable - though the person I just spoke to said she had seen them! Emails I received from Greedbag said a) follow the link to download a single gig, though on speaking to Greedbag it is a link to download the whole 'batch of 3', & b) a second email siad that my order had been dispatched. All very confusing, but will be worthwhile, I'm sure, when I get home, download & listen.

    I would prefer to buy direct from label/artist & I would in no way not expect you to make a profit on your sales (after all, a broke Wire prob means a split up Wire & no-one here wants that!) and you have obviously done your maths, but not everyone on here will want all 9 gigs - well I won't anyway. The 1st 3 appeal to me (partic the Astoria gig as i was there & remember it rather fondly) as, obviously, they are from different eras (as will the next 2 series I know), but i shall prob not purchase many more. I don't download much, but TO MY MIND £8 seems a tad expensive for a download, when cd's are available at not much more (& i'm one of those mugs that prefer to have a physical product as i play my music primarily on stereo, not on headphones). However, I have & will continue to support you by buying Wire product & seeing Wire live - I just reserve keep my right to disagree slightly!

    (Just in case you see this Colin - is there any liklihood of selling prints of your website gallery (or others?) pix?)
    The price doesn't seem that unreasonable given that this is a fairly small operation with limited expected interest—a Wire bootleg series is very much the epitome of a niche market. So hitting that break-even point does require a higher base price.

    Listening to Queen's Hall right now and having it reinforced again why I love these guys—smart, creative noise that demands that you pay attention.
    The Queen's Hall gig is amazing, just wonderful noise.
    Before I throw down for the subscription, had to ask: is there a FLAC option, as there is when buying them individually?

    Also, a big thank you to all who worked to make this possible. Factoring in currency conversion, for me it ends up being about $100 for nine shows plus the DVD. To me this seems like a bargain when you consider the work that has obviously gone into it.
    Yes all the digital versions through our Mail Order are either MP3 or Flac