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    [post removed]
    resorting to violence to settle disputes? i thought only americans did that? ditto racism.

    why don't you try killing your neighbors with kindness? say, bake them a cake with a smiley face emoticon on top in yellow icing?
    you could give them cds of Abba's or Barry Manilow's greatest hits. maybe a bottle of pinot noir. (it's loaded with antioxidants). they'd like that!


    you could continue to rock their brains out. it's going to make them even more mental! of course, the punk rock thing to do would be to spike the cake with rat poison and razor blades. if you can get your hands on it a hashish ciggie laced with plutonium 210 would do the trick! if you want to go apeman on them, maybe a brooklyn style baseball bat upside the head? it's what some
    italians call "making your bones". no worries. they just dope fiends and lowlifes. nobody would give a shit!
    Nah. We pull much the same thing as many people these days: we whine to lawyers. In fact, I think Americans invented the frivolous lawsuit, didn't we?

    OK, so some violent racist American lunatic will likely get very close to killing Obama somewhere along the way, but hey, we showed the good ol' boys the door and got Barack in, didn't we? Doesn't that count for even something?



    Anyway, I can't speak for there, but unfortunately here the mayors of cities like New York and Boston have encouraged upwardly mobile party poopers to jump up and down and complain at great length when the realities of city life (noise, drunks, drugs, music, culture, life, etc) interfere with their Disneyland view of what it is all about.

    Move to the suburbs. That's what they're there for.

    I wrote many, many letters to protest the decisions surrounding the creep who moved in right next to a fairly popular venue in Cambridge MA and then proceeded to kick up an enormous fuss about how it was too noisy for his delicate sensibilities. The place eventually closed. All it takes is one doctor to mention that sound impacts sleep patterns (s/he doesn't even have to say if those impacts are negative or positive) and its all over.

    I would announce a move to a more receptive area, but not before having a going-away listening party consisting of old scratchy SPK records played with a needle that has been filed down to a dull nub.
    i was being facetious. ( the part about americans resorting to violence. ditto racism). just playing with the stereotype a bit.
    there's the *perception* that americans are fat greedy ignorant conservative war mongering racists (etc). oh, and we don't have any *CULTURE*........ha,ha,ha......and yet we have mr. hell writing about apparently deranged, ignorant, racist, violence
    prone dope fiends. which kind of turns the stereotype of polite, reserved, civilized englishman on its head.

    yeah, i'm a new yorker, i know what you're talking about. ny doesn't have the freaky vibe it used to, but crime is down dramatically. lower manhattan used to be an open air drug supermarket. now it's like the mall of america. bland, yes, but it's
    one of the safest cities in the u.s.

    only in america could somebody like Obama come out of left field, rise, and get elected Prez. I'l bet you a million bucks the french never thought it would happen (among many others). now they're all moaning why can't we have an Obama, blah, blah, blah........
    And I was running with it in a harmless fashion, I thought. I already pitched my little fit about America-jabbing and it was resolved; see the Magazine thread. All is well.

    The litigious culture that we seem to have developed here in America does, indeed, make me throw up, and I am therefore less disturbed by the threats of violence to B. Hell than I am by the threats that the "keepers of civilization and order" have made to his continued rights relative to those of known junkies. What sense does this make? Who makes these rules? If this "war" were going on in any of the buildings I've ever lived in, absolutely nothing of the sort would be happening. One of the parties would have given up eventually and moved, without much intervention from the city.

    I think there's room for drug supermarkets, and noisy neighbors, and all sorts of lunacy, but the balance seems to way off in this case.

    As for the rest, yeah, I'm proud of what we pulled off a few weeks ago. Let's hope it sticks. I was listening to Obama's first interview since the election and swooning. It is so nice to have a well-spoken leader rather than those flag-waving rednecks blandly repeating "America will prevail. You're with us or against us."
    i don't have all the facts in the Hell-Neighbor-City Council issue so i can't make a determination. i wasn't there. neither party
    seems ready to budge an inch though. i've never heard of anything quite like it either. jail time for playing loud music does
    seem to be a bit extreme.
    I'm lovin' the Wire forum, loads of good stuff to read and great to see that the band look in from time to time, but I have to say having waded through the posts to get up to speed...Mr Hell have you ever considered starting a blog? Because no offence like, but you seem to be using this forum as one! ;)
    This is the first time this has been done on this forum, but, sadly, I'm locking a thread. We cannot accept libellous comments, and although esoteric subjects are fine, directly personal comments such as those in the now removed first post directly threaten the existence of this forum. As Mr. Eels said, a blog is a more suitable means of publication for such missives.