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    Its the Silly Season once again, and on the Idealcopy list we usually start sharing the best records and gigs (maybe films, books etc) of 2008 so can I throw this open to the forum?. Lets have it, especially the forum members we don't hear so much from. Would be great to hear from Wire & friends too!
    Lp's - Directions To See A Ghost - Black Angels & The Hawk Is Howling - Mogwai.
    Gigs - Black Keys @ Wiltons Music Hall & Neil Young @ Hammersmith Apollo (& Black Keys @ ULU, hopefully).
    Film - In Bruges.
    Comedy gig - Jim Jeffries & Neil Delamere @ Edinburgh Fringe.

    that'll kick starts things - especially as i don't include owt by Wire!?!?!??!?!?
    New CDs: Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust (Sigur Rós, and not their best, but Gobbledigook is wonderful); Love or Die (Susumu Yokota); O47.
    'Old' CDs: No Certain Night Or Morning (Home Video).
    Gigs: Wire @ Scala.
    Film: Not a lot this year, although I enjoyed Hellboy 2's imagination.
    Comedy: Ed Byrne—a real surprise quality gig (and very lengthy, too, putting Dylan Moran's shockingly brief gig at my local to shame).
    Favourite album was
    Liars and Prayers by the Thalia Zedek Band

    Object 47 second, and I guess The New Year third.

    Also loved The Lucky Ones by Mudhoney.
    1- Sic Alps - "U.S. Ez"
    2- Wire - "Object 47"
    3- The Walkmen - "You & Me"
    4- Factums - "The Sistrum"
    5- SM + Jicks - "Real Emotional Trash"
    6- The Fall - "Imperial Wax Solvent"
    7- Sonic Youth - "SYR 7"
    8- Dead C - "Secret Earth"
    9- Circus Devils - "Ataxia"
    10- Magnetic Fields - "Distortion"

    Top Gigs:
    1- Wire - Philadelphia
    2- Wire - D.C.
    3- Robert Pollard & The Boston Spaceships - Cleveland
    4- David Byrne - Pittsburgh
    5- Sic Alps - Pittsburgh
    6- Dead C - Philadelphia
    7- Sonic Youth - NYC
    8- The Walkmen - Pittsburgh
    9- Stereolab - DC
    10- Bill Callahan - Pittsburgh
    Fave CD was - The Clash at Shea Stadium, though it's obviously a pretty old recording. Object 47 a close second.

    DVDs - There Will Be Blood & Seraphim Falls were both awesomely realistic films with fantastic acting from everyone concerned, whilst The Dark Knight was great fun.

    Haven't been to any gigs, but I'm pretty sure Wire would have topped any list had I have been.
    Madman - what do u think of Shea, compared to Eternity?
    fave c.d's object 47 and neil young's massey hall live, which I purchased yesterday
    dvd's, batman-the dark knight and there will be blood(brilliant)
    concerts, Lou Reed at the Carolina Theatre, Durham and Wilco at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Cary, both in N.C
    Favorite bootleg download: The Cure Live in Italy, 2008. (T.V broadcast)
    Garage Band - "what do u think of Shea, compared to Eternity?"

    I have to say that I love Eternity with a passion - much rawer performances and also I'm slightly biased as I was at the Lyceum gig in 1978, from which City Of The Dead & I Fought The Law are included on the disc. It's a fantastic statement from a truly awesome band.

    As for the Shea Stadium gig - brilliant again, but you can feel that it's a support slot (with The Who of course) - not that it lets them reduce the passion that they always played with. Terry Chimes was a very decent replacement drummer, but I personally prefer Topper by some distance. The one thing about this performance is that by now they were much more accomplished musicians and it shows.

    And your thoughts GB?
    yeah i was at quite a few of the gigs on Eternity & it's a) one of the very best live lp's & b) a great document of The Clash live - it's as near as i/u/any1'll get to feeling the intensity of their live performance!

    I've only heard Shea once & on my pc spkrs as well (so that does dull the 'attack' somewhat), but i still think it pales significantly in comparison - as indeed a few of my mates agree also. Still, i'd not knock any1 that buys/likes it - top band no matter what!

    Toppper was/is one of the very best sticksmen - he could turn his hand to anything you care to mention & Eternity shows the sheer power of his drumming as well!
    New CDs: Wire 'Object 47', The Black Dog 'Radio Scarecrow'

    Old CDs: OMD 'Dazzleships', Jesus & Mary Chain 'The Power Of Negative Thinking'

    Gigs: Wire, Spiritualized, Underworld (all Atlanta)
    GB: yeah i was at quite a few of the gigs on Eternity & it's a) one of the very best live lp's & b) a great document of The Clash live - it's as near as i/u/any1'll get to feeling the intensity of their live performance!

    Madman:I have to say that I love Eternity with a passion - much rawer performances

    i like both discs but actually prefer the Shea gig, though i don't see that Eternity is much rawer than Shea. slightly less polished perhaps, but not by a lot. in fact only 4 songs are pre-1980, and most (11) are from gigs in the U.S. also "career opportunities"
    on Eternity is from the Shea gig as well! in addition terry chimes plays on about half the songs on Eternity. (the other half topper). i wasn't a Shea as i was living in france at the time, but it sure seems like they were at their peak, and i'm sure would
    have played a longer set had not david johannson (from the ny dolls) opened the show.
    Ari:dvd's, batman-the dark knight and there will be blood(brilliant).

    yeah, i agree Blood was brilliant! not often you a single actor (D.D. Lewis) carry an entire movie! and even though he play's a really rotten bastard one can't but help cheer him on. totally engrossing from beginning to end.

    wasn't all that crazy about the Dark Night. i liked the look of the film, and special effects were quite good, but overall it just wasn't happening for me. heath ledger didn't come across as evil, i thought his character was a bit miscast. also the message
    of Batman as the hero/anti-hero was a bit muddled.
    Daniel Day Lewis is something else for sure, didn't he recently announce he wasn't going to make movies anymore? (yeah right)
    agree a lil' bit about Mr. Ledger not coming over as 'evil', but then the Joker has always been sorta tongue in cheek.
    I just love that whole genre of movies, having grown up on Mad, Superman/spiderman stuff, and of course all those 'psychedelic' magazines of the '60's and '70's to keep me hooked, keep on truckin', know what I mean.....................
    didn't hear that about Lewis (not making movies anymore)........well i liked Danny Devito as the penguin and Jack Nicholson played the joker, right? i used to read Mad, but wasn't really a big fan of a kid my idea of fun was going to the
    metropolitan museum of art to check out the mummies (lol)!......
    Hi Freakbag,

    your thoughts and opinions on the two Clash discs are as valid as mine and GB's and I respect them completely, even if I don't agree. :) I didn't actually say (by the way) that Terry Chimes wasn't on Eternity - just that I prefered Topper, which I do. Also, I know that the majority of the tracks on Eternity are from performances after and including 1980. It's just that to my ears they sound fresher, rawer and... well, better that the Shea gig - that's just my opinion though.
    er, well, ditto really!
    yes, of course Madman & GB, all opinions respected here as well. for me Eternity is a fine disc. the Clash really don't have any
    mediocre songs. i just think Eternity is perhaps the disc the record co. wanted the fans to hear seeing as it was released in 1999, and a compilation rather than a a "full" set (which Shea is). actually for me i prefer the Shea gig as the band is in fine form and to my ears never sounded fresher. the sound is crystalline and from beginning to end the band is just tearing through shit like there's no tomorrow. also, unlike Eternity, one gets a better feel for their vast array of musical influences: punk-funk-
    dub-rockabilly etc. (and spoken word by JS). for a 50 minute set in the pouring rain pretty impressive, i'd say.

    (also i like the way JS tries to connect with the audience, and the inclusion of "tommy gun" and "clampdown" tip the balance
    for me).
    Thanks Freakbag,

    whatever our thoughts and opinions though, it's great to meet another couple (yourself and GB) of Clash fans. They meant so much to their audience, especially Joe. They always meant everything they sang. Sure, they played some pretty shitty gigs too, but when they hit the right note, there was really nothing like 'em!
    there's lots of us about!!! I saw Revolution Rock on tv t'other night - not the best place to see 'em, but it does remind you of the power & intensity of a Clash gig. that kinda band doesnae come along too often - unfortunately!

    should start a Clash thread really - this one's been hijacked!!!