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    Excellent! Thanks!
    Despite my price grumble i am enjoying the 88 gig hugely! also it being over 80mins it wouldn't have fit onto 1 cd, another reason for download only.
    Yeah, I will second that! It's been on heavy rotation for me during this work day. Great quality and a spirited performance!

    I suppose I had previously underestimated the cost of running an online digital store and I'm sorry if I came off as snarky for complaining about the price. Wire have always been good to their fans and I trust that they tried to strike a balance between charging a fair price and earning enough profit to keep this subscription service viable. I'm going to do everything I can to purchase as many concerts as I can. You can't really put a price on how much enjoyment I've gotten out of Wire's music over the years and I think we should all do everything we can can to support them.
    At this point I'd really like to come into approximately $100....
    All's well that ends well as they say. Finally downloaded & the 1st half of the Astoria is v good i must say. Will have to listen more...& I think I probably wilL!!!
    Have listened only to the Edinburgh one till now. Very nice. I love the version of Heartbeat. And i wasn't aware that He Knows has been around for so long..
    In reply to 7jlong's post earlier on and Colin's reply...

    I ordered the subscription package on Monday and got my download link this morning... must admit I was expecting the option of mp3 or Flac downloads but only mp3 versions were in my download area.

    So I shot greedbag an email and was told that there wasn't a Flac option for the subscription as mp3 had been the most popular package but they would allow me to purchase the Flac versions and refund my credit card immediately and allow me to repeat this throughout the subscription.

    I asked if I could get the pack of 3 offer in Flac format but was told that this was only available in mp3 too. My only option is to purchase each bootleg in Flac format singularly and send emails/make notes on the order to get an instant refund.

    This might be looking into Colin as the option of Flac didn't appear to be the case in my situation.
    I was just about to post my first message here, when I realised that taoyoyo has already done it for me.

    Originally I wan't going to buy these downloads as they just seemed ridiculously pricey. However, I decided to listen to the samples and, against my better judgment, was completely won over by the sound quality, which was much better than I expected. I wasn't happy about forking out a massive £68, PLUS recorded delivery for the DVD (!), but anyway ... at least they're in flac format and therefore will be easily transferable to cdr.

    WRONG! Despite the 'everuthing's in mp3 and flac' promise: it isn't! First the completist is sucked in and forced to pay £68 to get the exclusive DVD (I hate these tactics!) but is THEN offered a crappier deal than the individual concert buyer! I was expecting my zip file to contain both mp3 and flac files but no, just crappy mp3s.

    I have been spending a small fortune on Wire (etc) for over 20 years, and have to say: this needs sorting out, and not next week or next month, but right NOW. I'm stuck on incapacity benefit forevermore due to chronic illness so this is a major outlay for me (beans on toast for a month!).

    Please get this sorted so that all zip files for subscribers contain flac files (INCLUDING this first batch), and don't make us have to jump through hoops with endless emails to and from greedbag ... a subscription should be a done deal, and THE BEST deal ... so please don't add to my already agonising anxieties!



    ADDENDUM: on re-reading this and taoyoyo's message, the whole situation is even more absurd, as it involves constant checking with credit cards etc to ensure that refunds have been made immediately ... I suffer from extreme (crippling) anxiety and really do not need this kind of nonsense, and I'm sure nobody else does, anyway. Greedbag should simply send flac links to all subscription buyers - independently of the main email, if need be. I have enough money issues without having to wade through this sorry set-up. I can't believe that this has happened ... how could it get throu? And how do greedbag already know that mp3 is the most popular method when it's only just been set up?

    Sorry to sound so agitated but I really don't need this ... it's so easily rectifiable ... I didn't pay £68 for this hassle ... please sort it!
    (dedicated but rather stressed/disappointed Wire-fanatic)
    Ok I've taken this up with state 51 - it's really about flexibility of systems and the fact that a subscription model based on a combination of digital & physical items which are delivered in batches is totally pushing the envelopes of what they can do.

    However the good news is that we've decided this - everyone who has ordered & everyone who will order the full subscription (or the 1st 3 & any subsequent 3) will get both formats give it an hour or so for them to run the code

    For anyone who has no idea what a flac is or is content with MP3 they can simply bin the extra copies.
    "First the completist is sucked in and forced to pay £68 to get the exclusive DVD (I hate these tactics!)"

    Or you could think of it another way: the legal bootlegs thing was originally planned to be subscription-only, *but* it's been opened up to people who only want to buy one or two gig recordings, rather than being 'forced' to buy the entire lot to get one. The DVD is therefore simply a nice bonus for any Wire fan who decides to grab the original subscription.

    Please, everyone, also note that this entire thing is new to Wire merchandise and stretches State 51, so there's bound to be the odd bump along the way. As you've already seen, though, things can be and usually are sorted pretty quickly.

    On transfer to CDR, it's also worth noting that one can also do this with MP3, using a variety of software products (including the likes of iTunes.)
    Thanks for getting onto this so quickly, and apologies for maybe sounding a bit hysterical (unfortunately it's in my blood ... and I wish it weren't!).

    RE Craig's comment on the DVD: I see your point, but my little tirade was probably coming off a long series of releases and reissues by bands I follow, which have been pretty terrible value and I guess that this was just the proverbial straw ... etc ! :)

    I don't know how many bands any of you follow avidly, but despite having to cut down drastically in the last 5 or 6 years, and with gigs basically out of the question now, there are still bands who mean enough to me that I still try as hard as possible to obtain every release, preferably in original physical format. But sometimes it's damn near impossible, and very expensive.

    Example: Grant Hart (ex-Husker Du, Nova Mob) finally surfaces again after 10 years with a new album. Ten years, and nine songs, just over 30m, but hey, it's GRANT HART, right? But Grant then decides to add a US-only Amazon download track (now, six months later, available in the UK); an Australian CD with a bonus track (extremely hard to get at a decent price, and the track is excellent, so why hide it for just our friends down under?); and an exclusive seven-inch in only 75 copies at $70 each!!! I paid £35 and £38 for the first two Husker Du singles (even though I had them on a boot) but that was about 20 years ago ... !

    Then Julian Casablancas hides more US-only tracks away on i-tunes, and 5 more on a $140 'deluxe' set ... we don't all have rich daddies, Julian!

    Then there's the Raw Power reissue: only one version on disc one (when both would fit), ONE 'new' track, but yippee there's another ONE 'new' song on the ultra-expensive 4-disc set ... aren't those insurance/sportswear/Virgin Atlantic ads bringing in enough money, Iggy, you old rock'n'roll rebel, you?!?

    Big Star: essential tracks omitted, rubbish 'alt mixes' proliferate ... but now that poor Alex has passed on, maybe they'll bring out a better box ...

    Sparks' BIG BEAT remaster: the end actually cut off one of the songs in mid-chorus!!!

    Rolling Stones' Ya-Yas ... oh don't even go there ... (just read the comments on Amazon US ... )

    See what I mean ? :) :)

    Personally, I like a nice, well-compiled 1- or 2-CD set ... apart from some things like Nuggets etc, I can't think of any box set that isn't massively flawed for no sensible reason ...

    By the way, I do actually love/live music, just in case you were thinking otherwise ...

    Anyway, end of lengthy waffle, THANKS AGAIN for this being sorted so quickly, and special thanks for issuing the Astoria (and, soon, Town And Country) shows ... I was at both and they (esp T and C) were among the best shows I have ever seen.

    Bye bye and best wishes

    That's great news Colin, I'll be on the lookout for the Flac versions in my download area today.

    I appreciate both you and the folk at Greedbag pulling strings to make it happen (although I was surprised the flac/mp3 option wasn't in place from the beginning for subscribers).

    For what it's worth my email communication with Greedbag were fine, just that the workaround offered was rather painful (Like Hippriest, times is tough right now).

    Cheers again,

    Got the email with link again - flac files were there! Wouldn't get that service with EMI or whoever else!!


    On a technical note - a) does itunes play flac's? sound better? b) do flac's sound better when transferred to a cd & played on a 'proper' stereo?
    iTunes doesn't play flacs. You'll have to convert them to AIFFs or WAVs first, but because they're a lossless format, you won't lose anything in the expansion. And if burned to a cd-r, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference from an audio file that wasn't originally flac'd.
    If you're on a Mac there's a free program called Max, , which will allow you to load up the flacs, add artwork and convert to the format of your choice (mp3, apple losseless, aac etc), adding them automatically to your iTunes library.
    If you want to burn to CDs, you can download a free program callled Flac Frontend (google it) which converts flac to wav. Then burn as normal from wav. Flac is lossless compression of wavs - so it sounds just as good.

    Flac Frontend tip - if you use windows vista, you have to run it as administrator.
    Oh ye gods... Stop sweetening the pot! Temptation shall soon grab hold of me, and, whence it does, I have no idea what will happen!

    Apropos, somewhat: There's mention of an improved source for the Electric Ballroom gig. Am I the only one wildly excited about this prospect? Also, the legendary *listenable* Jeanette Cochrane Theatre recording seems worthy of great unsolicited applause, if only for the chance to hear some attempt at translating "Crazy About Love" to the stage.

    Extrapolating further: Was the Peel version of "Crazy About Love" more a "studio-out-of-studio" or "live-to-tape" kind of situation? And if the latter is true (or even the former), who played what and how? I'm fairly certain that Rob "drummed" (produced jazzy cymbal rhythms) and Graham played sax, but what of the bass, guitar, piano and synth?
    Go on, you know you want to. ;)

    I'm pretty excited about them all... can't wait to get home and start downloading them lovelly flacs! :)
    I can't wait to hear cleaned up versions of "The Spare One", "Over My Head", "Remove For Improvement" etc. Those turns & strokes recordings are borderline unlistenable because they are so lo-fi!
    Oh dear ... more problems!

    OK, I tried downloading a zip of the 88 show - nothing doing, so I downloaded each flac file manually. All fine and dandy.

    Tried downloading the Edinburgh zip - first time lucky!

    Tried downloading the zip of Bradford: despite the page telling me 'done' on the status bar, nothing happens, so I re-click download zip a few times. Nothing. OK, time for a manual track-by-track download, but there's the phone so I'll do it later. Come back a while later, log in again and although I am permitted (in theory) to download the zips and/or individual files for Edinburgh and Astoria, there is no longer the facility to download Bradford because 'download complete' ... so the system is allowing me to download again the two I have downloaded, but won't let me download Bradford because for some reason the system thinks I've downloaded it already. (In which case, why does it allow me to get the other two again??)

    Can't the files remain available for subscribers to download again if (for example) they are silly enough to accidentally delete the files, or in the event of an unexpected computer crash before burning the tunes to disk? Having DLs available for the length of the sub would be nice, if possible (as with, admittedly a somewhat larger operation).

    Anyway, please let me have a valid link to all the flac files for Bradford - THANK YOU once again!