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    Alexander says:
    "The Clash was a top 5 band in America with Combat Rock in 1982. That's how long it took americans to respond to UK punk. But at the same time, in the UK, they had gotten bored of punk and that sort of music, and had embraced more pop bands like Madness."

    i beg to differ. in 1978 new york's village voice listed the following records as the years ten best. can't say brit punk (or u.s punk) caught on like wild fire. it was more like an undertow actually, but nonetheless it had an undeniable and far reaching impact. punk didn't have mass appeal at the time, but that doesn't in any way detract from its validity or artistic integrity:

    1. Wire: Pink Flag (Harvest) 13. 2. Nick Lowe: Pure Pop for Now People (Columbia) 13. 3. Talking Heads: More Songs About Buildings and Food (Sire) 13. 4. The Clash: Give 'Em Enough Rope (Epic) 11. 5. Neil Young: Comes a Time (Reprise) 11. 6. Elvis Costello: This Year's Model (Columbia) 11. 7. The Rolling Stones: Some Girls (Rolling Stones) 7. 8. Lee Dorsey: Night People (ABC) 7. 9. Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band: Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) (Warner Bros.) 7. 10. The Vibrators: Pure Mania (Columbia). 7.
    Hi R Swimmer - yes, I called the Madness song Our House commercial rubbish! I admit that I overreacted somewhat. I suppose it was OTT retaliation. I actually like Madness - always have, but in order of importance to me personally they are light years away from The Clash.
    "They bring back many memories of some wonderfully atmospheric gigs, almost mystical to my 16/17/18 year old ears - I wonder how many Madness or Spandau Ballet fans can say that?"

    Er, pretty much all of 'em I would imagine. The fans of any band would say the same, surely?

    And as R Swimmer said, Madness made loads of fab pop records in the 80's.

    Just going back to The Cost Of Living might have been a biggish hit, but certain folk/journalists were definitely a bit sniffy about it at the time.
    Just going back to The Cost Of Living might have been a biggish hit, but certain folk/journalists were definitely a bit sniffy about it at the time. Good - i always thought it was their worse release & most un-Clash like!
    I actually really like the Cost Of Living EP, though I prefer the original promo release of Capital Radio.
    The Village Voice 1978? Did anyone read that back then?
    That's when it was still a good paper.
    So if I get the drift here: many things created in the 1960 and 1970s were great, and everything since 1982 is rubbish. Okay?
    No, just the Village Voice, and only since 2005. Okay?
    Hey, I'm not apologising for not liking London Calling (the song), just pointing out I was probably in a minority of Clash fans. It grates that this and White Riot are the songs that are dragged out whenever the band are mentioned, when it's patently obvious they have much better songs in their cannon.

    As for Big Audio Dynamite, their first 3 LPs at least are really great records. they tailed off a bit with that Big Audio (BA??) LP, but F Punk was a decent LP too. Does anyone have their last album that was never released?? I'm sure it was leaked at one time? Great live band too. Saw them at Reading Festival once, they had the whole tent bouncing.
    some new post-Clash stuff from Carbon/Silicon. "party world" sounds good:
    "garrulous old gits",

    I think Colin just said garrulous gits.
    Wire aren't Clash fans.

    Anyway it seems silly to say the Clash changed nothing.
    They certainly changed musically from album to album and regularly changed their clothes.

    Politically I think it is difficult to quantify the change musci could bring, however if a song made someoen think again about something it might end up changing them.

    "English Civil War" pretty much sums up the state of things these days.
    Who hid their stereo under the bed?
    I think it is likely that I was making it even more amusing in my own mind by adding "old"; my copy of ELAH is nowhere near me so I can't be 100% certain. Either way I think it is an hilarious observation, even if there is a notable quantity of Clash output that I enjoy.
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