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    Hello, All -

    I felt guilty about starting a new thread just for an interview link, as there are many of those sprinkled across the forum's history, but didn't want anyone to miss this one by seeing an old interview thread rise to the surface and passing on it.

    Decided upon the same strategy as my "rare releases" thread, and if people (and Craig) like the idea, dump your interesting article and interview links here, knowing that if it rises to the top again it just might mean that there is a new bit of press worth looking at.

    With that in mind:

    Many of the topics we've already heard covered (Where's Bruce? Wasn't Elastica annoying? Wir?), but there is intriguing discussion from Colin about the writing/recording process that may hint at further developments down the Wire line...
    Gilbert & The Highroads!!
    This at least proves that Wire are the best band ever to come from Rockford.

    I'm fair neckered reading it though!

    Mark ;-)
    They put the rock in Rockford...

    Gilbert & The Highroads ? Bit Freudian that ! Perhaps that should read: Gilbert took the highroad... reasons not to be cheerful...

    Duchamp ? The band stripped bare by their manager, even.

    MZUI contains a Duchamp quote that Russell Mills fished out of an Audio Arts (where's Bill Furlong these days ?) cassette interview: "In spite of myself, I'm a meticulous man"
    "Graham: You did have people like Gilbert & The Highroads."

    I'm sure Graham must have said "Kilburn and the High Roads."
    Of course he did. It wasn't the only mishearing the interviewer was guilty of:

    Graham: [Hang about]. . .recruited? I knew [Bruce] Gilbert because I went to art college with his girlfriend. It was all inter-connected. It was not like recruited. It's not like the enemy or something like that.

    Of course that should read the NME, not the enemy...
    Not to mention all the pop rock.
    If what Colin is saying about the new process turns out to be true, then I am pretty excited about that development. While I do enjoy Wire's recent output, I do think that both studio albums pale in comparison to the live renditions... especially with the Send/Read & Burn material. I'm fine with computer cut & paste, but when it comes down to it... I like the sound of a band playing together in a room. That's something you really can't recreate with layering.
    I agree. Play Mekon Headman from that recent radio download back to back with the Object 47 version and it's no contest. The live version - because the band is incredibly tight - wins hands down. That whole session is a joy. Likewise most of the Metro tracks improve upon the Send versions.
    I... do not agree. In the case of Mekon Headman, anyway. There is a sonic beauty to the O47 recording that can not be equaled, particularly when the guitars go widescreen for the chorus. The little backwards ssSIP ssSIP ssSIP transitions are pretty cool, too. I have always liked the little bits that they insert in the studio.

    On the other hand, when people have asked me what the Wire show was like, I immediately send them to download Mr. Marx's Table from the Daytrotter Sessions. I can't say that I have a stated preference between the studio and live versions of that particular song, they're both excellent, but the live one is indeed a scorcher.
    Then again you might think that the NME is the eNMEy.
    Paul Lester probably thinks they make Elastica sound like the Shadows.

    Meanwhile Kristin Hersh has ended up sounding like a 50 Foot Wave

    Back to WIRE point my favourite version of Spent is the live one which I think John Peel broadcast on radio One, maybe from an all tomorrows party? I like the studio version too! I think its nice to have both versions.
    As some of you may or may not know, Colin and the Githead massive are in the Great White North to play a few dates. Colin is also acting as guest curator for the Sled Island Festival in Calgary (a long walk from where I am sitting).

    This morning Colin is being interviewed on the CBC Radio One show "Q". This is the virally infamous show on which Billy Bob Thorton had a diva-esque meltdown ( ). The host, Jiam Gomeshi, is actually a good interviewer.

    Listen here:

    The show starts at 10am EST (3pm GMT). The show is essentially repeated every hour as it shifts through timezones. So if you go to the above page link you can select a local broadcast. To select a broadcast location look under the "Radio One" list to the right of the page. Suggested locations for different times are:

    Toronto 3PM GMT
    Winnepeg 4PM GMT
    Calgary 5PM GMT
    Vancouver 6PM GMT

    There is a Podcast as well so I will throw up the link when it is available tomorrow.

    Eric in Toronto (who is looking forward to June 29 at the El Mo)

    *I will edit with tags later*

    Thanks to Keith for the reminder. Forgot my promise in all the summer busy-ness.

    Link to the podcast page:

    Direct link to the podcast

    Colin's bit is straight up off the top.

    For any of you hankerin' to go Calgary after listening to this, I would reserve your enthusiasm for Sled Island proper. Alberta is like Texas WITHOUT all the cool modern art museums.

    Eric in Toronto (who is giddy for Githead tonight at the El Mo)



    Missed the webcast, had to work darn it, no justice.
    Anyone have a copy of the El Mo set list to help me tighten up my review?
    couldn't, was working.............