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    Update: greedbag have sorted out the downloads, the zip function is still playing up but individual files download fine ... they told me that if I ever have a problem with my downloads, just let 'em know and they can sort it ... friendly, polite, helpful and quick. I have to confess that I was taken aback as I thought those qualities were now long dead and gone ... but it seems they do still exist! (Also very helpful were Snapper when I had a query RE 13th Floor Elevators reissues ... just thought I'd mention people that deserve credit!)

    One final point: I was disappointed to find that the artwork for these discs consists solely of what's shown on this site: I was expecting there to be a CD tray inlay as well with tracklisting at the very least.

    Now of course we can probably all knock up something passable in 10 minutes or so, but since these are official bootlegs, and are aimed at (let's face it) obsessive compulsives who want every last belch, squeak and fart that emanates from swimhq ... and who are (surely all?) going to burn these lovely gigs to disc ... it would be nice to have official COMPLETE artwork, so that we can pretend they're 'proper' CDs instead of nasty old downloads burned off at home.

    Just a tray, with the spine, and tracks and catalogue number ... pretty please? You know I'm right!

    (at least let us know the fonts used and the colour spec so we can be sure of a perfect match!)

    When it's hot, I feel really tired and not even vaguely ambitious, and it is REALLY hot here ...


    Alright, back on topic: I'm currently listening to the 1986 Melkweg performance, and have just rediscovered how alienating and creepy the early versions of many Ideal Copy and ABIAC songs were/are. "Come Back In Two Halves" and "Point Of Collapse" are tense in such an extreme way, uncoiling like some kind of huge serpent... Very evil, in particular the chanted harmonies on the former, which seems to only have the most tenuous connection with the jaunty, rushing number that would turn up on record two years later. Somewhat similarly, the early "Ahead" seems to gradually coalesce from a kind of fluorescent haze of charging guitars into something vaguely resembling the later song, while "Ambitious", in stark contrast, is just plain silly (admittedly rather refreshingly). "Alright, captain!" "Kidney Bingos" sits squarely between, equally absurd and eerie, yet quite taut. Ditto "'A Serious Of Snakes...'", which is actually performed exceptionally, as are both versions of "Drill".

    All in all, a really nutty performance. Honestly, how did they get away with it? And why does the original take on "Come Back In Two Halves" make me feel like I'm about to get stabbed... in a good way?!
    "Kidney Bingos sits squarely between, equally absurd and eerie"

    Good grief. I had absolutely no idea what that song was as it started. Even half-way through, it's more like a mutant Kidney Bingos from some other dimension. Point of Collapse is almost the opposite of the chilled album version—very uncomfortable, and not unlike the atmosphere a lot of Joy Div stuff has. Here's hoping the band has this gig (or set) stashed away somewhere, because I'd love to hear a higher-quality version of it.
    Be very interested what everyone thinks once you've seen "Bloomsbury". Very early versions plus you see them doing it :)
    What's been the standard turnaround between placing your order and being able
    to download? I put in an order for the subscription at 7:15 am this morning and
    it's just short of 12 hours and no downloads. It'd go so well with my cocktail after
    having to work today.
    agreed...I'm still waiting.
    I don't pretend to be an expert on State 51's systems but I have some experience of online retail and as far as I can work out the delay is because of the nature of the "subscription". When you order you are not just getting the 3 immediately available items you are also telling the system that when the next 2 digital "batches" (as yet unspecified as items and not yet on their system) and the DVD are available that they will be respectively made available to you to download and posted to your address. I think this requires someone to actually action and can't be done automatically so I would guess that orders made during UK office hours will be made available fairly quickly, orders made during the weekend won't. It's Sunday afternoon here so there is no-one at State 51 I can ask..

    We've never done anything quite like this before & neither have they so we are all on a steep learning curve..
    Bloomsbury alone is worth the price and the wait. Thanks for the feedback.
    Ah well hopefully it can be sorted.
    I know it can be done, Warp did it with an Autechre LP which arrived in 3 chunks on separate dates but the first one was available right away, but presumably they're a much bigger operation than State51...for all I know the Aphex Twin is sitting in the Bleep office sending out the downloads as they come in, in between working on his next LP.
    Interestingly it was quite fun waiting for the different components to arrive and it added a sense of anticipation which has kind of been lost in the age of instant downloads...same thing with this series in fact.
    Just listened to the set. Top notch sound quality. The 1988 concert is great. "The queen of Ur" = Fantastic. The 2000 version of "Heartbeat" must have been the seeds of "Desert Diving"
    I was just thinking that! Sounds more like Desert Driving than Heartbeat!.

    Really interesting set the Edinburgh one, I remember a lot of excitement on the Idealcopy list after this event as it was clear that there was new material emerging from the "retrospective".
    You can hear the elements of R&B/Send starting to come together, and Germ Ship is pretty much fully formed. Great to look back on relatively recent Wire history that unlike Mk1 and (most of) Mk2 I've lived through and seen some of the shows. It's interesting to hear the progression again.

    In the absence of any sleeve notes it's pleasing to see that there are still reviews of the gig floating around on Wireviews
    one of which contains forensic detail (can you guess who wrote it?) and suggests that two long term Wire fans 'like a drink' and another long term Wire fan turned up for the gig wearing a suit! Oh no no no!

    I'm really loving what i've heard so far. Great to finally have access to a decent 80s Wire recording and a corker of a set it is too. Very amusing to hear people shouting for 12XU at the start of the Astoria Set and the surreal stage patter in response. I love how people start people shouting for "Outdoor Miner" at Edinburgh. You may as well shout for 'Sweet Home Alabama'. There's always one...they were there at the Relentless Garage.
    Wow. Thanks for the links. Somehow I missed those back in the day. The Astoria gig sheds a whole new light on 80's Wire material for me. Excellent stuff.
    ho ho it is very funny to read my witterings of such a long time ago , what was then a bump is now 9.5 years old and i was playing her "send ultimate" at the weekend (she seemed vaguely impressed). quite right too , its a great package. it was a wonderful night out in edinburgh and a really interesting set , i look forward to hearing it in polished up form but its one of the best noughties sets i've got a cdr of.

    i don't recall a significant excess of booze but i may be wrong there (possibly due to....) , but the suit lives on in my memory. nowadays he's in biker chic by the way...;-)
    The suit was due to me coming straight from Belgium where I was working that day, not a fashion statement. Never thought I'd ever have the word 'chic' associated with me :)))
    Uri you 'ARE' the 'Chicest' of people, everyone knows that!!
    DVD UPDATE - We had hoped to have the DVD ready (in NTSC format) for August, however the opportunity has arisen to make something of better quality from the source material and although this will introduce a delay (we will more likely have DVD's ready in September) we feel duty bound to get the best out of these precious and decaying sources not only for the subscribers but also for posterity. Apologies all round but it'll be worth it!
    willl we be able to purchase the DVD 'separate' from the other downloads?